Did you know that The Roku Channel has a vast collection of free cooking shows to stream? Neither did we, until recently!

As users of our Roku streaming box for many years, we have largely been oblivious of their programming offerings, due to spending most of our viewing time on the prominent video platforms of Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu and YouTube.

When it comes to streaming cooking shows, that’s about to change!

In addition to having recently premiered exclusive, all-new original cooking series with Emeril Lagasse, Martha Stewart and Christopher Kimball, the Roku Channel also has the complete past seasons of Stewart, Lagasse and Kimball shows available for free, comprising of more than 3,000 episodes. Plus, the Roku Channel has a surprisingly large collection of popular cooking shows, with some of the best highlighted below in this article.

Here are highlights to get familiar with the many cooking offerings currently available on The Roku Channel. Enjoy!

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New Cooking & Food Shows on The Roku Channel

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Best Cooking & Food Shows & Films on The Roku Channel

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Christopher Kimball’s Milk Street TV

Christopher Kimball Milk Street TV Cooking Show

The mission of Milk Street TV is to search the world for bold, yet simple recipes and techniques that will transform the way people approach home cooking. Adding to the viewer’s enjoyment is the cultural backstory of recipes, as well as learning from a wide range of guest chefs as they demonstrate their favorite recipes.

Host: Christopher Kimball and many guest chefs

Example Recent Episode: New Wave Pizzas (Season 6, Episode 6)

New Wave Pizzas (Season 6, Episode 6)

Visit Christopher Kimball’s Milk Street TV on the Roku Channel to stream for free.

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Cook’s Country from America’s Test Kitchen

Cook's Country from America's Test Kitchen Cooking Show

Cook’s Country focuses on family-friendly regional recipes from across the United States. The hosts begin each cooking segment by providing historical context on each recipe prior to demonstrating the cooking process. Equipment and tools are explained and demonstrated, as well.

Similar in spirit to their sister show, America’s Test Kitchen, Cook’s Country is a favorite of viewers who seek helpful, no-frills, how-to instruction on creating specific types of dishes, as well as how to become better home chefs overall.

Hosts: Bridget Lancaster and Julia Collin Davison

Seasons 10-12 currently available on the Roku Channel

Visit Cook’s Country from America’s Test Kitchen on the Roku Channel to stream for free.

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Emeril Cooks

Emeril Cooks Roku Original Cooking Show

From hot beignets in the French Quarter to ice cold sake in the Wetlands, in Emeril Cooks, affable Chef Emeril Lagasse explores Louisiana’s unique blend of tradition and innovation from his home cooking base of New Orleans, where he prepares his favorite meals for special guests.

The show enables viewers to experience the rich culinary heritage of Louisiana through its people and the food they love to eat. A big part of the cultural carousel of New Orleans is its food, where viewers will quickly pick up local culinary knowledge. One example tip is learning that most Louisiana recipes start with the Holy Trinity of cooking: celery, onions and peppers. Another tip passed along is that many locals view the classic Creole Meuniere Sauce as the culinary soul of New Orleans.

Hosts: Emeril Lagasse and guests

Premiered November 18, 2022

Visit Emeril Cooks on the Roku Channel to stream for free.

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The Great British Baking Show

The Great British Baking Show on The Roku Channel

The Roku Channel has Seasons 1 through 7 of The Great British Baking Show, a perennial fan favorite. Though not every season has the same caliber of amateur bakers, this laidback baking competition show is easy to enjoy as the good-natured contestants will often surprise you with their results – sometimes by their brilliance & creativity, and sometimes by their over ambitious plans that fall apart during the baking process.

Hosts: Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry

Visit The Great British Baking Show on the Roku Channel to stream for free.

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Martha Bakes

Martha Bakes cooking show on the Roku Channel

In each episode of Martha Bakes, Martha Stewart demonstrates classic techniques necessary to make picture-perfect creations of some of her favorite recipes – from desserts to savory dishes. Each demonstration begins with the recipe’s basic foundation before Stewart uses additional ingredients or different cooking methods to prepare the given dish.

With the full eleven seasons of episodes available to stream, you will likely find many recipes that you will want to recreate or learn about.

Host: Martha Stewart

Visit Martha Bakes on the Roku Channel to stream for free.

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Martha Cooks

Martha Cooks Original Roku Cooking Show

Martha Stewart welcomes viewers to her Bedford farm kitchen, where she shares her favorite recipes, sharing details on her cooking techniques with how-to instructions, including entertaining tips. Season 1 consists of six episodes, including the following recipes: an Argentine Asado BBQ; making jams from fresh berries; scrumptious scrambled eggs; pasta; oysters; and steak.

Hosts: Martha Stewart and guests

Premiered November 14, 2022

Visit Martha Cooks on the Roku Channel to stream for free.

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Martha Holidays

Martha Holidays Cooking Show Roku Original with Martha Stewart

On Martha Holidays, Martha Stewart shares the best dishes to serve family and friends from dazzling desserts to the perfectly prepared roast turkey, with festive table settings. Also covered in the series are decorating tips, gift ideas, and arts & crafts that will make celebrating your holiday season special.

Hosts: Martha Stewart and guests

Premiered November 21, 2022

Visit Martha Holidays on the Roku Channel to stream for free.

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Milk Street’s Cooking School

Milk Street Cooking School Original Roku Cooking Show

Similar in spirit as Milk Street TV, Milk Street’s Cooking School offers innovative, appealing and approachable recipes from around the world, from everyday skillet pizza to homemade Italian gnocchi and Mexican pork tacos.

The series focuses on cooking basics with the goal of making home cooks passionate, confident and competent, by sharing new techniques, new ingredients, and new tools that will change the way home chefs cook.

