VintageView continues to be a passionate innovator for wine lovers of all levels, means and available space. Whether you are a novice wine collector or a sommelier in a sophisticated restaurant, VintageView has products that work elegantly on both an intimate scale and within grand designs.

We enjoy stories of companies that have had humble beginnings in a garage and VintageView is no exception. Back in 2001, a Real Estate and Construction Executive built his own personal wine display for his 3,000 bottle collection. Doug McCain, founder and inventor of VintageView, soon began making wine display systems for family and friends, as word spread of his innovative method of creating label-forward wine racks.

VintageView W Series Wall-Mounted Wine Rack

W Series Wall-Mounted Wine Rack With Label Forward Display

The Impetus of VintageView’s Innovation

The impetus for McCain’s invention stemmed from quite an unusual event. According to legend, McCain had discovered that someone had stolen some of his most prized bottles from his vast collection and replaced them with replicas.

Since his wine racks at the time had the traditional cork forward design, it was years before he discovered the theft. McCain realized the flaw in the traditional wine rack design and set out to create a modern racking system that would allow wine enthusiasts to view the bottle’s full label.

Equipped with experience in welding, he finally settled on professional grade steel for horizontal sideways display, which can support the weight of three bottles on a single tier. Known as the W Series Wine Rack, this first creation is the result of McCain’s original design and prototyping efforts.

Twenty years later, VintageView has become an award-winning designer and producer of wine storage displays for both residential and commercial customers. McCain’s unique design approach that allows labels to be seen from the rack, changed the way consumers viewed their wine bottles’ storage and presentation.

An Innovator in a Staid Industry: The “Waze” of Wine

Prior to McCain’s reimagined wine racking system in 2001, there had been few, if any, noteworthy innovations within the wine storage and display category. Oenophiles were largely unaware of how improved storage could enhance their wine presentation and overall enjoyment.

Similar to the addictive driving app Waze, you never know how important an invention is until you can’t imagine life without it. VintageView has revolutionized the concept of wine storage and display by solving a number of issues that most wine collectors never knew they had:

  1. Allows you to view the vintner’s full label for easy selection
  2. Makes dusting and maintenance of wine storage easier
  3. Provides creative design options for wine storage in awkward, non-functional spaces
  4. Allows you to grow your collection with its modular design
  5. Fosters changeable artistic expression – labels forward- with flexibility and functionality
  6. Provides elegant entry-level display options for novice wine collectors without the intimidation or cost of a dedicated wine cellar

Further proof of VintageView’s ingenuity and stellar reputation is their recent participation in the annual The New American Home® (TNAH) and The New American Remodel® (TNAR) industry projects which showcase the latest in innovative design concepts, state-of-the-art products and the latest construction techniques. In particular, VintageView demonstrated exceptional creativity when they transformed a non-functional, awkward space into a wine niche, which became a centerpiece of TNAR 2021. The wine storage system can accommodate up to 465 bottles and fits both standard and magnum size bottles.

VintageView Instagram Post TNAR 2021 Wine Niche

The New American Remodel 2021: Magically Transforming a Non-Functional Space into a Wine Niche


The New American Home 2021 & The New American Remodel 2021: VintageView Overview

The Wine Displays of the New American Home and New American Remodel Projects!


VintageView Product Lines: Something for Everyone

VintageView offers several categories of wine storage systems to fit every budget and wine collection size for either residential or commercial use. With various styles and finishes available, wine aficionados can create their own artistic composition, with endless possibilities to showcase and store their collections.

Current product categories include:

All of their products are constructed of durable, professional grade materials that come backed with a lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects.


W Series

The W Series (Wall Series) is the original, iconic, patented design from Doug McCain’s “design, cut and weld” beginnings. The wall-mounted label-forward design is scalable for new and growing collections. Wine collectors can create wine walls, artistic motifs and custom designs with flexible depths, heights and finishes.

