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Looking for interesting Home Shows on Hulu that provide helpful insights within Interior Design, Remodeling, Construction and Real Estate? Try some of these popular home-related Reality TV shows currently available on Hulu – updated on a monthly basis!

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American Pickers TV Series

American Pickers

Hosts Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz travel the back roads of the country searching for American treasures in basements, dumpsters, junk yards, flea markets and anywhere else they can find hidden treasures or what they call “rusty gold”. As they search for amazing items, they remain true to the history of each piece, as they retain the history of America in each item they purchase. Along with their buried treasures, they encounter quirky characters, which lends a humorous and often touching element to the series.

Season 24B is available on April 4, 2024.

Themes: Upcycling, Travel, Flea Markets, Antiques, History

See American Pickers on Hulu for episode details.

American Pickers Episode 1 Season 1


Backyard Builds TV Series

Backyard Builds

Each episode the design and build team of Sarah Keenleyside and Brian McCourt showcase their talent by creatively remaking outdoor living areas perfectly crafted for the unique needs of their clients. Examples of custom outdoor structures the team builds include: a converted shipping container; a cake studio; a treehouse village; and an outdoor theater.

Themes: Makeovers, Outdoor Living, Landscaping, Backyards, Canada

See Backyard Builds on Hulu for episode details.

Bakyard Builds Reveal: Reneé & Tasos' Multi-Purpose Cabana


The Boonies National Geographic Off Grid Reality TV Show

The Boonies

Produced by National Geographic, the Boonies, as its name implies, focuses on individuals who have decided to “live off the grid” in uninhabited, wild locations around the US. Bear in mind that many viewers are skeptical of the veracity of these stories, so there is little consensus on the overall quality of this show. This review on Amazon is quite condemning of the Beaver Island episode and provides compelling supporting evidence. Regardless, we include this in our list of shows for its provocative topic and beautiful cinematography, and, most importantly, to help those seriously considering “off grid living” be more discerning of what this lifestyle really entails.

Themes: Adventure, Outdoor Living, Off Grid, Travel

See The Boonies on Hulu for episode details.

Making Traps For Things That Sting | The Boonies


Buying the View Real Estate Reality TV Show

Buying the View

High-end budgets and multi-million dollar properties with arresting vistas are the subject of this luxury real estate reality show where the view seals the deal. From unique mountain panoramas to breathtaking cityscapes, Buying the View showcases the best luxury properties for sale for well-healed buyers. Whatever your pleasure, views from Miami, Vancouver, Toronto, Whistler and more, travel along for the showing of some of the most desired real estate in North America!

Themes: Real Estate, Luxury Living, Travel, Relocation

See Buying the View on Hulu for episode details.

Buying the View: Stylish Sanctuary Whistler


Escape the City TV Series

Escape from the City

An expert team helps Australian city dwellers relocate to the country. The series is part regional history, part real estate and part psychological therapy as couples look to move from frenetic city life to tranquil country life and new beginnings. Understanding what is motivating the move is the psychological aspect that helps to determine the property purchased and renovations that will achieve the overall mission.

Themes: Real Estate, Relocation, Lifestyle, Australia

See Escape from the City on Hulu for episode details.


Extreme Makeover Home Edition Reality TV Show

Extreme Home Makeover

Picking up the pieces of life after a devastating loss such as divorce, foreclosure, illness or death, Extreme Home Makeover gives you heart with a renovation. The show is focused on families that have undergone some type of hardship or loss and are the recipients of a home that is completely remodeled to better suit their changed circumstances and current needs. Although the show had been criticized in the media for being exploitative of recipients and over indulgent on the resulting oversized homes, the message that it conveys is positive and uplifting.

Themes: Feel-Good, Makeovers, Free Renovations, Interior Design, Neighborhood

See Extreme Home Makeover on Hulu for episode details.


Family Home Overhaul TV Series

Family Home Overhaul

Pitched as a “pay-it-forward, heartwarming series” that consists of “extraordinary renos for extraordinary people”. In each episode, a worthy and selfless family, facing their own challenges, is chosen for a life-changing renovation. The family is sent away for a well-deserved vacation, as a dream team of renovators, contractors and designers transform the home. The design and build team is also aided by friends and neighbors who nominated the selected family.

Themes: Feel-Good, Makeovers, Free Renovations, Interior Design, Neighborhood

See Family Home Overhaul on Hulu for episode details.

Family Home Overhaul | Jennifer's Rustic Reno


Farmhouse Facelift TV Series

Farmhouse Facelift

Every farmhouse has a story and in each episode the brother and sister renovation team of Billy Pearson and Carolyn Wilbrink restore a challenging heritage home. Having grown up on a family farm and possessing years of experience in construction and interior design, the siblings bring unique insight and skills to strike a balance of historic charm and modern convenience with each project.

Themes: Makeovers, Farmhouses, Interior Design, Historic Design, Brother & Sister, Family

See Farmhouse Facelift on Hulu for episode details.

