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Las Vegas is teeming with homebuilders, home product vendors, and new technology companies and enthusiasts during Design and Construction Week, which includes the International Builders’ Show 2023 (IBS 2023), an annual event held to showcase advances in residential design and construction. As is customary, The New American Home or TNAH 2023, was unveiled as the official show home of the three day event.

Built way beyond the most technologically advanced standards of any existing home, TNAH 2023 is also furnished with many newly introduced residential products to make modern living effortless and, in some cases, ultra luxurious.

TNAH 2023 is an ideal case study on how a large, luxurious property, that emphasizes an entertaining indoor-outdoor lifestyle, with breathtaking views, can still be hyper energy efficient.

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About The New American Home Program

Each year the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), together with the International Builders’ Show (IBS), present The New American Home or TNAH, the official show home for the three day builders’ show event.

This spectacular exhibition beckons all who are interested in learning about the latest trends, designs, best practices, and products in residential construction. Exhibitors include manufacturers of household products – for both indoor and outdoor use, new technologies for the home, as well as the latest in home building design, concepts and advances in construction materials.

19 Rockstream Dr, Henderson, Nevada, The New American Home Main Bedroom Suite

View of the main bedroom of The New American Home 2023
Image courtesy of Joel Gamble and Klassick Vizion Studios

Attended by construction industry professional from around the world, the Builders’ Show is a three day Master Class for helping builders and designers understand and appreciate what can be achieved today in residential construction, as the industry is constantly evolving and raising the bar of possibilities.

The New American Home Program is an important part of the event, as industry acolytes can gather in a newly constructed home to see products that were once merely ideas and design concepts that are now able to enhance and improve residential life.


The Vision for TNAH 2023

The vision for The New American Home 2023 (TNAH 2023) is catering to an oppulent Las Vegas lifestyle that enjoys year-round indoor-outdoor entertaining, with stunning views of the iconic desert region, combined with outlier energy efficiency performance and state-of-the-art wellness capabilities.

19 Rockstream Dr, Henderson, Nevada, The New American Home 2023, LUXUS Design Build, studio g ARCHITECTURE front view rendering

The New American Home 2023 Front View Rendering, courtesy LUXUS Design Build and studio g ARCHITECTURE

Michael Gardner, founding architect of studio g Architecture and founding principal of LUXUS Design Build, took the approach that for a market that has a substantial luxury budget:

“Why not make it energy efficient, as well?”

The vision for TNAH 2023 can be summarized into three key goals:

  1. Selecting an Ideal Strategic Lot
  2. Providing a Private Sanctuary with Serenity Throughout the Property
  3. Delivering State-of-the-Art Energy Efficiency


Selecting an Ideal Strategic Lot

The lot, on which TNAH 2023  is situated, played a critical role, as we learned during a panel session held the day after the press tour. Purgula asked Gardner how long it took for him to identify this particular parcel of land and learned that the architect had his eyes on three prospective lots going back several years, while working on other projects within the same development.

As luck would have it, the lot selected for TNAH 2023 was Gardner’s favorite of the three, which he purchased 2.5 years prior to completing the project. The other two  parcels were no longer available when the TNAH 2023 parcel was eventually acquired.

Gardner expounded that the chosen lot had three key characteristics:

  1. Spectacular views with a North-by-Northwest orientation from the rear of the home
  2. Ample privacy from nearby residences
  3. A striking view of a mountain range from the front of the home, with additional privacy

Gardner’s response to our question concisely revealed his underlying philosophy towards lot selection, with the following quip:

Lots are everything!

He added that his architecture firm does not have a specific design style, rather the lot drives the style of a given home to be constructed. As such, he highly recommended that homeowner clients always involve their architect in the lot selection process. An intuitive home designer can envision how a home’s orientation, style, materials, and layout can best mesh within the surrounding terrain, light and climate, equating to increased enjoyment, better energy efficiency and easier maintenance.


Providing a Private Sanctuary with Serenity Throughout the Property

Having an ideal lot selected for TNAH 2023, enabled Gardner and his team to deliver on their goal of providing serenity and privacy no matter where or how you experience the home. This approach was exemplified by using a color palette that evolved from the nearby landscape, as well as by providing ample outdoor areas out of the proximity of any nearby neighbors.


