Gardening apps are gaining widespread use amongst homeowners to better understand plant characteristics and favorable conditions for plants and trees as part of a landscaping design plan. There are always new and exciting twists to plant apps, such as identification of plants and plant diseases, pruning reminders, hardiness zones and virtual professional landscaping assistance before you invest money and time.

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SmartPlant App: Plants Care Made Simple

The SmartPlant app is one of the most popular free plant, pest and disease identification apps available for the casual gardener. Simply take a photo of a diseased plant, and a panel of highly regarded plant experts will help to identify the species and provide recommended solutions to rectify the issue. The garden advisors will also provide growing and care information to prevent pest and disease problems from recurring. App includes a browsable library of 20,000 plants.

SmartPlant on the App Store
SmartPlant on Google Play


Planta: Reminders for Your Plants

Planta is an interior and exterior gardening app that helps you choose the right plants for your indoor and outdoor spaces. Recommendations are based on:

  • Amount of Sunlight in Your Home or Garden
  • Your Plant Care Commitment Level
  • Your Skill Level of Caring for Plants

Planta’s mission is to keep your plants alive by providing care schedules and reminders. For example, Planta sends out alerts when it is time to water your plants, as well as provides information on the dangers of plants that may be harmful for children and pets. The app even has a tracking feature that allows you to upload photos so that you can visually monitor your plant’s progress.

Here is a helpful review of Planta by Niko Yait.

Planta App Review and How to Use!

Planta on the App Store
Planta on Google Play



iScape is a landscaping design app that allows you to visualize your finished landscaping project before investing time and money. With a number of templates from which to choose, homeowners can design flat spaces, tiered gardens, hillsides and more, based on styles and design options available in the sample projects library. The app is currently compatible with the iPhone 6s or later, the iPad 5th generation or later, and all iPad Pro models running iOS 12.2 or above. An Android version for iScape is in development, with plans for a desktop version, as well.

iScape 4.0 - with Augmented Reality

iScape on the App Store


Popular Plant Identifying Apps

These three apps all identify plants by the leaf, bud, flower and provide you with both common and Latin botanical names, as well as information on plant care and optimal conditions for hardiness.


Other gardening apps which bear mention include:

  • Seed to Spoon
    • A garden planner app that makes growing food simple
  • Garden Tags
    • An app for novice growers with access to experienced gardeners who inspire, support and advise


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