The main photo is courtesy of Lord Lou which features a cute Dachshund enjoying their popular JASON black dog sofa bed.

In preparation for National Pet Month (April in the UK and May in the US), we researched products that would help both new and existing pet owners (AKA pet guardians; pet parents; pet persons) make their homes more pet-friendly, while better protecting the aesthetic appeal of their households.

Being both a caring pet owner and a responsible homeowner can present challenging conflicts. While striving to make your furry companions happy and healthy members of the family, you will likely encounter “dilemmas of compromise” that may encroach too far into the areas of cleanliness, well-maintained furnishings and surfaces, aesthetics, and overall household tranquility.

Having a pet should not fill homeowners with constant anxiety about their pet’s well-being, pet dander, damaged furnishings, unruly behavior, or dreaded indoor “accidents”.

Here are several innovative products that will help homeowners strike a healthy and enjoyable balance between a happy environment for their pets and a well-protected and preserved aesthetic for their homes.

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Products to Protect Your Flooring & Furniture

There are a number of options available to pet owners to protect their flooring, both hardwood and carpeting, from their pets. Options range from stylish and comfortable machine washable floor coverings to chemical-free installed carpeting that is both pet-proof and pet-safe.

  1. Washable Rugs
  2. Pet-Proof Carpeting
  3. Portable Spot & Stain Cleaner
  4. Designer Scratching Posts
  5. Anti-Chew Sprays
  6. Indoor/Outdoor Pet Gates

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1. Washable Rugs

Ruggable washable rugs are available in a myriad of stylish colors, textures and designs for both outdoor and indoor décor. You can choose from premium, classicplushfluffy shags, faux hide, or thick woven textures that your pet will love for comfort, and you will love for style, and ease of maintenance.

Labradoodle dog lying on a blue and white Ruggable washable rug

A “Pup-Approved Rug” by Ruggable.

To clean, simply peel the lightweight rug cover from the non-slip rug pad and toss it in the machine whenever it needs refreshing, then reattach the cover to the pad. This chic stress-free product is perfect for homes with pets, children, as well as clumsy wine drinkers!

Also see these leading brands of pet-friendly washable rugs:



2. Pet-Proof Carpeting

Perhaps you are better suited for wall-to wall carpeting in your home rather than rugs on hardwood floors. Home Depot’s solution – perfect for a new pet’s arrival – is LifeProof with Petproof Technology Carpeting, which is designed for realistic pet lifestyles and easy maintenance. All of their LifeProof carpeting comes with a 25-year wear warranty and a lifetime pet-stain warranty.


Also see these leading brands of pet-proof carpeting:



3. Portable Spot & Stain Cleaner

Regardless of the carpet type or floor coverings you choose, let’s not forget that indoor accidents will happen along the way. Bissell has you covered with their Little Green Portable Spot and Stain Cleanerdesigned to clean carpets, upholstery, car interiors and more. An added benefit is that the Bissell Pet Foundation uses proceeds from every purchase to help save homeless pets.


4. Designer Scratching Posts

Speaking of furniture, we trust that every homeowner wants to protect their investments in décor such as sofas, drapery, and hardwood tables and chairs. So if your pet has the innate urge to sink their claws into any surface they encounter, it’s smart to purchase a SmartCat Ultimate Scratching Post.

Constructed of natural sisal fiber from the Agave plant, this sturdy post allows your pet to sharpen their claws, while directing them away from your furniture. The simple, design neutral style blends easily with any décor.

(NOTE: Scratching posts are not just for cats, as some dog owners have trained their dogs to file their nails with sandpaper on scratching post-like objects).

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5. Anti-Chew Sprays

Another pet product category to keep in mind to help protect your furnishings and belongings is Anti-Chew Sprays (AKA No-Bite Sprays, Dog Deterrents, Bitter Apple Sprays). Anti-Chew sprays are used to prevent dogs from chewing something they shouldn’t, with distasteful, bitter fluids that are harmless to animals.

Grannick Bitter Apple Spray is popular brand, but there are many from which to choose. Based on reviews of a wide range of brands, you may need to test a few brands to see which works best for your particular pet and situation.


