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Proptech That Enables Homebuyers to Make All Cash Offers

Proptech That Enables Homebuyers to Make All Cash Offers

Today’s aspiring homebuyers are faced with dire prospects by continually getting “outbid” by fierce competition. Proptech firms are coming to the aid of homebuyers with versatile, streamlined programs that offer all cash buying power.

Home Design Shows on Netflix: April 2021

Home Design Shows on Netflix: April 2021

Looking for interesting Home Design Shows that provide unique perspectives on Interior Design? Try some of these enjoyable series currently available on Netflix!


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Budgeting For A Renovation

Creating a realistic budget and managing expenses for your renovation is an imperative strategy to prevent or mitigate cost overruns. By investing the time upfront in planning activity and consistently monitoring expenditures throughout the duration of your project, you can substantially minimize financial surprises throughout the process.


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8 Essentials

1. Scope of Work

Define your scope of work clearly and carefully to eliminate questions or ambiguity once your project begins. Define terms when necessary…

2. Payment

How, when and how much you should pay the contractor should be explicitly defined in the contract…

3. Indemnification

An indemnity clause may protect a homeowner from liability should someone become injured on his property during the construction project…


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