Purgula’s Weekly Roundup of Homeowner Articles

For the Week of May 24, 2020

Here is our weekly recap of the past week’s best articles and stories in case you missed them.

Purgula’s Salute to Memorial Day & Veteran Run Businesses in the Home Space

Storing Stuff with Your Neighbors is Now an Alternative to Self-Storage Facilities

Telemedicine for Home Repairs? Some Contractors are Diagnosing Virtually

Oregon Homeowners Use Online Survey to Rank Exterior Paint Options

Zillow Offers Resumes Buying in 5 More Markets

Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac Launch Online Resources for Consumers Impacted by COVID-19

Designer Requests Help Choosing a Kitchen Plan From 4 Design Board Options

11 Types of Tile to Use in Your Home

7 Gray Paint Colors That Are Far From Bland

5 Interior Design Mistakes That Are Ruining the Flow of Your Space

6 Things That Can Bring Your Home Closing to a Grinding Halt

Homes Reborn: 6 Dramatic Conversions Where the Past is Present

Kitchen Servery Windows: 11 Design Ideas

Lofty Barn Converted to Country Retreat in Sweden

What’s to Become of the Open House?

4 Tips for a Dust Free Home Renovation

How Much the Average Homeowner Pays for Insurance in the US, By State & Home Value

As Travel Slows Down, When Will Airbnb Hosts Recover?

An Analysis of The True Cost of Real Estate For Homeowners

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