6. Indoor/Outdoor Pet Gates

Before bringing a new pet home, the American Kennel Club recommends prepping your home by doing the following:

  • Move “breakables” and “chewables” to higher ground
  • Make electrical cords inaccessible to curious paws and noses
  • Block off any area of the house that are off-limits
  • Block access to house and garden plants that are toxic to dogs

One type of product that can be highly effective at sectioning off “pet no-go zones” is retractable child/baby gates. Perma Child Safety’s Indoor/Outdoor Retractable Baby Gate is especially popular for its flexible design, with babies, toddlers and small pets in mind, and for its attractive look.

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Additional Anti-Mess & Protection Products


Products to Make Your Pet Comfortable at Home

Affection, safety, and of course, comfort can add years to prolonging your pet’s life. Keeping your pet comfortable should be a proactive activity, namely how you manage routines and provide for their overall life comforts such as food, water and sleep.

  1. Pet-Friendly “People Sofas”
  2. Pet Sofas
  3. Pet Stairs, Steps & Ramps
  4. Pet Water Fountains
  5. Pet Health Insurance


7. Pet-Friendly “People Sofas”

One comfort option to consider is purchasing a “people sofa” that is designed with pets in mind. Inside Weather is the market leader in pet-friendly furniture fabrics. According to The Sofa Review, Inside Weather’s pet-friendly fabrics are unmatched. Their large selection of 60 pet-friendly fabric options have impressive traits, such as:

  • Liquid resistant
  • Stain resistant
  • High durability (high rub counts)
  • Pet-friendly cleaning options
Inside Weather dog relaxing on green Bondi pet-friendly sofa

Bondi Pet-Friendly Sofa by Inside Weather

Also see these leading brands of pet-friendly sofas:


8. Pet Sofas

Another option to consider is purchasing a “pet sofa” that is designed for pets that can match your existing furniture. Providing furniture specifically made for your pet that does not detract from your own home’s furnishings will allow your companion to rest and sleep, without constantly being shooed off the “people sofa”.

Several brands and stores exist for quality pet furniture that can mesh well with your aesthetic tastes, such as:


9. Pet Stairs, Steps & Ramps

However, if you do allow your pets to sit with you on the sofa or lounge on your bed, make sure to provide pet stairs or ramps, to help smaller, older and ailing pets. Latest stair styles can blend seamlessly into your interior design.

Hampton Bay Pet Steps, for example, constructs sturdy custom-made stairs and ramps for your pet that suits your design and individual pet’s needs, using quality carpeting and lumber that is measured to fit your furniture. This is especially a good choice for large dogs, as many of their steps can support up to 120 lbs. Be sure to read the founder’s touching story of why and how they launched their business.

Hampton Bay Pet Steps at the foot of a queen sized bed

A custom 3-step pet stair by Hampton Bay Pet Steps

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10. Pet Water Fountains

Also, be mindful of keeping your pet well-hydrated with fresh, clean water that is constantly self-sterilized. Pawaii FunFlow UV Sterilization Pet Water Fountain is well designed to sit unobtrusively in any part of your home, to provide your pet with fresh, safe water in any room in the house, not just the toilet!

Pawaii FunFlow UV Sterilization Pet Water Fountain

Pawaii FunFlow UV Sterilization Pet Water Fountain

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11. Pet Health Insurance

To keep your pet at the peak of health, make sure to purchase health insurance to prevent any debilitating ailments that could prevent healthy daily activity and exercise. Besides being a leading provider of pet health insurance, Fetch is an excellent source of health-related pet information from insurance to dental care that is specific for your pet’s age and breed.

Also see these leading pet health insurance providers:


Additional Pet Comfort Products


Products to Keep Your Indoor Air Fresh and Insect-Free

One reason homeowners may choose not to have pets is due to pet smells, dander and fleas. However today’s modern products can alleviate many of these concerns of the most finicky of pet owners.

  1. Portable Pet Rinse Kits
  2. Air Purifiers & Filters for Pets
  3. Self-Cleaning Litter Boxes
  4. Pet-Friendly Pest-Control Solutions


12. Portable Pet Rinse Kits

Technology such as RinseKit for Pets allows homeowners to rinse muddy paws, eliminate skunk spray odors, or provide a soothing, warm, high pressure rinse off anytime, anywhere. Portable and available in three sizes, RinseKit allows you to travel, enjoy a workout with your pet, or just keep

RinseKit for Pets, dog being watered down outside

The Portable RinseKit for Pets

your pet cool during hot weather.


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13. Air Purifiers & Air Filters for Pets

Another concern that homeowners may have with pets is allergies to pet hair and dander. However, today’s HEPA filters and indoor filtering systems are capable of eliminating up to 99% of allergens allowing your pet full access to your home without concerns. has an expansive collection of filters to fit almost any device and they ship directly to your front door.