Delivering State-of-the-Art Energy Efficiency

What began as a desolate swath of desert in Henderson, Nevada has become a testament to modern technology, sustainability and cutting-edge techniques in modern residential construction.

As is the case with all new construction, the overarching goal of TNAH is to maximize housing performance and energy efficiency. Each home built embodies criteria and elements from the NAHB Green Building Standard, maintaining only the highest levels of quality, safety, aesthetics and sustainability.

19 Rockstream Dr, Henderson, Nevada, The New American Home 2023, Great Room

Image courtesy of Joel Gamble and Klassick Vizion Studios

From advances in sustainability, Net Zero efficiency and improvements in monitoring and managing indoor quality, TNAH 2023 may well be the perfect home that could eliminate the desire to ever leave your residence.

19 Rockstream Dr Henderson, Nevada, The New American Home 2023, Outdoor living area at night

Image courtesy of Joel Gamble and Klassick Vizion Studios


Challenges of TNAH 2023

TNAH 2023 was not without its challenges even under the management of a 4-time show home veteran, Michael Gardner, who recalled:

“We actually started this home way ahead of schedule, but we sat for four or five months waiting on product”.

Despite Gardner’s experience as the architect of 2013 and 2016 TNAHs, and both architect and builder of The New American Remodel 2019, supply delays had him holding his breath to meet the deadline of the show’s opening day on January 31st.

Gardner expanded on the many challenges that he and his team had to overcome in order to make TNAH 2023 show ready as he grappled with a confluence of issues on logistics, labor and product availability. This resulted in a buildup of the majority of the interior work being performed in the last four months, which was accomplished by diligently working weekends, holidays and late into the evenings to meet their deadline.

Labor issues were an extremely important concern, as Gardner reflected to Purgula:

“Similar to what happened in the airline industry during COVID, many seasoned tradespeople retired, creating a huge void in experienced homebuilding professionals”.

19 Rockstream Dr, Henderson, Nevada, The New American Home 2023, Main Kitchen Area

Image courtesy of Joel Gamble and Klassick Vizion Studios


TNAH 2023 Final Product

The New American Home 2023, the 40th addition to the TNAH program, is located in the Ascaya Subdivision, a luxury enclave just 30 minutes South East of the Las Vegas Strip. Designed and built as a collaboration between LUXUS Design Build and its sister company studio g Architecture, the home will leave you wanting nothing.

The property at 19 Rockstream Drive, Henderson, Nevada is a 2-story, upscale residence with 7,575 square feet of living space on a .5 acre lot, complete with a home spa, game room, private office and and an expansive roof deck with views of the lights of The Strip and the glorious mountains of the McCullough Range.

The New American Home 2023 Front Exterior View of Completed House, 19 Rockstream Dr, Henderson, Nevada

The bi-level structure has four bedrooms, six bathrooms, one half bath, a two and half-car garage, flex/exercise area, indoor-outdoor living features, pool courtyard, a gas fireplace, and the aforementioned roof terrace for twilight and nighttime gazing.

19 Rockstream, Henderson, Nevada The New American Home 2023 LUXUS Design Build, studio g ARCHITECTURE Elevation Drawing Ground Floor

Elevation Drawing Ground Floor

“Low maintenance features were a critical requirement for ninety-nine percent of the house” remarked Gardner to Purgula. This included polished concrete garage flooring, quartz countertops, and an in-pool cleaning system

Features: Four bedrooms, six bathrooms, one half bath, a two and half-car garage – the half-car area can be used as a flex/exercise area, indoor-outdoor living features, pool courtyard, a gas fireplace, a roof terrace with amazing views of Las Vegas, numerous ultra-energy-efficiency elements, Net-Zero features, astonishing fire features, and a luxurious outdoor kitchen and bar.

19 Rockstream, Henderson, Nevada, The New American Home 2023, LUXUS Design Build, studio g ARCHITECTURE Elevation Drawing second floor

Elevation Drawing Second Floor

Energy Efficieny and Sustainability 

TNAH 2023 earned National Green Building Standard’s highest designation of efficiency, Emerald status, a distinction not easily obtained, according to Cindy Wasser, Senior Manager of Home Innovation Research Labs, who bestowed the honor to Gardner.

