The main photo features a cream Essential Rectangle secure parcel drop box made by Landport.

As a homeowner, securing your property is a large and multidimensional responsibility. However, new technologies are making it much easier to manage this task, while providing peace of mind. Many systems can be utilized right from your smartphone, so even if you are traveling, you can check to make sure things are secure back home.

Two key aspects of home security is protecting your entrances, as well as monitoring and securing your mail and package deliveries. The following paragraphs include not only tips for preventing package and mail theft, but also technologies you can install to monitor your entrances. From watching over your property to securing sensitive and valuable mail, technology is here to make protecting your possessions much easier.

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Secure Your Home’s Garage

How to Secure Your Home’s Garage

Garage doors are not the typical entrance that people think about in terms of security. However, instead of having to find a remote to open the garage or actually getting out of the car to pull the door up, you can get an app right on your phone.

These systems can connect to your already existing door opener and then be set up to connect to your phone. Depending on the system you select, a smart garage door opener can also be paired with other smart home devices. That way, when you’re away from home, you can check to see if the garage door is closed from your phone.

There are lots of smart garage door openers available. This Mashable post outlines a few to start your search. However, remember to dive deeper to find the right fit for your home and needs. Before you install a smart garage door opener, ‌be sure to consider the following:

  • Will it work with your existing system?
  • Does it have to be connected to Wi-Fi in order to work?
  • Will it work during a power outage?
  • Can your system be hacked?

It can be exciting to install a new system that can make opening your door easier. However, do your homework beforehand to prevent the door opener from being more of a hassle than a help.


Monitor and Secure Package Deliveries

How to Monitor and Secure Package Deliveries to Your Home

Nothing is more frustrating than having a delivery stolen from your front porch. Fortunately many innovative companies are providing a wide breadth of products to combat this problem, such as:


Package Delivery Drop Boxes

The first type of security solution is installing a package delivery box near your front door or drop-off spot. This box will be accessible only by you, so once a delivery person has dropped your package, only you can unlock it.

Landport Essential Rectangle Cream Secure Package Delivery Drop Box on Front Porch

Photo showcases a Landport Cream Essential Rectangle Secure Package Drop Box

Though in theory any secure storage device can ultimately be breached, having additional layers of security will reduce the chances of you being a victim of package theft. For example, not being able to see a package on your doorstep or porch from the street may be enough reason for prowling thieves to decide to move on to easier prey.

MB Sentinel Column Embedded Secure Package Delivery Drop Box Front Yard

Photo showcases an MB Sentinel embedded secure drop box in a column of a front yard fence.

Delivery boxes also have the additional benefits of protecting packages from the elements which can be another cause of damaged goods.

Popular Manufactures of Secure Delivery Boxes & Devices


Smart Doorbells

Smart doorbells are another step you can take to better manage the security of your main entrance more easily. Peace of mind, in addition to mail security, are two of the biggest benefits smart doorbells offer homeowners. Systems like Ring have a video camera that you can access from your phone to see who is on your porch or what is going on when you’re away from home. Depending on the system you choose, you can also have the ability to talk with the individual on your porch.

These doorbells are extremely helpful for parents with children at home alone, as well. Though it’s easy to have food delivered to your home through various apps, you won’t know the driver, which presents a risk your child’s security. As an example, if you have a DoorDash driver showing up with food, you can answer the door instead of your child via the smart doorbell, eliminating the need for the child to open the door to a stranger.

Popular Smart Doorbell Brands


Motion-Activated Lights

Motion-activated lights are another theft deterrent, as you can install them around your porch and front door area, and throughout your property. As the name suggests, these will only turn on when movement is detected. You can select how long the lights stay on, as well, so you won’t run up your power bill unnecessarily.

Outdoor Motion Sensor Lighting

Popular Outdoor Motion-Activated Light Brands


Security Video Systems

Along with lights, you can set up other security video systems. Every homeowner is different in what they want to make sure is secure. For instance, one person may not have a garage, so they will want a camera on their car, while another person is more concerned about their open backyard area. By installing cameras around your property, you can see from any angle where someone might break in or attempt to steal something.

Popular Home Security System Brands


Amazon Key: In-Garage Package Delivery

Amazon Key Home Delivery is an added security feature for package delivery which is free for Prime Members. At checkout shoppers simply select the “Key” box to have their packages dropped off inside their garages courtesy of a myQ-enabled garage door. Deliveries can also be synchronized with video monitoring through a Ring video security system. The delivery service grants Amazon delivery personnel one-time access to open your compatible garage door.

Amazon Key has been in over 5,000 cities and towns since early 2021. You can check if the Amazon Key in-garage delivery service is available in your area on myQ’s website. Amazon’s services that participate in the Key in-garage delivery program include: Amazon Prime, Amazon Fresh, Whole Foods, Amazon Household and Prime Student. If your location is eligible, you simply need to link your myQ account with the corresponding Amazon account to start using the service.

myQ Smart Garage Door Opener with Amazon Key Package Delivery Service

If you do not own a Chamberlain myQ garage door opener, you can convert your existing opener with a myQ Chamberlain Smart Garage Control. The wireless controller is compatible with all major brands of garage door openers that were manufactured after 1993 that have a standard safety sensor.

myQ Key Delivery Video

Enjoy the Convenience of In-Garage Delivery


Monitor and Guard Your Postal Mail

How to Monitor and Guard Your Postal Mail

Much like packages, mail can be stolen, too. Since your mail can contain various important documents or information, it’s one of the top ways to have your identity stolen. To prevent this problem from happening, you can use the following solutions:


Mailbox Sensors

One option is installing mailbox sensors. They will alert you when mail has been dropped in your box. That can save you time from constantly checking if the mail has been delivered or alert you to when it’s been opened too many times in one day. Make sure you select an option that is weatherproof, if your mailbox isn’t sheltered.

Ring Mailbox Sensor

Photo of an attached Ring Mailbox Sensor

Popular Mailbox Sensor Brands


Parcel Drop Boxes

If you want to combine mail and package security, you can install a package drop box. Note that these will take up some space on your porch area. However, they will ensure secure mail protection and can protect items from the weather.


USPS Informed Delivery

A final security option available via the United States Postal Service is Informed Delivery. This service was created in 2014 and allows you to preview letter-sized mail online prior to its delivery to your home.

With this free service, people are usually able to view the mail the night before it is scheduled to be delivered. Informed delivery is a great way to determine if any important mail is coming, so you can plan if you need to be home for delivery. It’s easy to sign up online for this service and then receive a daily email that showcases what’s coming your way.

At the end of the day, you want to choose the technologies that work best for you and your home. These tools are meant to make your life easier, while also securing your home from theft. You may not need to install every system mentioned above, but even using one can make your home safer!


This article was written by Sara Carter, a co-founder of Enlightened Digital. Sara enjoys writing about business and technology.


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