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Ten outstanding products that make this home truly remarkable. From an atmospheric water-generating device to a steam clothing care system to a fully integrated whole-house air quality system, this home has it all and more!

The New American Home® 2021 (TNAH) was unveiled virtually this week, as part of the 2021 Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS, pronounced “Kay-Bis”). The annually promoted home showcases the current state of home building best practices across design, products, and construction techniques, while keeping a focus on energy efficiency, sustainability and wellness.

Though the primary purpose of TNAH is to inspire and educate industry professionals on current possibilities for their own projects, we present these observations and learnings with homeowners in mind. We hope that you come across something  of which you were unaware, that compels you to start envisioning changes for your own home!

To set expectations, this is a cursory, limited view, as the home involves too many interesting concepts and products to cover in just one pass! At the end of this article is a stellar video tour created by NAHB, SGC Horizon LLC and Structure Productions, which goes into terrific detail on all aspects of the design, construction and final results.

We strongly recommend visiting the TNAH website, as well, as the team did an excellent job of documenting everything about the project making it easy to learn more on all products, suppliers, and technolgoies used. Enjoy!

TNAH 2021’s Unique Design

Designed and built by Phil Kean, the showcase property sits on a 0.12 acre lot and is a 3-story single family home with 4,397 sq. ft. of living space. Located in Winter Park, Florida (5 miles NE of Orlando), TNAH 2021 features a plethora of trending design concepts, efficient construction methods and advanced, innovative residential products with the comfort and security of today’s homeowner in mind.

One of TNAH’s distinct features is the unique floorplan design. Instead of building bedrooms on the upper floors and living spaces on lower floors, Kean designed the home to take advantage of the light and views of the property as you ascend to the higher floors. This inverted design allows the homeowners to take advantage of the fireworks displays of the various nearby theme parks, as well as views of treetops and the surrounding downtown area of Winter Park.

Originally a commercial building, TNAH 2021 is the result of combining two “townhome-like” units to create a large residential, urban oasis, replete with amenities designed to calm and comfort its inhabitants, while giving detailed attention to interior space usage and efficiency. Kean shared that his original design was to incorporate 4 bedrooms, but it soon evolved to turn one room into a home office, and another into a multipurpose fitness room.

Green building products and methods are incorporated throughout the property, both internal and external, allowing the building to qualify for Emerald status under the National Green Building Standard (NGBS) green building certification program. The program rates buildings based on six areas: Energy Efficiency, Water Efficiency, Resource Efficiency, Lot Development Operations & Maintenance and Indoor Air Quality. Ratings are Bronze, Silver, Gold and Emerald, with the latter being the highest mark of a commitment to improving the planet.

Based on historical averages of TNAH sales, this home, though not currently listed, likely would be in the $3M to $5M range. For example, a hypothetical cost per square foot of $750, would put this home’s value at $3.3M.

Outstanding Features & Products that Make this Home Remarkable

As you browse the highlighted products, keep in mind that even the best, most-seasoned industry pros find it challenging to stay abreast of all of the emerging products and technologies. This is where strategic partnerships can help bridge knowledge and capability gaps. Manufacturers can also help you, your builder or your general contractor find a qualified partner when deciding to go into somewhat “unchartered waters”, like a state-of-the-art air quality system integrated with your HVAC system.

For convenience, we grouped these products into the following home benefits, though some products clearly deliver benefits in more than one category:

  • Curb Appeal
  • Flexibility & Convenience
  • Wellness

Curb Appeal

Clopay Canyon Ridge Modern Tempered Glass Garage Doors

The Clopay Canyon Ridge Modern garage doors provide complimentary aesthetics to the front façade of the home that adds striking character to the side of the home, as well. The tempered glass panels allows natural light during the day, while providing illumination at night when the indoor garage lights are on. This is another reminder of how stylish garage doors will virtually always improve the curb appeal of any home. Unique to this garage space is that the interior was made shorter to allow more outside space to get in and out of the garage. The floors above were made longer and overhang the space below, making the side visually more interesting.

Clopay Canyon Ridge Modern Tempered Glass Garage Doors

Photo courtesy of Jeffrey A. Davis and Pro Builder Media.


Environmental Stoneworks Osceola Clean Brick Stone Veneer

Environmental Stoneworks’ Modern Stone Veneer provides beautifully textured exterior aesthetics with several tangible benefits, including:

  • Cost-Savings between 25% to 50% compared to traditional materials & methods
  • Easier Installation due to the thinness and light weight of the material
  • Strength & Durability
  • Flexible Lengths and Design Options
Environmental Stoneworks Osceola Clean Brick Stone Veneer

Photo courtesy of Jeffrey A. Davis and Pro Builder Media.


Flexibility & Convenience

Halo Recessed Lights by Cooper Lighting

Smart lighting can provide a multitude of settings and moods to enhance your daily home experience. However, placements and installation of lighting can be challenging. Halo offers both direct mount and surface mount recessed lighting. Among the product used in TNAH 2021 is the HLB3 LED 3″ MicroEdge Direct Mount Downlight, which eliminates the need for a recessed housing. The home’s entire lighting system is WiFI-enabled and can be controlled via smart devices. Halo also offers shallow housings for recessed lighting, which provides more flexibility in placements and easier installation.

