Updated: February 1, 2021

Home Improvement Shows Worth Watching on Hulu

Looking for recent Home Design Shows that are covering the latest trends in Interior Design? Try some of these popular series currently available on Hulu!

Container Homes Series

Container Homes

From Florida to California, innovative builders demonstrate their stability to transform ordinary shipping container homes into stunning examples of alternative house living. As the latest trend in construction material, shipping containers are abundant, cheap and versatile as a design element for those looking for an alternative to traditionally built homes.

See Container Homes on Hulu for episode details.


Extreme Homes Series

Extreme Homes

Take a personal tour of some of the most unique and extreme houses constructed around the world. From homes constructed entirely from refrigerator panels to homes that revolve to take advantage of the changing seasons, these are the most ambitious architectural undertakings available.

See Extreme Homes on Hulu for episode details.


Fixer Upper HGTV Home Improvement Show

Fixer Upper

This is the show that turned design and remodeling pros Chip and Joanna Gaines into household personalities and their Magnolia brand into a juggernaut. In each episode they persuade homebuyers to take a chance on a worn down house with a vision of transforming it into the home of their client’s dreams. Key to the couple’s success has been their immense likeability, a breath of fresh air to many regular viewers of reality TV.

See Fixer Upper on Hulu for episode details.


Flip or Flop Series

Flip or Flop

Tarek and Christina, now America’s Favorite Divorced Couple, search Californian communities looking for fixer-uppers to flip in a hot real estate market. Follow their risk-taking travails as they purchase the ugliest, nastiest, most rundown properties up and down Southern California, and transform them into beautiful homes every buyer dreams of owning.

See Flip or Flop on Hulu for episode details.


Flip or Flop Fort Worth Series

Flip or Flop Fort Worth

The HGTV franchise has a new twist: the Lonestar State and military veterans! Follow Andy and Ashley Williams as they purchase run-down properties in and around Fort Worth and transform them into modern family homes.

See Flip or Flop Fort Worth on Hulu for episode details.


Going for Sold Series

Going for Sold

Real estate agent, Jon Pierre Tjon and his wife, Mary, a former flight attendant, start their home renovation business. With low but realistic profit margins, the couple’s business highlights Mary’s modern, fresh approach to design as they combine their talents in real estate and interior design to turn abandoned homes in high-end neighborhoods into elegant transformations that won’t break the bank.

See Going for Sold on Hulu for episode details.


Good Bones Series

Good Bones

Mother/Daughter duo, Karen and Mina, transform Victorian and other older properties in and around Indianapolis. From run-down, fixer-uppers, to tiny houses that require more square footage, no home is an insurmountable challenge for this affable team, as they renovate the city one house at a time.

See Good Bones on Hulu for episode details.


Hidden Potential Series

Hidden Potential

Jasmine Roth, California builder and designer, hosts this series as she sets out to destroy the “cookie cutter” monotony of suburbia. Using clever design, she imparts the family’s distinctive style to create a home with custom character hidden within.

See Hidden Potential on Hulu for episode details.


Home Town Series

Home Town

Erin and Ben Napier, a couple living in a small Mississippi hometown, use their imaginative skills and construction know-how to transform old historical houses. Erin’s hand sketches, coupled with Ben’s custom handiwork, help to ensure the small town’s future as they renovate their neighbors’ homes, making their dreams come true.

See Home Town on Hulu for episode details.


House Hunters Renovation Series

House Hunters Renovation

Each episode follows a prospective homebuyer as they tour three For Sale homes and choose the pre-renovation fixer-upper best suited for them. Cameras then follow the new homeowners as they settle into their new purchase and document the transformation process.

See House Hunters Renovation on Hulu for episode details.


Property Virgins Series

Property Virgins

First-time homebuyers are guided through the purchase process by Egypt Sherrod, realtor, therapist, financial advisor and housing expert. Sherrod helps potential buyers manage their expectations and accept the reality of what they purchasing power will get them in the current market.

See Property Virgins on Hulu for episode details.


Say Yes to the Nest Series

Say Yes to the Nest

Young and eager newlywed couples meet reality in marriage and the real estate market, as they journey to finding and purchasing their first home together. From celebrity bridal couples to ordinary people, this show allows viewers a front row seat into two of the most significant milestones in a couples life, as it depicts the dynamics of personal relationships.

See Say Yes to the Nest on Hulu for episode details.


Your Home Made Perfect Series

Your Home Made Perfect

Using virtual reality, two architects help homeowners visualize their perfect homes. Imagine if you could see what big changes would look like before you actually did them!

See Your Home Made Perfect on Hulu for episode details.


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