Farmhouse Facelift | A Rock & A Reno (Katie and Scott)


First Time Buyer NAR Reality Real Estate TV Show

First Time Buyer 

Produced by the National Association of Realtors (NAR), First Time Buyers depicts realtors guiding their clients on their first property purchases. True in its authenticity, the show gives viewers a genuine look at the home buying process with all of its challenges, disappointments and successes. Highly relatable and invaluable as a primer for those sitting on the sidelines of actually owning a home, the show allows prospective first-time buyers to approach the process with confidence and realistic expectations.

Season 4 premiered January 30, 2024

Themes: Real Estate, Reality, Real Estate Agents

See First Time Buyer on Hulu for episode details.

First-Time Buyer by National Association of REALTORS® Preview

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Flip Wars on Hulu

Flip Wars

Episodes start out a bit like “Storage Wars” with known flip “frenemies” bidding on an auctioned home, sight unseen. The resultant bid winner is then treated to trash talk from the others, as they attempt to renovate and prepare the property for sale. The remodel part of each episode has the most value, from a viewer’s perspective, as the transformations of some of these Florida-based properties are pretty impressive given the low renovation budgets.

Season 2 made available on July 20, 2023

Themes: House Flipping, Real Estate, Renovations, Interior Design, Makeovers, Florida

See Flip Wars on Hulu for episode details.


The Great House Revival TV Series

The Great House Revival

Hosted by architect Hugh Wallace, the Great House Revival showcases six homeowners in Ireland, as they attempt to transform derelict properties into comfortable, modern homes, while preserving architectural heritage in the process.

Themes: Restoration, Architecture, Historic Design, Ireland, Makeovers, Interior Design, Europe

See The Great House Revival on Hulu for episode details.

The Great House Revival | RTÉ One | Starts Sunday April 14th 9.30pm


Home to Win TV Series

Home to Win

Twenty HGTV celebrity designers and contractors must choose amongst four home styles – Country, Urban, Suburban or Unconventional – to be purchased, renovated and furnished as a “Dream Home” for one lucky Canadian viewer. Throughout the season, each celebrity brings their specific expertise as contribution to the final prize for an extraordinary transformation. In the season finale, three viewers compete for the keys and deed for the ultimate “Home to Win” and most expensive renovation in HGTV Canada history.

Themes: Reality Competition, HGTV Canada, Makeovers, Celebrity Designers, Interior Design, Canada

See Home to Win on Hulu for episode details.


Hot Market Real Estate TV Series

Hot Market

The series follows top real estate agents in Canada, as they demonstrate “the buy, the sell, and the hustle” of the high-end real estate sales with their often difficult and eccentric clients in a competitive housing market. The episodes follow along on property showings, property stagings and renovations of all types of homes, as viewers become privy to how agents at the top of their game arrived there and what is involved in staying at the top.

Themes: Real Estate, Reality, Real Estate Agents, Canada

See Hot Market on Hulu for episode details.


House Rules High Stakes TV Series

House Rules High Stakes

This newly formatted reality show from Australia has eight teams competing for the highest score based on their renovation efforts and a $10,000 prize. Each round of competition consists of renovating one half of a Gold Coast Penthouse, as teams judge each other’s efforts as part of their overall score. Each renovation has a series of rules that are followed by which the teams are weighed, e.g. “give us a VIP lounge for gentlemen like us” or “layer and texture with rattan and cane”. With three elimination rounds, the season ends with a grand finale of four teams competing for the final prize.

Themes: Reality Competition, Makeovers, Renovations, Australia

See House Rules High Stakes on Hulu for episode details.


Impossible Builds TV Series

Impossible Builds

This series explores the seemingly impossible builds of highly ambitious and adventurous property owners across the UK. Projects range from subaquatic homes to futuristic towers to pencil thin skyscrapers. The show incorporates the latest in technology from augmented reality (AR), CGI animation and drone aerial footage to communicate plans and to chart progress of each project.

Themes: Construction, Architecture, Future of Building, United Kingdom

Starring: Charlie Luxton, Aidan Keane, Corey Johnson

See Impossible Builds on Hulu for episode details.


Making It Home with Kortney and Kenny Reality TV Show

Making It Home with Kortney & Kenny

Kortney Wilson and Kenny Brain host this Canadian-based renovation reality show, where they transform houses into homes. With their extensive “flipper” expertise. Kortney the designer and Kenny the contractor, help turn fixer-upper properties into modern, sleek livable spaces by adding value and appeal without breaking the bank. With their effervescent personalities and innovative and creative approaches, the renovation team demonstrates that architectural charm and integrity can be maintained while making revived homes beautiful.

Themes: House Flipping, Real Estate, Renovations, Interior Design, Makeovers, Canada

Starring: Kortney Wilson, Kenny Brain

See Making It Home with Kortney & Kenny on Hulu for episode details.


