No sooner does your garden or lawn show promise than pests show up or weeds re-emerge. Ugh! Don’t fret – clever, new products and technologies are continuing to expand the market that make home lawn care easier and more effective, while being eco-friendly and humane.

Here are several smart tech products that address dreaded weed and pest control problems for your home, worthy of your consideration. Do not lose hope – smart tech is here to help!

Tertill Weeding Robot

The Tertill is a solar-powered weeding robot that can intelligently remove weeds within an outdoor space of up to 200 square feet.

Perhaps the most innovative product in a category not known for robotic technology, is Tertill (pronounced “turtle”). Created by one of the inventors of the Roomba, the robotic vacuum, Tertill is designed to weed up to 200 square foot of bounded, outdoor space, with the ability to determine what is and is not a weed. Powered by a highly-efficient onboard solar panel, the Tertill uses a tiny “weed wacker” to cut down plants taller than two inches.

“Weeding sucks, you should make a robot do it!” – Rory MacKean, Co-Founder, Tertill

But what if my tomatoes are not yet mature? No problem – the Tertill comes equipped with easy-to-place, metal collar guards that block weeding action. Once your trusted plants reach a height above the danger zone, simply remove the guards and the Tertill will continue its weed patrol around your pepper and tomato plants.

Tertill was launched as a Kickstarter project in 2017 under Franklin Robotics. The firm has since renamed itself to Tertill Corporation.


Naio Oz Autonomous Weeding Robot

If your landscaping needs extend beyond 200 square feet, then Naio Technologies has the product for you, the Oz Autonomous Weeding and Tilling Robot. This farmer assistant can weed up to 1,000 meters or 10,764 square feet in one hour, and is well-suited for small, market farmers. With autonomous and remote controlled weeding and hoeing functionality, you can reduce manual labor and improve soil conditions by virtually eliminating herbicides.

The latest model is equipped with GPS for improved navigational precision and has a battery running life of 8 hours. Though admittedly this may be too much budget or capability for your home garden, it is always prudent to stay abreast of industrial solutions, as they will eventually make their way to residential markets!

#Oz - 2017 - The weeding robot and farmer assistant


DZ Services Solar Powered Ultrasonic Mole Repeller

The Solar Sonic Mole Repeller not only deters gophers, moles and rats but works on snakes, as well without harming the environment. The Repeller sends out sonic pulses and near ultrasonic vibrations every 30 seconds, which is an irritant to rodents such as moles, gophers, voles, rats, rabbits and other pests, while keeping them away from the coverage area.

The solar panel at the top of the unit collects energy which is stored in a rechargeable battery capable of operating for six full days. Simple to use, the Solar Mole Repellent stakes are inserted into the ground with a three inch clearance above ground to avoid water flow into the interior. The product is stated to be safe for homes with pets and children.

DZ Services Solar Powered Ultrasonic Mole Repeller


Good Life The Guardian Pest Repeller

If you have squirrels, bats, raccoons, deer, possums birds and other garden pests that hinder your bounty’s growth, amp up your yard protection with Good Life’s The Guardian Pest Repeller. Using sonic and ultrasonic sounds, with strobe lights, The Guardian adds “predator calls” and a thermal motion sensor to detect unwanted garden pests.

Humane and eco-friendly, the Guardian is both AC and DC powered and with their patented “Select a Pest” technology allows you to select the types of pests that you wish to deter. It’s worth a try as it comes with an unconditional 45-day money-back guarantee.

Good Life The Guardian Pest Repeller


Victor Solar Powered Sonic Spike

From the most noted name in rodent traps, Victor has stepped up its rodent deterrent game with its Victor Solar Powered Sonic Spikes which uses sonic pulses that penetrate the soil and irritates moles and gophers. Each spike covers up to 7,500 square feet and emits sonic pulses every 30 seconds. There are two product types, one that is solar powered and another which requires three D cell batteries. Neither model should be used in inclement weather.


Other pest products which bear mention include:


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