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How Kevin Hansen of the YouTube channel Lawn Care Juggernaut is paying it forward by providing free lawn care services to the elderly, infirmed, and financially-strapped. Want to help his mission? All you need to do is watch his videos!

Last Sunday, after finishing our weekly gardening, we sat, freshly showered and tired, in front of our TV screen. Too exhausted to follow the plot of even a simple, mindless movie, we opted for YouTube. The algorithm knows us well and served us up a channel we had never visited before: Lawn Care Juggernaut.

This video channel is devoted to a lawn maintenance professional, Kevin Hansen from Tulsa, Oklahoma, who seeks out homes with overgrown lawns and homeowners unable to care for them, to provide his professional lawn services for free.

We were so intrigued at how satisfying watching someone cut tall grass, trim trees and edge lawns could be, especially after having performed some of the same tasks ourselves less than an hour earlier.

What we found most intriguing was Kevin’s narrative, he explained what and why he was doing each step – almost as if we were watching our gardener from the comfort of our sofa – a most surreal experience! He’s one part gardener, one part philosopher, one part comedian and one hundred percent caring human being.

We knew we had to meet him, so the next day we called him in Tulsa to set up an interview to get to know more about him, his business model, and to understand lawn care for homeowners. Here’s what we learned.

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Getting Started in the Lawn Care Business

Kevin shared with us that he started tending lawns professionally roughly 10 years ago out of necessity, with absolutely no options in his life. The contractor for whom he was working at the time, stopped booking jobs, which left Kevin virtually unemployed.

Scared out of his mind, having never been without work, he found himself in dire straits. With a pressing need to get out of his current situation, he knew he had to find employment. Having had no formal business training – unless you count his teenage stint as a manager at Sonic – he was at a crossroads.

Although it was a scary time, Kevin had faith in himself and in his ability to find work, as he now had a wife with a child on the way. As “luck” would have it, an ice storm hit the county that year, and Kevin used his last $100 to purchase a chain saw to begin cutting limbs for property owners with trees damaged by the storm.

During this two month stint, as the tree service business started to wane, he began to encounter lawn care guys during his rounds around the city. As he marveled at the number of lawn care guys he saw and the amount of work available, he thought to himself “I can do that!

Knowing little about running a lawn care business, he researched on YouTube following famous YouTubers such as Greg ChisolmLawn Care Millionaire, and Gopher Lawn Care, for tips, business advice and inspiration. Thus, Lawn Care Juggernaut was born, by “staying positive and pushing forward“, as Hansen laughs about the early days of his “crappy trailer and busted up equipment“.

An Example of an Interesting & Helpful Video by Lawn Care Juggernaut:

HAS THIS EVER BEEN CLEANED? power washing the super dirty brick sidewalk and patio

HAS THIS EVER BEEN CLEANED? power washing the super dirty brick sidewalk and patio


His YouTube Channel & Helping Those in Need

Taking a page from his YouTube mentors, Kevin started his own YouTube channel, which consisted of him performing his lawn care duties, while waxing eloquent to potential lawn care guys and those already in the trade. The early years of Lawn Care Juggernaut were, in Kevin’s assessment, cringe worthy, but he plugged along with only about 100 or so subscribers for several years.

One day, while driving around Tulsa, with his brother in the truck, the two spotted a home with “tall, crazy, overgrown” grass. Kevin wondered out loud if it would be cool to take on gigs to cut that grass for free. His brother was reluctant to take on non-paying work, so it was later, with his Dad, that Kevin cut his first overgrown lawn for free.

This experience served as an exercise in making a neglected property look better, as it was a blight on the well-manicured neighborhood. The achievement of completing his first free abatement project left him feeling good.

He looked at the first overgrown lawn job as a challenge, and vowed that if he got a sign off from the city, he would do more work of this kind. Once someone from the city saw the improvement in the customer’s property, they called Kevin to ask if he wanted to perform other abatement work for them. Unsure of what he was being asked, Kevin declined, not sure of what was involved.

The city representative then explained how abatement of abandoned or overgrown properties work: they provide the addresses, Kevin provides the service, the city bills the homeowner and if they can’t pay, a lien is attached to the property. If the property owner cannot pay the lien amount, the home is foreclosed upon and then auctioned to the highest bidder.

This “service” did not sit well with Kevin’s ethics and he figured there was a better way to handle the issue of property abatement for those who had a need, but were either financially strapped or unable to care for their properties due to age or illness. Kevin understood that “people go through things and have setbacks“.

Hansen has remarked that when people’s lives become hectic, their lawns are the first sign that something isn’t right, as they quickly get out of hand. These are the homes that he will seek out and knock on the door.

Armed with his GoPro Hero, Kevin eventually encountered success. Having witnessed his own reversal of fortune, Kevin vowed to give back to the community and maintain lawns for free for those who could not afford proper lawn care.

In the embedded video below, be sure to listen to the audio inspirational message at the 19:23 minute mark!



Lawn Care Juggernaut, which is completely supported by ad revenue, is the vehicle by which he funds his efforts and allows him to perform his charity work, while providing an income to support his business and family.

At the top of each video he reminds viewers that he provides free lawn care and power washing services for the elderly, disabled and those who are struggling. Lawn Care Juggernaut does not accept community donations nor donations from viewers, the business is completely funded by YouTube ad revenue.

