Updated: June 29, 2021

The home products announced at CES 2021 that really caught our attention, within the following categories: fun & enjoyment; wellness; and maintenance.

Home Products for Fun & Enjoyment


ColdSnap Ice Cream Maker

The ColdSnap Ice Cream Maker is a countertop appliance that allows users to create individual servings of soft-serve ice cream, in similar fashion as pod-based coffeemakers.

The ColdSnap Ice Cream Maker allows you to prepare soft-serve ice cream and other frozen treats in a style similar to that offered by Keurig’s single serve coffee. Select, Insert, Enjoy! Using single-serving pods, ice cream enthusiasts can choose between several flavors to create ice cream, smoothies or cocktails, based on selected preference. In less than two minutes, a frozen treat is dispensed in a bowl, cup or highball glass placed beneath the spout. The shelf stable pods require no refrigeration and have a shelf-life of about nine months.

UPDATE: ColdSnap is expecting to have a small beta launch of the ColdSnap system at the end of 2021 with a full launch in 2022. Though the pricing has not been finalized, it is expected to be in the $1,000 price range. The price of the ColdSnap pods will vary depending on the product category (e.g. Ice Cream, Smoothie, Frozen Coffee) and will likely be in the range of $2.99 to $3.99 per pod. To stay abreast of their progress be sure to follow them on Instagram. If you are interested in being an early adopter, investor or distributor, use their contact form.

ColdSnap Facebook Photo Gallery

How to Use Our Ice Cream Machine | ColdSnap


MyQ Pet Portal

The MyQ Pet Portal is a smart pet door for the home, which uses a sensor-enabled collar that automatically activates sliding panels for your pet to walk through.

MyQ introduced the Pet Portal in 2021, which is a fully functional door that is installed by a professional technician. Using Bluetooth technology, your pet’s sensor-enabled collar activates a set of sliding panels that open and close as your pet stands in front of the door or via an app that you can control remotely. The app allows you to view your pet’s activity and provides a log of ingress and egress throughout the day.


Infinity Game Table

The Arcade1Up Infinity Game Table is an HD touchscreen, gaming table that allows users to play digital versions of classic board games with tactile feedback.

Another Kickstarter campaign product from Arcade1Up makes an introduction. The Infinity Game Table features digital versions of classic and iconic board games, such as Monopoly, Scrabble, Trivial Pursuit, Yahtzee and Candy Land. Step into the 21st Century with an HD touchscreen, personalized dynamic viewing, responsive tactile feedback, two built-in speakers, Wi-Fi connectivity and an ever expanding selection of downloadable games and interactive content. Challenge competitors in the same room or across the ocean!

Infinity Game Table Kickstarter Launch Video


Samsung The Frame TV

Samsung’s The Frame TV is a 4K flat screen TV that displays high-quality artwork when not in use for viewing video content. Cords and cables can be made less visible using the One Invisible Connection.

It is a TV or is it art? You decide. Samsung’s The Frame TV, which allows you to customize a canvas for your wall-mounted flat screen television. Available in a variety of sizes from 32″ to 75″, the wall mount and companion pieces is a finishing statement to any room as it allows you to blend your flat screen TV into your personal décor.

The latest upgrades for this product first launched in 2017 includes: a thinner form factor that hugs the wall like wall art; five new frame colors; and two frame styles.

Self-installation is easy and quick, and only requires a single cable so you can connect all of your devices below the TV. A Studio Stand option is also available should you wish to move your flat screen from room to room to fit the format of your interior space. A $5 paid subscription to Samsung’s art store gives you access to 1,400 pieces of “world-renowned” art from paintings to photos to allow you to match fine art with your design taste and mood.

Samsung The Frame TV Highlight Video

Samsung The Frame TV HD 2021 with Wall Hangings


Ampere Shower Power Speaker

Ampere’s Shower Power is a hydropower shower speaker made from recycled ocean plastic that fits with any showerhead. The speaker creates energy from the water flowing through the shower head’s arm.

The award-winning product by Ampere, a result of a Kickstarter campaign, creates energy as a result of water from your shower. Before the flow of water reaches the shower head, it rotates an internal propeller that is connected to a mini-generator that charges a battery, which powers the Bluetooth-enabled speaker. The principle is similar to a waterwheel, as the flow of shower water is necessary to create the energy for the battery. The Shower Power retains a charge for up to 10 hours, even after the shower is idle. With 360 degree sound capability, it will be the most popular sound stage in your home!

