Whether you are actively preparing to sell your home or wishing to remain in place for many years to come, kitchen remodels can have a significant impact on your home’s value.

Kitchen remodeling projects typically involve multiple strategic initiatives: redesigning the kitchen’s layout to support more convenient workflows and usage; adding feature-rich, energy-efficient appliances; updating aesthetics; increasing accessible storage; and cohesively integrating the kitchen’s function and design with adjacent aspects of your home.

Luxury remodeled kitchen with stainless steel appliances and wood flooring

Just how much a kitchen remodel will add to the value of your home depends on many factors. Some features and upgrades are more noticeable than others, such as: the quality, functionality, and breadth of appliances; well-designed spacious layouts; ample countertop space; and generous storage areas.

However, other essential value-adding elements of a kitchen remodel can often be overlooked or “under-appreciated”, specifically: lighting; windows; and the materials used for countertops, cabinetry, and flooring.

In this article, we explore how and why these five less-evident features of a kitchen remodel can add value to your home.

5 Often Overlooked Elements of a Kitchen Remodel

  1. Countertops
  2. Flooring
  3. Cabinetry
  4. Windows
  5. Lighting

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1. Kitchen Countertops

Countertops set the tone and character of your kitchen and can make the most significant impact on prospective buyers. Modern technological advances have opened up options for high quality, durable materials to give your kitchen countertops strong and attractive surfaces for one of the most important assets of any home.

Gray granite countertops in remodeled kitchen with dark blue cabinets

Upgrading kitchen countertops as part of a comprehensive remodeling project is an essential element to increase the value of your home. Granite and solid surface kitchen countertop ideas in your remodeling project design will bring added beauty and functionality to your new kitchen.

Granite kitchen countertops are constructed from ground quartz and binding resins to provide a durable surface that is resistant to heat, stains, and moisture. Available in standard and waterfall countertop edge options, granite countertops come in just about any color or finish and are spotted with unique veining in each slab. Granite countertops will retain a pristine appearance for many years of regular use and will definitely increase the value of your home.


2. Kitchen Flooring

Using the same flooring material throughout the entire level as your kitchen will make your home appear larger and more cohesive, adding to resale value. Additionally, installing the right kind of flooring material can further increase the return on your investment.

Transitional luxury kitchen with wood flooring connecting to the family room

In regards to “overlooking” kitchen flooring materials, specific types and styles may often be excluded without any consideration due to homeowners not being aware of the latest available flooring capabilities and features.

Wood flooring is one such material and aesthetic style that many homeowners would never consider as an option for any kitchen remodel due to concerns over durability, maintenance, and misperceptions of not being “accident-proof”. In practice, however, wood flooring has long been a popular choice for its warmth and ability to complement both traditional and modern kitchen designs.

Modern luxury kitchen with wood flooring connecting to the family room

For those who may be prematurely ruling out wood flooring as an option, be aware that in recent years, several reputable wood flooring manufacturers have responded to consumer preferences for warm wood aesthetics combined with durable, easier-to-clean, “accident-resistant” products that are better suited for the life of a typical home kitchen.

For homeowners that may not have the budget for higher-priced, water-resistant wood flooring, another popular and cost-effective choice is SPC flooring that is available in a wide-range of realistic wood grain patterns, colors and textures. More durable and dent-resistant than LVP flooring, SPC’s rigid construction is easier to install and provides more foot support for high-traffic areas of the home. SPC is considered to be “next generation in vinyl flooring”, as it is denser, stronger, more realistic looking, more stable, and quieter than LVP.

“Choosing the right flooring material is critical when it comes to kitchen remodeling projects. The warmth of wood floors has always been a classic choice that not only adds a timeless look but also increases the resale value of your home. Newer types of flooring materials are also making the wood flooring aesthetic popular for its durability and ease-of-maintenance.”
– Ron Dardashti, Managing Partner at Ultimate Floors, a wholesale flooring supplier in Los Angeles

Another advantage of wood flooring is that it is easier to choose the style that connects the kitchen with an open floor design.

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3. Kitchen Cabinetry

Updating kitchen cabinets during a remodel will define the look and style of your new kitchen and can have a real impact on your home’s resale value. Great looking and functional cabinetry designs can make a kitchen look elegant and practical at the same time.

Luxury white kitchen with tall cabinets with crown molding

If new cabinets aren’t in your budget consider adding cabinet crown molding to your existing cabinetry. Crown molding is a decorative trim that is added to the top of cabinets, giving them a more refined and finished appearance. Crown molding is also highly effective at creating a cohesive vertical design in kitchens with high ceilings. This extra detail can contribute to a higher perceived value of your home by prospective buyers.

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4. Kitchen Windows

Replacing or adding windows as part of a remodeling job provides beauty and adds natural light to the ambiance of your kitchen. There is a wide range of kitchen window types and styles on the market that will match your décor and needs.

Sunny white remodeled kitchen with several new windows

From a garden window above the sink to an expansive picture window showing off your view, energy-saving windows that help to keep utility bills low will also add resale value to your home. Your choice of new kitchen windows should also play a role in daylight harvesting which will not only reduce utility costs, but will also enhance the wellness of your home by incorporating more natural light.

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5. Kitchen Lighting

When designing a kitchen remodel the lighting plan can make a major impact on the way your new kitchen will look and work. Properly designed and installed ambient, accent, and task lighting can make a big difference in the look and functionality of your new kitchen.

Modern remodeled kitchen with new ambient and task lighting fixtures

As mentioned previously, plan your windows and lighting as part of a larger approach to daylight harvesting, which is a cohesive method of relying less on electrical lighting, while experiencing benefits from natural daylight for longer periods of time.

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Kitchens are most often a central hub of the house where people gather to cook, eat, and socialize. It is the most-trafficked area of your home, and the first room prospective buyers typically inquire about when looking to buy a home. Remodeling your kitchen is one of the best investments a homeowner can make.


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