THE Purgula RFP Generator Has Arrived

Generate a Request for Proposal (RFP) for your next renovation project in minutes with The Purgula RFP Generator.

Prior to starting, and to help streamline the process, you should have a good idea of your budget, your key needs, and have a few images to share of your renovation space, including inspiration photos.

Here are a few preparation tips before starting:

1. Prepare Pictures

Have 2 to 6 pictures ready to share that will visually present the project to the contractors bidding on your project, e.g.: 2 photos of your existing space; 2 images of any design documents, like floor layouts; and/or 2 photos of design inspiration.  Make sure file sizes are under 5MB each. It is not mandatory to include images with your RFP, but recommended.

2. Measure YOUR SPACE

Measure the space in your home that will be the scope of the project. Approximate measurements of your renovation area will enable bidders to understand the potential scope and complexity of the project. The initial measurements will also help contractors to categorize your project into one of these project sizes: large; medium; or small.

3. Prepare a Budget

Have a budget amount you are ready and willing to share with prospective contractors. With more complex projects you should have an additional (but undisclosed) reserve amount (e.g. an additional 10% to 20% more) that can be allocated for unforeseen circumstances, such as structural damage revealed when opening walls. You can also prepare a budget leveraging The Purgula Master Budget Spreadsheet. Having a specific budget is crucial to quickly focusing on what is fiscally possible and will aid in prioritizing your wants and needs. Reputable contractors will present options on how your budget can be allocated. Receiving multiple bids will also give you more visibility into competitive pricing and grant you negotiating power. Keep in mind that part of the renovation process is confirming if you have a realistic budget or not.

4. Create A Shortlist of Contractors

Have a shortlist of contractors you are interested in working with ready as soon as possible. Going through the RFP generation process, will likely help you identify key capabilities you should seek in contractors. Once you have created your RFP, you should freely share your RFP document with a well-vetted, shortlist of prospective contractors to receive comparable proposals. A key goal of a Purgula RFP is to help homeowners attract quality and reputable contractors, while deterring less qualified ones.

After taking these quick prep steps, you will be ready to enter your project information into The Purgula RFP Generator. Good luck!

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