Ampere Hydropower Shower Speaker


Samsung Bespoke Refrigerator

The Samsung Bespoke Refrigerator allows customers to personalize the design of this refrigerator line by choosing the size, color, material and specific features. It is touted as “the refrigerator built to your taste”.

From the leader in innovative appliances, the Samsung Bespoke Custom Refrigerator allows you to express your personal style. No more unattractive, once-size-fits-all bland appliances, bespoke refrigerators allow consumers to design a fridge that best suits their habits, needs and design tastes.

With an array of eight color from which to choose, the Bespoke fridge allows options such as water (internal water dispenser or built-in AutoFill Water Pitcher), Ice (cubed ice, small ice bits, nugget ice) and flexible storage (Flex Zones, Flex Crisper, Beverage Centers) tailored to fit your style. The Bespoke fridge can change as your needs change, from a twin-door single unit to triple the size, as your family and needs change. Designed for you, by you!


Home Maintenance Products


Solar Breeze Ariel Robotic Floating Pool Skimmer 

The Solar Breeze Ariel Robotic Floating Pool Skimmer is a smart robotic device that uses solar power to automatically clean the surface of your outdoor pool.

Tempe, Arizona based, Solar Breeze has introduced its latest version in their robotic pool skimmer NX series, Ariel. Using solar power, Ariel travels on the pool’s surface to collect dust and debris before it sinks to the bottom. With “eyes” at the front of the system, Ariel can detect and navigate objects to avoid operational hindrance, as it moves freely around the pool. An improved mesh on the debris tray, filters out bugs, pollen and finer dust particles that normally decay and causes bacterial growth.

Meet Ariel by Solar Breeze


Linksys Tri-Band Mesh Router 6E AXE8400

The Linksys Tri-Band Mesh Router 6E AXE8400 is the world’s first WiFi 6E mesh router for consumers. Its target market is bandwidth-heavy homes that have multiple simultaneous activities, such as: at-home working and learning; VR gaming; and media streaming.

Linksys, a trusted name in networking hardware, has just introduced , the AEX8400, the world’s first WiFi 6E mesh router for consumers. The increased speed of the AXE8400 responds to the needs of today’s living situations, as consumers are increasingly working from their home offices and investing in more smart products that require WiFi connectivity. The AXE8400 router takes advantage of the newly opened 6 GHz band to deliver more bandwidth to consumers’ homes for clearer, faster networks and increased reliability.

In addition to offering 8400Mbps (6GHz) of speed, the AXE8400 can cover 3,000 square feet with just one node, making it an ideal router for homes with heavy bandwidth usage. The AXE8400 supports WPA3 encryption and is backward compatible with other Linksys mesh units, such as the previous version, the AX6000.

Linksys Press Release for the AEX8400

Linksys Tri-Band Mesh Router 6E AXE8400


Samsung Bot Handy

Samsung Bot Handy is a helper robot currently in development. It will rely on advanced artificial intelligence (AI) to detect and pickup objects of varying sizes, shapes and weights.

Through AI technology, Samsung’s Bot Handy will identify an object’s composition, the amount of force necessary to grab and move an object around a home. The mission of the product will be to serve as an extension of a customer and help with chores around the house, such as cleaning up messy rooms or sorting out dishes after a meal. The product is still in development and not currently available for sale, however the functional capabilities have been demonstrated in test settings.

Samsung CES 2021 Press Release on Latest Innovations


Home Wellness Products


Alarm.com Touchless Video Doorbell

Alarm.com’s Touchless Video Doorbell is a smart door ringer that does not require visitors to use their hands. The doorbell is activated by a sensor in a doormat with the message “Stand on Mat to Ring Doorbell”.

Touchless has become a popular buzz word over the past several months, so why not introduce a door bell that does not require tactile pressure from human hands? Alarm.com, based in Tysons, Virginia, is dedicated to creating innovative products that “deepen the connection between people and the things they care about most: their families, homes and businesses”.

Using a doormat, imprinted with “Stand on Mat to Ring Doorbell”, that works with a mounted doorbell sensor, the system can detect when there is a person at your doorstep. Additionally, the product is equipped with a built-in camera and features a 150-degree field of view, allowing for full HD imaging. Infrared capability is also included for night vision for evening or low light conditions.