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14. Self-Cleaning Litter Boxes

Pet smells can also be a deterrent to pet ownership, but once again innovation provides a solution to smelly litter boxes. Pet Snowy has just introduced The Snow Self Cleaning Litter Box, which means homeowners never have to smell their pet’s odors. The best part is the disposal of the litter box is so smart that it is prepackaged in a disposable bag, which means you simply toss the bag into your trash.

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15. Pet-Friendly Pest-Control Solutions

Homes with pets are subject to more indoor critters than pet-less households, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a way to combat this issue. The latest innovations in interior and exterior pest control are easy, inexpensive and available for delivery direct to your front door.

Rest assured there are companies, such as Pestie, that provide environmentally-friendly DIY solutions to pest control that are not harmful to furry companions, or children, for that matter.

BugMD, another innovative maker of a wide-range of people-friendly and pet-friendly pest-control products, also makes a flea + tick concentrate that can be safely sprayed on pets.


Products to Make Your Outdoors Pet-Friendly and Pet-Safe

Given that there are countless products for enjoying the outdoors with your pets, we decided to highlight products that focus on outdoor wellness and safety instead. Not only can these products be beneficial to your pets, these innovations can also improve the lives of human companions, too!

  1. Pet-Friendly Artificial Grass
  2. Pet Waste Removal Services
  3. Protection Against Predatory Wildlife


16. Pet-Friendly Artificial Grass

Keeping a well-maintained property with curb appeal is the goal of every homeowner, but what happens when you have pets? Lawns can become divot fields with certain household pets, as they express their innate need to bury and dig in the soil, sometimes upsetting a perfectly manicured lawn.

Everlast Pet Turf can alleviate this problem by allowing homeowners to create pet-friendly outdoor areas for their furry ones to roam in a safe, low-maintenance traditional looking lawn. High-quality artificial grass designed for pets are especially liked for its durability (e.g. dog runs) and wellness benefits (e.g. easy-to-rinse clean foundations).

Everlast pet-friendly artificial grass in backyard with two dogs playing, closeup view

Closeup view of Everlast’s pet-friendly Pet Turf artificial grass

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17. Pet Waste Removal Services

On the topic of pet cleanup, homeowners know it’s important to keep their properties safe, clean, and free of smells that might attract wildlife. If you are not into “hazard” cleanup, why not sign up for a service that performs thorough pet waste pickup on-call, or by regularly scheduled appointments?

Professional pet waste removal services can play a critical role in the overall wellness of your home. Companies such as DoodyCalls, Pet Butler and Pet 911 provide a range of services for pet owners, such as one-time clean ups, brown spot yard treatment, yard deodorizing, and bag pickups for accumulated waste collection.


18. Protection Against Predatory Wildlife

Another key element of making your outdoor area pet-friendly is protecting your furry loved-ones from nearby predatory wildlife. In Southern California, for example, owners of small pets learn quickly that their little ones should never be let outside unattended due to persistent threats from coyotes and hawks. (NOTE: This applies to small children, as well!)

For pet owners worried about hawks, Raptor Shield was invented as a way to protect small dogs with “raptor-proof” collars and vests. The puncture-resistant material used, polycarbonate, not only thwarts the talons of predatory birds (e.g. hawks and owls), but the product’s colors also serve as a deterrent against hawks and other birds of prey. The company has a documented case where a coyote was unable to puncture the vest with its teeth, as well.

Happy Small Dog outside wearing a Raptor Shield Vest and Collar

A Raptor Shield Vest & Collar providing protection for a little one outside.

Though there are many helpful products in this category, also keep in mind that there are products to help keep your pets inside your backyard, or within a safe distance from your home. One innovative example is Halo 2+, a wireless virtual dog fence that safely signals to a pet when they’ve reached their outer perimeter, while also having a “return to owner” command.

Halo Collar Virtual Fencing solution for dogs

Example view of the Halo virtual fencing app

Another effective product to keep your pet safely nearby, made by Oscillot, is a cat fence containment system. The Oscillot, built solely with cat climbing behavior in mind, is the only cat-proof fence containment system endorsed by Nature Canada, Animal Welfare League of Australia, and the Animal Welfare League of Queensland.

What is Oscillot? Video

What is Oscillot? - North America

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Additional Pet Owner Resources


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