Drew Smith, COO of Two Trails, added that the TNAH 2023 home without solar panels would have scored 52 on the HERS index scale. With Photovoltaic (PV) solar panels, TNAH 2023’s preliminary HERS score came in at an impressive -15.  The Solaria PowerXT 400 watt solar panels are projected to cover 100% of the annual electric energy needs for the home, an impressive feat for such a large residence.


Products We Especially Liked 

Each year we choose products from TNAH that were especially impressive, based on the technology or appeal to homeowners. Although TNAH 2023 had many features that were magnificent, we concentrated on products or features that were new, not included in previous show homes, or were especially germane to the theme of TNAH 2023.


Thermory Auroom Ready Made Sauna

Crafted with the highest quality timber, the Auroom ready-made sauna by Thermory is built using responsibly sourced materials from sustainably managed forests in Northern Europe. The skills of the company’s master craftsmen draws on the rich centuries-old European sauna tradition, with both functional and aesthetic attention to details to provide the highest quality wellness experience.

Thermory Auroom Ready Made Sauna The New American Home 2023


Aspen Ceiling Fan by Visual Comfort 

Both artistic and functional, the 56″ five blade Aspen ceiling fan by Visual Comfort is a stunning minimalist artistic piece in any room, which blends especially well with TNAH 2023’s contemporary design. With an aged pewter mounting, accented by dark walnut blades, the Aspen is also available in a 72″ style for higher ceilings. Made with metal for lasting durability, it delivers a delicate look, while fluidly cycling large volumes of air through small or large spaces. This fan features a speed motor with a thirteen-degree blade pitch.

Aspen Ceiling Fan by Visual Comfort - The New American Home 2023


Broan-NuTone Fresh Air System

As building envelopes become tighter and less impervious to outside air, industry leader Broan-NuTone understands the need to keep indoor air quality at its purest. With new developments in building insulation, homes are prone to trapping moisture, dust and stale air, creating a petri dish of toxins that can cause health issues for residents.

The Broan AI Series Fresh Air System with its airflow auto-balancing feature, VIRTUO Air Technology, protects the home with a system that self-adjusts continuously, as it monitors and adjusts the air pressure for a perfectly balanced CFM, (cubic feet per minute) value, a measurement of air purification efficiency.

Broan AI Series Fresh Air Systems Features and Benefits | Homeowner Video

Broan AI Series Fresh Air Systems Features and Benefits | Homeowner Video


Broan Overture Connected Indoor Air Quality System

Broan’s Overture is the first fully-automated whole home fresh air system that uses sensor technology to allow you to monitor, measure and manage the home’s indoor air quality seamlessly. The drive to energy efficiency with better insulation, energy efficient windows and doors and other performance enhancing products, has created somewhat hermetically sealed indoor environments.

Indoor pollutants become trapped and can grow and proliferate if left unchecked. Overture can detect a rise in indoor pollutants caused by increased humidity, VOC’s, temperature, smoke, carbon dioxide and small particles. Upon detection of these changes in air quality, the system will automatically activate the Broan-NuTone ventilation system to remove pollutants, while simultaneously bringing in clean, fresh air from the outside.

How does Broan-NuTone’s Overture™ Connected IAQ System work?

How does Broan-NuTone's Overture™ Connected IAQ System work?


Crestron Smart Home 

Crestron Horizon Keypads, Dimmers, and Handheld Touch Screen Remotes allow custom illumination throughout the home creating intimate spaces with ease, flexibility, scalability, performance through the property both indoor and outdoor. The smart system allows for control of thousands of connected devices including TV, home audio systems, lighting, security, HVAC and more, improving security, health and wellness, ambiance and comfort.

Crestron Home: Smart Home Life, Elevated

Crestron Home: Smart Home Life, Elevated


StruXure Cabana X

StruXure has proven itself to be an innovator in products that surprisingly had room for innovation: cabanas and pergolas. Their Cabana X is a non-permanent shade structure that requires no permit to install and is equipped with 17 pivotable motorized louvers that track the sun to block solar rays any time of day. The structure is crafted with powder coated, aircraft-grade aluminum that will never rust, dent, or disintegrate and is backed by a 15 year warranty.

StruXure White Cabana X The New American Home 2023 with view of Las Vegas Strip at night


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