Alarm.com Press Release for the Touchless Doorbell

Introducing the Alarm.com Touchless Video Doorbell


Samsung JetBot 90 AI+

Samsung JetBot 90 AI+ is a smart robotic vacuum powered with a 3-D sensor and artificial intelligence (AI), supplied by Intel, that provides higher object recognition accuracy.

Making home maintenance more efficient is the impetus behind Samsung’s JetBot 90 AI+, the first smart robotic vacuum powered with artificial intelligence (AI) supplied by Intel. Unlike Roomba’s older technology, the JetBot 90 AI+ has more acute object recognition capability, using a 3D sensor, to help avoid obstructions from even the smallest objects. With its home base Clean Station, the JetBot 90 can empty its own bin remotely into a filtration system that captures 99.999% of pollutants vacuumed. Quarterly changes to the Clean Station and JetBot 90 or when the LED light indicates that the bag is full, provides prescriptive maintenance at its best.


Kohler Stillness Bath

Kohler’s Stillness Bath is a luxurious soaking bathtub that is inspired by Japanese forest bathing. The tub combines fog, light and aromatherapy for your tranquil enjoyment.

Soaking tubs have emerged as the mark of a well-designed bathroom, as homeowners opt for the hot, stillness of an Epsom salt soak over noisy, problematic jets and whirlpools. Kohler’s introduction of its Stillness Bath created a lot of buzz not only for its serenity and indulgence-invoking images, but for its $16,000 price. Inspired by Japanese “forest bathing” the Stillness Bath combines fog, light and aromatherapy to provide an unparalleled oasis of wellness and tranquility. The Stillness bathtub line will have four tiers, with the “entry-level” version due to be available in May 2021 for just over $6K.

Kohler Stillness Tub


Nobi Smart Ceiling Lamp with Senior Fall Detection

The Nobi Smart Ceiling Lamp uses four RGB color sensors to monitor an aging in place resident to detect instantly when a senior occupant has experienced a fall. When an incident occurs, alerts are sent to an assigned caregiver.

Nobi is an overhead ceiling lamp, equipped with four RGB color sensors, that is targeted for Aging in Place customers, enabling seniors to live independently in their own homes. The smart lamp will notice when an inhabitant falls and will ask if everything is alright. If not, Nobi will instantly call a family member or assigned caregiver. Through the lamp they can talk to them without a telephone.

Nobi also provides the following safety features: opens the door for emergency visits; senses intrusions and triggers alarm; and detects smoke. The sensors also help to illuminate dark rooms, with a dim upward glow, to help brighten pathways to restrooms or kitchens in the middle of the night.

The product will be available first in nursing and senior independent living homes for $119 a month, including hardware. The private home version of the Nobi system will be offered for $2,499, based on the size of the home and assumes a Nobi in every room, with a $19 a month subscription.


UBTECH ADIBOT UV-C Disinfection Robotic System

The ADIBOT UV-C Disinfection Robotic System uses Ultraviolet-C light to safely and effortlessly disinfect surfaces in a host of interior environments, such as: hotels, schools, hospitals, offices, gyms, and subway cars.

UBTECH is a global leading AI and humanoid robotics company located in Los Angeles, California and Shenzhen City, China, founded in 2012. Their UV-C Disinfection Robotic Solution known as ADIBOT, uses Ultraviolet-C light to inactivate pathogens in highly trafficked and used interior areas without harmful chemicals or costly downtime.

Though this product is priced and positioned for enterprise customers, we recommend being on the lookout for when a smaller, more affordable unit becomes available for the residential market. Both the stationary (S model) and autonomous models (A model) provide 360 degree radiant light coverage, powerful UV-C disinfection and intelligent safety features, including risk mitigation cameras and PIR (Passive Infrared) sensors to detect human motion.


Toto Wellness Toilet

The Toto Wellness Toilet is an advanced smart toilet, not available until 2022, that analyzes your “output” and makes recommendations to help improve your health and wellness.

Although the Toto Wellness Toilet will not be available until 2022, we thought it was important to make consumers aware that this product is imminent. This toilet analyzes your “output” and makes recommendations to help improve health outcomes by suggesting changes you can make in your diet.

Incorporating all of Toto’s famous hygienic features, hands off washing, flushing, and drying of your “undercarriage”, the Wellness Toilet uses sensor technology to measure and analyze bio characteristics of the user. Your data will be tracked and trended over time to make you aware of possible threats to your health such as rectal or ovarian cancer, internal bleeding, urinary tract infections, diabetes, etc.

Toto Press Release for CES 2021

Toto Wellness Toilet Screenshot

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