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During a recent major renovation, we were overwhelmed with the amount of interaction between the general contractor, various subcontractors, vendors, shops, and artisans, all while keeping our already stressful day jobs. The house was full of dust for almost three months, while we were experiencing the highs of promising progress, and lows of unexpected setbacks. Our precious weekend hours were spent searching for items that our contractor had put on our “to-do” list. We even considered flying to India to purchase a critical but elusive “Must Have” feature that we could not find anywhere!

Having had far ranging contractor experiences, from the very good to the very bad, we’ve learned so much in the past ten years. By sharing our stories with our friends, we discovered that we were not alone and that we all have much more to learn about the process.

So, we set out to take on renovations from the homeowners’ perspective, from soup to nuts, from planning the concept to enjoying the fruits of your hard-battled labor. With our backgrounds in Digital Marketing, Banking, Information Technology and Project Management, we set out to tackle the question: “How do I get this renovation started?” Based on our experiences, we ardently feel that the “getting started” phase is the most important phase in home improvement projects. This is when a little knowledge and planning can prevent an enormous amount of heartache and headaches.


“We are here to educate, inspire and support throughout your own homeowner experiences.”



Our mission is to passionately align with homeowners and to help them connect with the best in the industry: designers, contractors, vendors, shops, and service providers. In doing so, we can collectively help raise the bar towards perfection. The renovation or contracting industry is not without its issues and this journey can be met with a lot of travails if not managed properly.

We are here to educate, inspire and support throughout your own homeowner experiences.

We welcome inquiries and feedback, and look forward to working with you!

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If you have an amazing product or service that our audience of innovative homeowners would find enticing, please let us know. We would love to collaborate on crafting a marketing program that educates, builds awareness and drives early adopters. Let’s build some buzz!



At Purgula, we are passionate advocates for homeowners. We strive to ensure that they have helpful and actionable information for all aspects of homeownership. If your company is likeminded, we would love to hear from you. We are especially interested in partnering with creative innovators and best-in-class service providers, in all areas of homeownership: design, construction, technology, financing, real estate, legal, insurance, and retail/e-commerce. Let’s do something creative!



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