A curated list of uniquely enjoyable YouTube channels with personality, ranging from short architectural films, building technology, tropical gardening, house flipping, home management, DIY lawn care, smart home technology and more!

Personality Matters: YouTube Channels Ideal for Passionate Homeowners

Always searching for new voices and perspectives pertaining to subjects of interest to homeowners, we get our creative juices renewed when discovering peers who possess the following traits: passion, personality, unique perspective, humor, and a genuine desire to help others.

Here is our curated list of YouTube channels that fully meet these traits. Though none are yet household names, they are all worthy of being on your subscription lists.

The selected channels cover a wide range of topics including:

  • Building Technology & Materials
  • Home Management
  • House Flipping for Beginners
  • DIY Lawn Care
  • Short Architectural Films
  • Smart Home Technology
  • Tropical Gardening

Hopefully the embedded videos give you a sufficient taste of what each channel offers and the uniqueness of each host. Enjoy!

Fun YouTube Channels for Homeowners


Austin Flipsters

House Flipping in Austin, Texas

In our opinion, there can never be enough house flipping shows and channels. This rendition follows two self-described goofy friends from college who teamed up to flip houses in the always fun, friendly and exciting town of Austin, Texas. The duo cover all aspects of renovating and remodeling, including the design and investing concepts behind their projects. Their business has successfully progressed, as they are now encouraging and helping their subscribers to give flipping a chance, as well.

So you think you can flip this house? | Before & After Home Renovation

See Austin Flipsters on YouTube for channel details.


Belinda Carr

Home Building Materials & Processes

We discovered Belinda’s channel while researching an article on shipping container homes. We really respected the bold and provocative stance she took on this somewhat controversial subject, backed with fair analysis, thorough research and brave perspectives. Many of the viewers of this popular video did, as well. Her channel covers “topics related to building construction”. What is unique to her channel is that she is gifted at making any topic she covers understandable, relevant and interesting. Though she is educated in Architecture and had considered a career as an architect, we think she has found her true calling on YouTube.

7 reasons why shipping container homes are a SCAM

See Belinda Carr on YouTube for channel details.


Budget Lawns

DIY Lawn Care

Hosted by Travis Feltner, this is a relatively new DIY lawn care channel that provides helpful tips for the average homeowner trying to revive an ugly lawn or maintain a nice one. The goal of the channel is to help homeowners of all experience levels have the best yard on the block without spending a lot of money. Like most popular YouTubers, the host of this channel has all of the key requisite traits: passion, personality, knowledge, sense of humor, and transparency. Although the channel does not yet have a huge following, it will certainly continue to grow, based on how highly engaged and appreciative his viewers are. To get a sense of the host’s sense of humor please view this recent short video, titled A Guy Can Dream, Right?

The Worst Lawn Care Advice I've Ever Heard & Why I Ignored It / 3 Easy Lawn Tips to Fix an Ugly Lawn

See Budget Lawns on YouTube for channel details.


Chibi Moku

Architectural Documentaries

Who or what is Chibi Moku? According to their YouTube bio, they are the darndest, hard workin’ little cinematography duo in the world”. They live in an RV full-time, while traveling the US, creating stories about architecture and design. Their website states their approach as: “Every well designed building has a story. We find and tell that story”.

Pasadena Home Design #133 | Eagle Rock Craftsman by BMV Construction | California, USA

See Chibi Moku on YouTube for channel details.


Leafing Around

Tropical Gardening & Plant Care

Hosted by Malaysia-based professional portrait photographer Irene Chen, this channel’s tagline is “Leaf Life to the Fullest”! Irene combines her photographic aesthetics with her passion for tropical plants and garden designing. Besides tips on plant care and design, she shares lessons from gardening mistakes she has made in the past.

How to make a Vertical Garden: Full DIY Guide with Design Tips, Materials and Plant Choice

See Leafing Around on YouTube for channel details.


Living Even Keeled

Home Management and Motherhood

This channel covers Patricia Keele, as she happily manages her home, marriage, and children. We love that she proudly holds the title of Home Manager! Topics covered include: home makeovers; home maintenance; decorating; painting; cleaning; budgeting; meal planning; and home schooling. Patricia is extremely well-organized and her proactive approach to getting things done around the house will surely inspire you!

Homeschool Bedroom Tour

See Living Even Keeled on YouTube for channel details.


Undecided with Matt Ferrell

Smart Home & Emerging Technologies

A software user interface designer by trade, Matt explores the impact of smart and sustainable technologies in our everyday lives. Topics covered include: home automation, solar panels, renewable energy, electric vehicles and privacy. He is skilled at making complex topics easy to understand and relevant to homeowners. Two rules that he follows aptly convey his approach:

  1. Any new technology should address day-to-day problems
  2. Any new technology should be additive and not more difficult to use
Top 10 home automation ideas - Ultimate smart home tour

See Undecided with Matt Ferrell on YouTube for channel details.


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