Updated: May 1, 2024

The Best Home Improvement Shows on Netflix Now Streaming

Looking for interesting home improvement shows on Netflix that provide unique perspectives on Interior Design, Remodeling, and Real Estate? Try some of these enjoyable series currently streaming on Netflix – updated on a monthly basis!

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    New Home Improvement Shows on Netflix

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    Best Home Shows Currently Streaming on Netflix

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    Netflix Abstract: The Art of Design

    Abstract: The Art of Design

    Design is universal and should provoke ides of what is possible, causing you to question yourself in order to create something beyond the ordinary. This series examines design from Artists and Architects to Digital Product Designers from some of the world’s most highly regarded experts to help viewers understand the importance of design innovation and how it relates to everyday life.

    Abstract: The Art of Design | Ilse Crawford: Interior Design | FULL EPISODE | Netflix

    Abstract: The Art of Design | Ilse Crawford: Interior Design | FULL EPISODE | Netflix

    See Abstract: The Art of Design on Netflix for episode details.

    Full episodes are also available on Netflix’s YouTube channel.


    Netflix Amazing Interiors

    Amazing Interiors

    Looking for that special WOW factor for your home? Let Amazing Interiors take you through some of the most interesting and special interiors, as it showcases homes with ordinary exteriors yet memorable interior design. Many of the homes featured double as part-time museums in otherwise unused basements, garages, or bunkers. From the ultimate sports fan’s super man-cave to a medieval dining hall, this show highlights some of the most unique custom interiors across the country.

    See Amazing Interiors on Netflix for episode details.


    Netflix The Big Flower Fight Series

    The Big Flower Fight

    Creative gardeners looking for unusual design inspiration will enjoy this competition series that has ten pairs of florists, sculptors and garden designers competing to see who can build the biggest, boldest garden sculptures.

    The Big Flower Fight | Season One Official Trailer | Netflix

    See The Big Flow Fight on Netflix for episode details.


    Netflix Blown Away Reality Series

    Blown Away

    Ten glassblowing master artists from around the world compete for a chance to with $60,000 in prizes and title of champion. One contestant is dismissed after each episode. We recommend enjoying the art and skillful craftsmanship of the contestants, and not getting too hung-up on the competition aspect of the show.

    The show is hosted by Nick Uhas with Glass Master Katherine Gray as the expert evaluator.

    Blown Away: Season 3 | Official Trailer | Netflix

    See Blown Away on Netflix for episode details.


    Netflix Blown Away Christmas Series

    Blown Away: Christmas

    Five returning glass-blowing artisans fire up their best festive designs throughout a series of Christmas-themed challenges in this 4-episode competition show. The winner is awareded a $10,000 cash prize, as well as an additional $10,000 to be donated to their charity of choice. Hosted by Bobby Berk with glass artist Katherine Gray.

    See Blown Away: Christmas on Netflix for episode details.


    Netflix Dream Home Makeover

    Dream Home Makeover

    This interior design show follows Shea and Syd McGee of Studio McGee as they make dreams come true for homeowners across the the country. Their design studio was launched soon after Shea became a prolific Instagrammer by sharing photos of the design of their very first home way back in 2013. Shea’s design inspiration is to provide a sense of peace to her clients when they enter their renovated spaces.

    Dream Home Makeover Season 4 | First Look

    Dream Home Makeover Season 4 | First Look | Netflix

    Dream Home Makeover Original Official Trailer

    Dream Home Makeover | Official Trailer | Netflix

    See Dream Home Makeover on Netflix for episode details.


    Netflix Holiday Home Makeover with Mr Christmas

    Holiday Home Makeovers with Mr. Christmas

    An interior designer, with a self-professed, “healthy obsession with the holiday season”, helps homeowners create unique holiday home makeovers. Mr. Christmas, AKA Benjamin Bradley, together with his team of “elves” aides those in need to bring the Christmas Spirit into their otherwise spirit-lacking abodes. Whether it’s about impressing your mother-in-law at Christmas, or paying tribute to a late firefighter in a firehouse display, Mr. Christmas and his team travel throughout the US to bring cheer and fabulousness for both Christmas and Hanukkah.

    See Holiday Home Makeovers with Mr. Christmas on Netflix for episode details.


    Instant Dream Home Netflix Home Improvement Show

    Instant Dream Home

    This new show from Netflix has similar elements of other popular feel-good home improvement shows (e.g. Extreme Home Makeover), where family, friends and neighbors nominate deserving homeowners and their families to receive life altering home improvements and renovations. What sets this show apart is the adjective “Instant” –as in one day, as in specifically just 12 hours! However, a few months of planning are completed prior to the scheduled one day installation.

    Early feedback indicates that most viewers like the design reveals and human interest storylines. However, many viewers have become jaded on these types of home improvement shows due to being aware of too many behind-the-scenes horror stories – e.g. poor construction methods due to unrealistic time schedules and not being able to afford taxes on the upgrades. We think it’s well past time for Mike Holmes to launch a new show, something along the lines of Make It Right: Feel-Good Renovation Shows!

    Instant Dream Home | Official Trailer | Netflix

    See Instant Dream Home on Netflix for episode details.


    Netflix Instant Hotel

    Instant Hotel

    UPDATE: The last day to watch Instant Hotel on Netflix is March 18, 2023.

    This Australian reality show follows homeowners from various part of Australia as they compete in teams to transform their homes into hotels. Teams are judged by fellow contestants as they compete for an all-expenses-paid trip to a California instant hotel.

    Instant Hotel - Season 1 Trailer

    See Instant Hotel on Netflix for episode details.