Rock Solid Builds HGTV Makeover Reality TV Show Canada

Rock Solid Builds

Filmed in Canada’s beautiful and breathtaking easternmost province of Newfoundland and Labrador, Rock Solid Builds showcases builders in extreme weather and rugged terrains. Randy Spracklin, a third-generation builder, and his team take on challenges each season that follows a complete renovation across multiple episodes. Definitely not the usual, run-of-the-mill renovation reality show, as Spracklin and his crew battle real, not fabricated, challenges in a unique part of the world.

Themes: Renovations, Construction, Real Estate, Interior Design, Makeovers, Canada

Starring: Randy Spracklin

See Rock Solid Builds on Hulu for episode details.

Rock Solid Builds: Sneak Peek


Salvage Kings TV Series

Salvage Kings

This show follows the salvage crew of the Ontario-based, family-owned Priestly Demolition as it races through the site of each demolition contract, looking for valuable relics, just ahead of the demolition crew behind them. The most valuable finds are later sold from the company’s storage facility, located in the Toronto metro area. For those wondering about property rights, the company secures ownership rights of everything on the site for each demotion project.

Themes: Upcycling, Demolition, Small Business, Canada

See Salvage Kings on Hulu for episode details.

SALVAGE KINGS | Who We Meet at The National


Renovate Don't Relocate TV Series with Sarah Beeny

Sarah Beeny’s Renovate Don’t Relocate

Expert property developer, Sarah Beeny addresses the needs of the 7 out of 10 homeowners who are unhappy with their current homes. Using technology to understand how homeowners actually use their space, Sarah reimagines and renovates their properties to suit their lifestyles and behaviors. With the use of lifesize floor plans, homeowners can visualize their future space before they have signed a contract or performed demolition. Data driven analysis illustrated via heat maps, allows homeowners to focus on what is important in their daily lives (e.g. kitchen vs. living areas vs. bedrooms) and to demonstrate actual usage. Once the functional elements are determined, aesthetics are addressed to deliver a space that understands “How You Live”.

Themes: Interior Design, Renovations, Data Analysis, Makeovers, Technology

See Renovate Don’t Relocate on Hulu for episode details.

Frustrated Couple Completely Remodels Their Isolated Kitchen | Sarah Beeny's Renovate Don't Relocate


Save My Reno TV Series

Save My Reno

Hosted by a designer-contractor team, this show rescues homeowners from renovations gone bad. Similar in concept to the old Holmes on Homes show, the idea is to repair and restore homes to the intended glory, as per the original contracted concept. Busting through contractors’ overpriced estimates, the hosts help the cash-conscious homeowners reach their goals, without remortgaging the house.

Themes: Makeovers, DIY, Renovations, Canada

See Save My Reno on Hulu for episode details.

Save My Reno Season 4 Sneak Peek!


Worst to First TV Series

Worst to First

As the title of this show infers, these professional home contractors take on the most challenging, rundown houses, with the aim of turning them into forever homes for their house buying clients. They are driven to transform the proverbial ugliest house on the block, into the envy of the neighborhood. Each episode covers the various options proposed to the homebuyers and subsequent results. Filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Themes: House Flipping, Real Estate, Renovations, Interior Design, Makeovers, Canada

Starring: Mickey Fabbiano, Sebastian Sevallo

See Worst to First on Hulu for episode details.

Worst to First: Sneak Peek at the New Season


Your Garden Made Perfect Reality TV Show

Your Garden Made Perfect

Viewing change before change actually happens is the miracle of this reality-based show that uses cutting-edge technology to examine digitally showcased outdoor designs before they happen. English homeowners with awkward and challenging outdoor spaces rely on the skills of software and skilled tradespeople to choose winning designs and transform their lackluster outdoor spaces into something special, as only the English can. Each episode features two stories: one involves a big budget transformation, while the second entails a low-cost transformation that relies on cutting edge visual effects to uncover low-cost enhancements.

Themes: Gardening, Landscaping, Outdoor Spaces, Outdoor Living, Makeovers, Design, Technology

Starring: Angela Scanlono

See Your Garden Made Perfect on Hulu for episode details.


Your Home Made Perfect Series

Your Home Made Perfect

Using virtual reality, two architects help homeowners visualize their perfect homes. Imagine if you could see what big changes would look like before you actually did them!

Themes: Architecture, Home Design, Virtual Reality, Interior Design, Technology

See Your Home Made Perfect on Hulu for episode details.

Your Home Made Perfect | Series 3 Trailer - BBC Trailers


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HGTV Shows Removed from Hulu’s Basic Subscription Package

The following HGTV shows are no longer available to basic Hulu subscribers as of June 20, 2021:

Container Homes • Extreme Homes • Fixer Upper • Flip or Flop • Flip or Flop Fort Worth • Good Bones • Hidden Potential • Home Town • House Hunters Renovation • Love It or List It • Rock The Block • Say Yes to the Nest • A Very Brady Renovation

How to Watch HGTV on Hulu

If you are looking to access HGTV shows on Hulu, HGTV is available as part of the Hulu + Live TV subscription package. On-demand streaming of HGTV programming can also be accessed by Hulu + Live TV subscribers using the HGTV Go app on iPhone & iPad or Android devices.

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