Our Story

A few years back, we launched a long-awaited, major renovation that turned out to be a life-altering event. First, it took several frustrating false starts, over a few years, until we were able to find a general contractor that was available and suitable for the work.

Second, we quickly became overwhelmed with the amount of interaction needed between the general contractor, various subcontractors, vendors, shops, and artisans, all while managing our already stressful day jobs.

A major portion of the house was soon full of dust and unusable for almost three months, as we experienced the turbulent emotions of exciting flashes of progress, intermixed with dreaded, unexpected setbacks. Many of our weeks were spent battling contractors to resolve critical, time-sensitive issues or expending too many weekend hours searching for illusive items on our “to-buy” list.

For the most part, we managed the project successfully, but it was not easy, nor was it always a pleasant experience. For example, we diligently caught many mistakes needing corrections throughout the project, but not all. In order to complete the project to our satisfaction, it was necessary to take our general contractor to mediation. At this point we knew our rights, and ferociously stuck by them to make sure the result met our expectations.

Having had far ranging experiences with home contractors – from very good to very bad – we’ve learned so much as homeowners over the past twelve years. By sharing our stories with our friends, we discovered that we were not alone and that there are many passionate, but busy, homeowners who need help preventing costly and emotionally draining experiences with renovations.

“We are here to educate, inspire and support homeowners throughout all stages of their homeownership.”
Rukmani & Robert
Purgula Founders

Our Mission & Passion

We launched Purgula with the motivation to help fellow homeowners successfully plan, manage and complete their home renovations. We set out to take on renovations from the homeowners’ perspective, from soup to nuts, from planning the concept to enjoying the fruits of your hard-battled labor. With our backgrounds in Digital Marketing, Banking, Information Technology and Project Management, we set out to tackle the question: “How do I get this renovation started?”

Based on our experiences, we ardently feel that the “getting started” phase is the most important phase in home improvement projects. This is when a little knowledge and planning can prevent an enormous amount of heartache, headaches and costly mistakes.

Our mission has always been to be passionate advocates for homeowners and to help them understand best-practices and connect them with the best in the industry: designers, contractors, vendors, shops, and service providers.

How We Are Different

Since originally launching, we have expanded our mission to focus on the intersection of INNOVATION and HOMEOWNERSHIP. Specifically, Purgula’s role is to educate, inspire and support homeowners throughout ALL STAGES of homeownership:

  • Buying & Selling

  • Maintaining

  • Renovating

  • Monetizing

  • Enjoying

There has never been a more exciting time to be a homeowner! We welcome inquiries and feedback, and look forward to working with you!

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At Purgula, we are passionate advocates for homeowners. We strive to ensure that they have helpful and actionable information for all aspects of homeownership. If your company is likeminded, we would love to hear from you. We are especially interested in partnering with creative innovators and best-in-class service providers, in all areas of homeownership: design, construction, technology, financing, real estate, legal, insurance, and retail/e-commerce. Let’s do something creative!



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