As for his existing base of commercial business? He split his previous paying customers into two groups and handed them off to two budding entrepreneurs in the trade, to allow them to grow their respective lawn care businesses into full-time ventures.

Lawn Care Juggernaut has quickly grown and is approaching 500,000 subscribers. (UPDATE: As of December 26, 2022 the Lawn Care Juggernaut YouTube channel has 703,000 subscribers). In one podcast, the bearded Hansen promised to shave his ZZ Top-style beard for charity, if he reaches 1 million subscribers! His goal is to be the number one most subscribed lawn care channel on YouTube.


Tips for Homeowners on Lawn Care & Tools

We asked Kevin to provide some insight for homeowners who tend to their own lawns, especially some of the common mistakes they make with their own lawns. Kevin opines that it really comes down to the simple things such as cutting height.

In their haste to remove weeds or other noxious and invasive plants, homeowners have a tendency to cut their lawns too short. This causes the grass to be harmed by the heat of the sun, as it is exposed to prolonged sunlight. Shorter blades of grass concentrate their energy toward growing the blades rather than improving the root system and thus the overall structure of the lawn.

CITY VIOLATION CUT – overgrown lawn before and after -Abatement property – Satisfying Lawn care

CITY VIOLATION CUT - overgrown lawn before and after -Abatement property - Satisfying Lawn care

Kevin also mentioned that homeowners need only three basic tools, for complete lawn care, that will allow them to perform almost any lawn maintenance task:

  • Push Mower
  • Trimmer
  • Blower

Push Mower

Make sure your mower is sized correctly for the acreage on your the property. For residential, smaller yards, push mowers are best. However, as you approach larger acreage lots, riding mowers probably make more sense. Kevin is partial to gas powered mowers, since he uses equipment commercially, but he is not averse to homeowners using electric powered equipment.


A trimmer that accepts attachments allows you to have a weed eater, a trimmer for hedges, a pole saw for hanging limbs, a blower for clearing debris, and takes up less space in the garage. You also only need one tool to service each year, so it becomes more economical. Metal blade edgers are also a good tool for a nice crisp edges along the concrete borders of a property.


Clearing debris off of concrete pavements and rounding up leaves is easier with a blower and less strenuous than raking. Blowing grass and yard debris onto roadways is extremely dangerous for cyclists and motorcycles, and in many states is illegal, so, use caution when blowing toward the roadway.


Lawn Maintenance Advice for Older or Infirmed Homeowners

Since Lawn Care Juggernaut has completely devoted its business to providing free services to the elderly, infirmed or financially-strapped, we asked what advice he had for this target market. Kevin advises that elderly homeowners, should approach lawn care tasks either early in the morning or later in the evening, after the sun has reached its peak. They should break the work over two days, if necessary, as well.

One of the reasons why he has taken on so many elderly customers is the result of strokes or heart attacks of male homeowners who took on the often arduous task of mowing the lawn.

Lawn care is not job for everyone. Know your limits, stay hydrated and make sure to take rest breaks – it’s a marathon, not a sprint. Don’t be too proud to acknowledge that the task has become overwhelming, and that it may now be time to hire a lawn care service to keep your property well-maintained.


How to Hire a Lawn Care Service

Kevin cites Facebook as the number one source for finding a good, reliable and competent lawn care serviceThere is a plethora of advice on various FB groups or community sites that recommend local services that come with testimonials from current customers. Word of mouth from satisfied clients is the best method for finding a reliable lawn service provider.


The Upcoming Lawn Care Juggernaut Road Show

Kevin is excited about taking the Lawn Care Juggernaut Show on the road this year as they plan a 10 city tour beginning this June. The idea is to provide his free lawn care services to anyone who fits his target market, as they travel due east from Oklahoma.

We encourage viewers and readers to reach out to Kevin, as he travels to your hometown, with the addresses of homes that can benefit from his lawn care services.

We also encourage corporate sponsors, such as Home Depot, Lowes, Menards, Harbor Freight Tools and Ace Hardware, to reach out to Kevin to host meetups with Lawn Care Juggernaut and his fans to demonstrate tools and techniques.

Although we would hate to see the beard shorn onto a barber’s floor, we know it is for a good cause. Let’s help Lawn Care Juggernaut meet his goal to be the Number 1 most subscribed-to YouTube channel in Lawn Care. One million subscribers for a good cause! Let’s make it so!

Also, be sure to check out Kevin’s other YouTube channel, The Boring Channel, created for his viewers that just like to watch him work without the commentary.



Frequently Asked Questions About Lawn Care Juggernaut

Where is Lawn Care Juggernaut located?

Lawn Care Juggernaut is based in Tulsa, Oklahoma and provides free services wherever is feasible.

Where is Kevin Hansen originally from?

Hansen is a native of Arkansas City, Kansas.

What is the name of Kevin’s wife?

Kevin’s wife’s name is Rachel.

Which video of Lawn Care Juggernaut went viral?

The video that caused Lawn Care Juggernaut to be discovered by a much larger audience was posted on April 20, 2022. However, it was filmed in October, 2021. The reason for the delay in its posting was due to Kevin experiencing an emotional setback triggered by this event – discovering that someone was deceased in the house.

He realized that he needed to take some time off from his YouTube channel for a combination of reasons. Here is the embedded video with a link to it on his YouTube channel. The thousands of supportive comments (over 20,000 as of 5/17/2022) that this video has received to date is a refreshing change and is confirmation that people prefer to see living examples of good people doing selfless, good deeds.




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