The Victoria + Albert Hotel Projects for Design Inspiration

Here is another creative approach to not only get inspiration for your dream luxury spa master bath remodel, but to experience a “preview”, first-hand.

Victoria + Albert has a gallery that showcases where their bathtubs are used in luxury hotels and resorts around the world. If you find a model to your tastes and needs, why not consider a quick getaway weekend (or longer) to experience it in person? In fact, our luxury spa master bathroom was inspired during our honeymoon at the Taj Hotel in Mumbai, several years prior to when the renovation actually took place. We even had a very unique requirement of placing a jali between the walls of our master bath and bedroom.

Victoria + Albert Hotel Projects Gallery

Here are links pertaining to the lodge from which the highlight photo was taken:
Victoria + Albert at &Beyond Ngala Safari Lodge
&Beyond Ngala Safari Lodge Website

Here is V+A’s inspiration gallery, as well:
Victoria + Albert Inspiration Gallery