  • Depth*: Single, Double, Triple
  • Height: Available from 1FT through 8FT, or as a single bottle
  • Finishes: Satin Black, Brushed Nickel or Chrome Luxe
  • Large Bottles: Magnum or 1.5L bottle holders
  • Presentation Racks: Allows you to display your best vintages side by side
  • Stemware Racks: Displays glassware from single to triple depth

* Refers to the number of bottles in a tier

W Series Wine Rack Video Overview

Wall Series Label Forward Metal Wine Rack


Vino Series

VintageView Vino Pins Wall Display

Vino Pins Wall Display

The Vino Series is the patented, modular system that allows collectors to build custom wall displays based on the growth of their collections and design preferences. Label-forward Vino Pins and Cork-First Rails are single-bottle metal wine racks that allow creative, floating wall compositions that are unique to your space and decor. The Vino Series wall-mounted pegs and posts can hold a single bottle of wine or up to one thousand bottles.

  • Finishes: Golden Bronze, Black, Gun Metal, Acrylic, Milled Aluminum

Mounting Flex columns are also available to allow more design creativity, should you wish to place your Vino Pins at angles or in your own unique, interpretive composition.

  • Depth*: Single (9), Double (18), Triple (27)
  • Finishes: Golden Bronze, Gloss Black, Gun Metal, Matte Black, Matte Black/Aluminum

* Refers to the number of bottles in a tier

Vino Series New Finishes Video Overview

NEW PRODUCT: Vino Series now features Gunmetal and Golden Bronze designer finishes


Vino Series Post System

VintageView Vino Floating Post Kit

Vino Floating Post Kit

The Vino Series Post System is one of VintageView’s latest creations and debuted in The New American Home 2020 and The New American Home Remodel 2020, illustrating just how creative designers can be with wine storage displays.

The bottles appear to be floating in midair in a minimalist, ethereal composition. This is possible with the use of acrylic panels reinforced with steel, to provide walls that can be used as room dividers or constructed to create transparent wine niches.

This patent pending innovation can solve architectural design conundrums, such as awkward or non-functional spaces, as it can be used to create custom, yet functional, modern art pieces.

Vino Series Post System Video Overview

Vino Series Post & Panel debut at The New American Home designed by Sun West Custom Homes


Evolution Wine Tower

VintageView Evolution Series Wine Towers in Short Cellar

Evolution Series Wine Towers in Short Cellar

The Evolution Series Wine Tower is a DIY, freestanding modern wine rack system constructed of steel and acrylic materials.  Lightweight with transparent sides, the tower is a convenient display system that allows creative construction based on three available tower heights. Designers can mix and match heights to fit any project requirement, especially when height limitations are an issue. With its modular design, the Evolution Tower can grow with the collection over time.

  • Heights: 4FT, 6FT, and 8FT
  • Finishes: Satin Black, Chrome Steel

Evolution Wine Tower Video Overview

Evolution Wine Tower: Metal and Acrylic Wine Racking Storage


Evolution Wine Wall

VintageView Evolution Wine Wall in Wooden Cellar

VintageView Evolution Wine Wall in Wooden Cellar

The Evolution Wine Wall is a wall-mounted system available in various stackable heights and bottle depths that can be customized for any project. Racks can hold either standard, 1.5L or Magnum bottles, thus offering a variety of style possibilities. With the label forward design the Evolution Wine Wall is a functional creation that can be cut to any width or mounting option – floating, freestanding or floor-to-ceiling.

  • Heights: 5”, 15″, and 30″ ,45″
  • Finishes: Matte Black Frames/Matte Black Rods, Matte Black Frames/Chrome Rods, Matte Black Frames/Golden Bronze Rods


Case & Crate

VintageView Case and Crate Bins with W Series Wall-Mounted Wine Rack

Case & Crate Bins with W Series Wall-Mounted Racks

The Case & Crate Collection is a stylish solution for bulk wine storage needs. Consisting of lockers and open bins, these storage units are ideal for storing bottles by the case load, while being able to aesthetically integrate with VintageView’s label-forward wine racking displays.

Case & Crate: Modular steel wine lockers and bins for home cellars and restaurant displays


Wine Cellar Cooling

Though VintageView does not sell cooling systems directly, they are happy to refer customers to their trusted partners  who are leading wine cellar cooling manufacturers. Helpful planning information can be found on their Wine Cellar Cooling page, as well.

 * All photos and videos are courtesy of VintageView.


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