Milk Street’s Cooking School also highlights the future of cooking, spotlighting new appliances that are already impacting the way we cook, such as air fryers, sous vide cookers, and countertop steam ovens. A recipe that aptly demonstrates this type of new approach is one-step bagels that uses store bought pizza dough, steamed in a countertop steam oven.

Recipe highlights from Season 1’s ten episodes include: skillet pizza; tacos fast & slow; quick pasta sauces; myth-busting pie recipes; Vietnamese chicken soup; vegetables for carnivores; and Holiday desserts.

Hosts: Christopher Kimball, Milk Street cooking staff, and several guest chefs

Premiered October 28, 2022

Visit Milk Street’s Cooking School on the Roku Channel to stream for free.

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Milk Street’s My Family Recipe

Milk Street My Family Recipe Roku Original Cooking Show

As the show’s title implies, Christopher Kimball and James Beard Award Finalist Cheryl Day help home cooks recreate lost or forgotten cherished family recipes by relying on historical context and modern culinary know-how.

My Family Recipe is much more than a cooking show as it explores history, community, family, and memories, and how food connects these special elements all together.

Example recipes recreated in Season 1 include: noodle kugel; Hawaiian butter rolls; slow-cooked pork; calzone; crunchy pooris; and sauerkraut soup.

Hosts: Christopher Kimball and Cheryl Day

Premiered October 28, 2022

Visit Milk Street’s My Family Recipe on the Roku Channel to stream for free.

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Paul Hollywood’s Bread

Paul Hollywood Bread Baking Show

This invaluable collection of six episodes serves as an excellent opportunity to learn directly from the accomplished and passionate baker Paul Hollywood – currently best known for being the steely-eyed, toughest judge on the wildly popular The Great British Baking Show.

In this one-season series, Hollywood shares his genuine passion and expert tips on all-things pertaining to baking bread, learned since he began helping at his father’s bakery, when he was a young teenager.

His goal of this show is to demonstrate to viewers that making bread is surprisingly simple – you mix, knead, prove, shape, prove again, and then finally bake!

If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to bake bread, this is the show and chef from which to learn.

Host: Paul Hollywood

Visit Paul Hollywood’s Bread on the Roku Channel to stream for free.

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Pizza: A Love Story

Pizza: A Love Story Documentary Film

In this documentary film, Pizza: A Love Story, film maker Gorman Bechard pursues his passion for pizza by chronicling the histories and folklore of three universally recognized “pizza palace” restaurants –  Sally’s, Pepe’s and Modern – that have resided in a six block radius of Wooster Square in New Haven, Connecticut.

The film features interviews with a wide range of characters: – family members; lifelong fans (some famous, some not); and food critics – with the aim to explain the passion, long lines, and how a small town in Connecticut became the “pizza center of the universe”.

The personality of this documentary film can be best be summarized from “The 7 Rules of New Haven Apizza” used in promotional materials for the movie:

  1. It’s not burnt, it’s charred
  2. It’s not pizza, it’s apizza (ah-beetz) – say it right
  3. Plain means no mozzarella
  4. It’s not mozzarella, it’s mozz (mootz)
  5. It’s all about the oven
  6. There’s something in the water here (or maybe not)
  7. Great apizza is worth the wait

Pizza: A Love Story – Trailer (2019)

Pizza, A Love Story - TRAILER-2019

Visit Pizza: A Love Story on the Roku Channel to stream for free.

Also available:


Shape of Pasta

Shape of Pasta Roku Original Documentary Film

In pursuit of pasta perfection and preservation of culinary craft, Chef Evan Funke, of LA’s acclaimed Felix Trattoria, tours Italy uncovering the methods and culture behind rare and forgotten pasta shapes.

Though there are reputedly hundreds of known pasta shapes, there are thought to be hundreds more that the world does not know about. Funke explores “forgotten towns and forgotten people” to discover and retain exceptional pasta shapes, traditions and history.

Visit Shape of Pasta on the Roku Channel to stream for free.

Shape of Pasta | Official Trailer | The Roku Channel

Shape of Pasta | Official Trailer | The Roku Channel


What is the Roku Channel?

The Roku Channel is a streaming channel with Roku Originals, thousands of free movies and TV shows, 150+ live streaming TV channels, and a dedicated Kids & Family experience, all with fewer ads than traditional broadcast TV.

If you are unfamiliar with the Roku Channel, you can conceptualize their offerings as being similar to other popular free streaming services like Tubi or Amazon’s FreeVee.

In addition to a large library of free content, The Roku Channel also enables users to add Premium Subscriptions from dozens of content partners including EPIX, SHOWTIME, STARZ, and AMC+. With original, free, live, and premium content integrated together, The Roku Channel provides a convenient way for users to browse, search, and watch a wide variety of entertainment.


How Can You Access the Roku Channel?

You can add The Roku Channel to any Roku streaming device, compatible Samsung Smart TV, compatible Amazon Fire TV device, or access it directly from the free Roku mobile app available for iOS and Android devices. You can also visit The Roku Channel online from a web browser on a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Existing Roku users can access the Roku Channel from the main Roku menu. For those who do not have a Roku device or account, all you need to do to start streaming their collection of shows is create a free account on one of these platforms:

  • The Roku Channel website
  • The Roku Channel mobile app for iOS or Android devices
  • A Roku Channel compatible streaming device (e.g. Samsung Smart TVs, Amazon Fire)

Access Limitations to the Roku Channel

Free, ad-supported content on The Roku Channel is only available on your Roku streaming player or Roku TV in Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States, plus via your web browser, Roku mobile app, and compatible Samsung TVs and Amazon Fire TV devices in the United States. Premium Subscriptions on The Roku Channel are only available in United States and are not currently available on Samsung TVs or Amazon Fire TV devices.


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