    Netflix Interior Design Masters

    Interior Design Masters

    Aspiring British interior designers compete to win a life changing commercial design contract as they take on design challenges within commercial spaces. Each episode challenges viewers to conceptualize their own designs, while learning about design processes, styles and tradeoffs. The enjoyment of this show stems from rooting for your favorite designers and watching their confidence grow as they master various daunting design tasks.

    Interior Design Masters | BBC Trailers

    See Inteior Design Masters on Netflix for episode details.


    Netflix Marriage or Mortgage Show

    Marriage or Mortgage

    This new series from Netflix centers on a wedding planner and a real estate agent competing to win the hearts, minds and budgets of spouses-to-be each episode. The episodic formula is similar to Love It or List It, but instead of choosing between renovating an existing home or purchasing a new home, the couple chooses between having a memorable, fairy-tale wedding or a dream first house.

    Marriage or Mortgage | Official Trailer | Netflix

    See Marriage or Mortgage on Netflix for episode details.


    Netflix The Parisian Real Estate Agency TV Series

    The Parisian Agency: Exclusive Properties

    This series follows the Kretz Family and their luxury real estate firm, as they help their highly demanding clients buy and sell extraordinary homes throughout France and abroad. Based on viewer feedback, Majo, the grandmother, appears to be the show’s favorite member of this likeable family. A comment from a user review on IMDB should properly set your expectations: “A show that nobody asked for, nobody knows about, and a lot will love”. In French, with English subtitles.

    Season 3 premiered May 24, 2023

    See The Parisian Agency on Netflix for episode details.

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    Netflix Southern Survival TV Series

    Southern Survival

    Viewers that enjoy this show tend to find it to be a fun way to learn about gear that may save your life and the lives of your loved ones, went caught in dangerous situations. Topics most pertinent to homeowners include: fire; hurricanes; earthquakes; floods; and mudslides.

    Southern Survival | Official Trailer | Netflix

    See Southern Survival on Netflix for episode details.


    Netflix Sparking Joy with Marie Kondo Reality Series

    Sparking Joy with Marie Kondo

    In this new reality series, Marie Kondo branches out from tidying up homes to helping clients who are struggling with balancing their work and home lives. Marie applies here KonMari Method to businesses, relationships and communities, with the goal of making a transformational impact. This series also reveals more of Marie’s own daily life, family and home.

    You can also shop the Sparking Joy series at The Container Store, with their curated collection of products used or recommended on the show. This is a great way to emulate the show’s mission to “transform your space to transform your life”!

    Sparking Joy with Marie Kondo | Official Trailer | Netflix

    See Sparking Joy with Marie Kondo on Netflix for episode details.


    Netflix Stay Here

    Stay Here

    Designer Genevieve Gorder and real estate expert Peter Lorimer coach property owners on how to maximize their returns by turning their real estate into desirable short-term rentals. From single rooms to entire homes, the renovations are geographically and stylistically distinct. Episodes include: a firehouse in Washington, DC; a river carriage house in Hudson, NY; and a houseboat in Seattle, WA.

    Stay Here | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

    See Stay Here on Netflix for episode details.


    Netflix Tidying Up with Marie Kondo

    Tidying Up with Marie Kondo

    This show centers on decluttering expert Marie Kondo who helps clients make inspiring home makeovers by clearing out clutter. The process is always more difficult than expected, but joyful Marie provides empathetic guidance, as her clients struggle through difficult and emotional decisions. A tangential benefit of this show, unlike other makeover shows, is that a large budget is unnecessary to follow these great tips for reducing stressful clutter in your home.

    Tidying Up with Marie Kondo | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

    See Tidying Up with Marie Kondo on Netflix for episode details.


    Netflix Tiny House Nation

    Tiny House Nation

    With tiny house mania sweeping the world, it was inevitable that a show devoted to assisting families on these renovations became a hit. From a 159 square foot bachelor pad to a 493 square foot Vermont chalet, these examples of minimalistic simple living demonstrate that sometimes you just don’t need all that stuff! With tips and ingenious built-ins, viewers can learn clever strategies for making a small home feel larger and more functional.

    See Tiny House Nation on Netflix for episode details.


    Netflix Win the Wilderness TV Series

    Win the Wilderness

    In a competition format, six couples vie to prove that they possess the necessary survival skills to win the deed to an extraordinary home set deep in the vast, rugged wilderness of Alaska. The winning couple is chosen by the homeowners of the prized property. An apropos quote from one of the contestants: “Alaska will not bend its rules for anybody that’s ill prepared”.

    Win the Wilderness: Alaska | BBC Two

    See Win the Wilderness on Netflix for episode details.

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    Real Estate Shows on Netflix

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    Additional Home & Design Shows on Netflix


    Home Shows Currently NOT on Netflix

    These shows have been listed incorrectly elsewhere as being available for streaming on Netflix. They are currently NOT available, however, our list is updated on a monthly basis, so be sure to check back.

    • The Apartment
    • To Build or Not to Build
    • Cabins in the Wild with Dick Strawbridge
    • Fix It & Finish It
    • Grand Designs
    • The Great Interior Design Challenge
    • How to Live Mortgage Free with Sarah Beeny


    Are any HGTV shows available on Netflix?

    No HGTV shows are currently available on Netflix, nor have they been for several years. HGTV decided to not renew their distribution partnership with Netflix at the end of 2016, which became effective in early January 2017. Reasons cited were HGTV’s significant growth and their desire to not be constrained by this partnership. When HGTV had a smaller audience, it was necessary for them to rely on distribution partnerships, like Netflix. HGTV’s content is playing a key role in the Discovery+ streaming platform launched in January 2021.

    If you are having difficulty finding full episodes of HGTV online or seeking alternative perspectives in the home improvement space, be sure to peruse these recently curated lists:

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