TNAH 2021 Halo Recessed Lights

Photo courtesy of Jeffrey A. Davis and Pro Builder Media.


Phantom Screens

This product is ideal for addressing the growing trend of homeowners desiring seamless indoor-outdoor living and accessibility. With ample natural light throughout, TNAH 2021 offers multiple options for shade and privacy from both the interior and exterior of the home. Phantom Motorized Privacy Screens are installed in the interior ceiling pockets of the bedrooms, office and exercise room and disappear “on demand” via a WiFi-enabled smart device.

Similarly, outdoor spaces are protected by lowering exterior screens on open terraces or patios to provide privacy, solar protection or pest-free outdoor entertaining as needed. Smart sensor technology causes the screens to retract during windy conditions to prevent screen damage. Exterior window shades are also available on each window’s exterior via a motorized cable system, all controllable via handheld remote, keypads or smart devices.

Phantom Screens Motorized Retractable Outdoor Screens

Photo courtesy of Jeffrey A. Davis and Pro Builder Media.


Signature Kitchen Dual-Fuel Pro Range with Sous Vide & Induction

Signature Kitchen’s award-winning 48-inch Dual-Fuel Pro Range is the crown jewel within their suite of luxury appliances that outfitted the kitchen. The Dual Fuel Pro Range is touted as one of the most versatile ranges ever built, featuring the industry’s first built-in sous vide, alongside two “ultra-high” gas burners, two “ultra-low” gas burners, two flex induction zones, an 18” steam and convection combination oven, and a 30” convection oven. The home’s designer-builder Phil Kean remarked that he was really excited about this product’s versatility and thinks it will be well received within the high-end kitchen market.

TNAH 2021 Signature Kitchen Suite

Photo courtesy of Jeffrey A. Davis and Pro Builder Media.


VintageView Vino Series Wine Racks

VintageView, the makers of the original “label forward” wine rack, offers minimalistic beauty and accessibility with their Vino Series. Even when having the luxury of a large wine cellar, some homeowners prefer to also showcase their wine closer within living and dining areas. VintageView’s products provide highly flexible design options, with configurations that can even serve as a room divider.

VintageView Vino Series Wine Racks

Photo courtesy of Jeffrey A. Davis and Pro Builder Media.



Elvoron Home Elevator by Garaventa Lift

Elevators are becoming a must have for vertical homes with more than two floors, especially for those looking to age in place. Though a home elevator may, on the surface, appear to be a luxury item, it can be a wise investment for future accessibility needs, as it can prevent the need to make a costly move due to health limitations. A quality elevator will also increase the value of your home, unlike some accessibility solutions that can be perceived as a detriment.

The Elvoron Home Elevator is described as being quiet, comfortable, and energy efficient, with a wide range of design options to mesh with your interior design style. This feature was especially important for this particular home in order to support the intended lifestyle of the inverted design, where the primary living space was on the top level, including the kitchen. The elevator will provide instrumental daily use for heavy lifting, carrying groceries and transporting laundry.

Elvoron Home Elevator by Garaventa Lift

Photo courtesy of Jeffrey A. Davis and Pro Builder Media.


LG Styler Steam Clothing Care System

LG’s Steam Clothing Care System reduces allergens in clothing and other household materials by up to 99%. Proof of the system’s effectiveness is its certification as being asthma- and allergy-friendly by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA). What should become a wildly popular benefit is not needing to take your best clothes to the drycleaner as frequently, allowing you to save money and time! We can envision this product being perceived as solving a problem that “did not exist”, but quickly becoming an indispensable home appliance, as it builds awareness and gains adoption.

WiFi-enabled, this clothing care system can be controlled by any smart device and keeps clothing, pillows, blankets  and such refreshed via pure steam in just 20 minutes. The system works on over 15 types of fabrics. By reducing odor and sanitizing even delicate materials such as linen, cashmere and sequins, the steam process gives material new life in between dry cleanings or washings. This system also offers a low temperature drying feature for special-care fabrics such as silk lingerie, cashmere or pure down pillows. These types of delicate fabrics are not appropriate for high-heat dryers.

Meet the LG Styler Steam Clothing Care System Influencer Video


Panasonic Cosmos Air Quality System

In keeping with wellness trends and market demands, the home was outfitted with Panasonic’s Cosmos, an intelligent and connected air quality system. The system helps maintain a healthy indoor environment, by using sensors to monitor indoor air quality continuously and to activate the system automatically to return air to healthy levels.

Panasonic Cosmos Health Home System


Watergen Home Drinking Water Generator

Perhaps the most innovative technology in TNAH 2021 is the atmospheric water generating device from Watergen. This generator creates up to eight gallons of fresh drinking water from the surrounding air and requires no plumbing hookups, no external water supply, or plastic bottles!

Ideal for humid environments, Watergen’s patented technology extracts water from the air via a heat exchange module, condenses and filters, to create high quality drinking water for just $0.26 – $0.57 per gallon (the estimated cost of electricity) using only a standard household outlet.

Watergen - how it works?


 Video Tour of The New American Home® 2021

Video courtesy of NAHB, SGC Horizon LLC and Structure Productions.


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