Updated: September 14, 2021

Whether you are a novice gardener or a professional landscaper, with either a small outdoor area or large acreage, here are technologies that can improve how you care and maintain your lawn and outdoor spaces.

When we began researching the latest in landscaping technology for residential properties, we quickly arrived at the conclusion that the scope was too vast to cover adequately in just one article.

Consequently, we broke out the various topics into separate, easier-to-digest pieces covering the following sub-topics:

With all of the details now completed, this article  is comprised of our original intent of providing a comprehensive overview of representative technologies that can help homeowners take better care of their lawns, gardens and other outdoor real estate.


Gardening Apps

Planta Succulents

9 Helpful Gardening Apps to Augment Your Green Thumb

Summary: Gardening apps are gaining widespread use amongst homeowners to better understand plant characteristics and favorable conditions for plants and trees as part of a landscaping design plan. New and exciting twists to plant apps continue to be launched, such as identification of plants and plant diseases, pruning reminders, hardiness zones and virtual professional landscaping assistance before you invest money and time. Two widely appreciated benefits include notifications for on-going plant care and access to helpful experts within online communities.

Topics Covered: eco-friendliness; sustainability; care and feeding tips; watering & fertilization reminders; plant recommendations; pest and disease identification; landscaping design

Apps Covered: Planta; iScape; LeafSnap; Picture This; Pl@ntNet; PlantSnap; Seed to Spoon; Garden Tags


Weed & Pest Control

Tertill Solar Powered Weeding Robot

7 Ingenious Tech Products for Weed and Pest Control

Summary: No sooner does your garden or lawn show promise than pests show up or weeds re-emerge. Ugh! Don’t fret – clever, new products and technologies are continuing to expand the market that make home lawn care easier and more effective, while being eco-friendly and humane. Our favorite product featured is the Tertill – a robotic weed remover!

Topics Covered: pesticide-free solutions; sonic-enabled deterrents; eco-friendliness; humane pest control; solar-powered products

Products Covered: Tertill Weeding Robot; NAIO OZ Autonomous Weeding Robot; DZ Services Solar Powered Ultrasonic Mole Repeller; Good Life The Guardian Pest Repeller; Victor Solar Powered Sonic Spike; Victor Rat Zapper Ultra Rat Trap; Victor Plug-In Rodent Repellent


Smart Irrigation Systems

Lawn Sprinkler with Garden

Improve Your Landscaping with a Smart Irrigation System

Summary: The path to a more attractive lawn and garden starts with a smart irrigation system. With dynamic weather data, moisture sensors, soil type settings, and automated adjustments, superior lawn care has never been easier. Smart irrigation systems are also highly effective at reducing unnecessary water usage and associated costs.

Topics Covered: smart sensors; weather data; weather forecasting; prescriptive maintenance; sustainability; interoperability; dynamic water usage; smart timers; smart controllers; plant and lawn care; solar-powered sensors

Products Covered: Rachio; Rain Bird; Ancnoble; Scott’s Blossom; Spruce; Netro


Robotic Lawn Mowers

Husqvarna Automower H450X

Are You Ready for a Robotic Lawn Mower?

Summary: Robotic lawn mowers are no longer just about saving time and eliminating a dreaded, recurring, labor-intensive chore. Automated lawn mowers have evolved to provide healthier and more attractive lawn care than you might be able to perform on your own. This infusion of technology to address a long standing drudgery is a trending source of neighbor envy.

Topics Covered: robotic lawn mowers; perimeter wires; GPS; auto-fertilization; grass height; moss and weed prevention; battery usage time; adaptable weather sensing; time savings; cost savings analysis; lawn aesthetics; noise reduction; safety; remote access and control; professional use of robotic lawn mowers; lease options

Vendors Covered or Mentioned: Ambrogio; John Deere Tango E5; Gardena SILENO; Honda Miimo; Husqvarna Automower; Worx Landroid; RoboMow; STIHL iMOW


Lawn Care Service Marketplace Apps

lawn care and maintenance wheelbarrow

6 Uber-esque Apps for Lawn Care and Outdoor Services

Summary: Following the heels of well-established home contractor sites, such as HomeAdvisor and Angie’s List, next generation startups with similar business models have been focusing on lawn care and outdoor services. These younger sites have been inspired and motivated by the success of Uber’s easy-to-use app. The primary reason that these startups are going narrow is simply that they have identified a combination of unmet market needs and inefficiencies. The primary benefits to homeowners of these apps are: vetted service providers (insurance, background checks, licensing, availability, service offerings); vendor ratings; competitive pricing; free quotes; timely availability; ease-of-selection; ease-of-scheduling and ease-of-payment.

Topics Covered: lawn care; lawn maintenance; snow removal; outdoor home services; marketplace apps; free quotes; contractor vetting; customer service; recurring services; one-time service requests; Uber; scheduling; bidding; invoicing & payments; remote service

Apps Covered: GreenPal; LawnStarter; LawnGuru; Plowz & Mowz; Shovler; QuikPlow


Artificial Grass

ProGreen Dallas Private Gardens Artificial Grass Installation

Tempted to Install Artificial Grass? Not So Fast!

Summary: On the surface, artificial grass offers many perceived benefits, such as easy maintenance, water efficiency, and year round beauty. However, there are several important details you need to know before replacing your natural grass lawn in favor of artificial grass or synthetic turf.

In this article we address the most important variables to consider prior to purchasing an artificial turf solution that is best suited for your budget, aesthetic preferences, usage scenarios and outdoor constraints.

Topics Covered: Advantages & Disadvantages of Artificial Grass; the Impact of Artificial Grass on the Value of Your Home; Best Uses; How to Choose; Pricing; Top Brands; Installation; and Maintenance.


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