Familiar to millions of outdoor enthusiasts around the world, Dometic is coming into its own as a notable brand for residential appliance products for the US residential market. Their latest innovation is the Dometic DrawBar, a wine cooler in a drawer, perfect for space-constrained kitchens and secondary entertaining spaces.

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Dometic’s Legacy of Innovation

Dometic Group, based in Stockholm, Sweden, is a global market leader in the mobile living industry. Known throughout the world for its inventive outdoor, residential and professional products, such as camping refrigerators, mobile bar carts, and other outdoor entertainment equipment, the company entered the US market in 1968.

Armed with its core technology strength in absorption cooling, invented more than 100 years ago, Dometic’s two Swedish founders are largely hailed as the inventors of the modern day refrigerator, which is based on their patents for absorption cooling in a closed cabinet.

Today, Dometic Home focuses on residential customers, designers and architects, as they pursue products utilizing the company’s proficiency in absorption technology coupled with their expertise in building for compact spaces.


Dometic DrawBar: A Wine Cooler in a Drawer

The Dometic DrawBar, with its introduction at KBIS 2022, the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show, is the perfect marriage of the company’s dominant skills applicable to residential usage.

The DrawBar is the first of its kind, as it offers the functionality of a full-size wine cooler that fits anywhere you can fit a regular drawer. This marriage of technology and compactness is ideal for underutilized or awkward spaces. A full-size wine cooler with an elegant compact design, the DrawBar can fit 5 regular-sized wine bottles, including those with larger bodies or longer necks, such as Champagne and Riesling bottles. Multiple drawers can be stacked to create a larger wine cooling system or placed side by side for a more linear design.

Designed for areas with dimensional constraints, which will not allow for a full-sized wine cooler, the DrawBar is the perfect solution for any room in the home where access to wine compliments entertainment and relaxation.

Dometic DrawBar Home Bar Station


The Design and Technology of the DrawBar

This innovative home appliance offers performance and functionality as it offers convenient slide-out access with soft LED illumination, which fades in and out as you open and close the drawer. The DrawBar was designed with flexibility in mind, with options to have the drawer front in glass, stainless steel or custom paneling.

Dometic DrawBar Gray Kitchen Drawer

As the leaders in cooling technology, Dometic prides itself on the energy and cooling efficiency of its minibars, as all products exhibit rapid cooldown with very low energy consumption. The DrawBar is further equipped with a humidity tray to help maintain the optimal level of humidity inside the cabinet.

With five pre-set temperature settings, the bar can store and chill bottles of red, white or sparkling at the perfect temperature for consumption with precision cooling.

The Five Pre-Set Temperature Settings of the DrawBar for Ideal Serving in Degrees Celsius:

  • 17 Red (62.6 F)
  • 14 White & Rose (57.2 F)
  • 11 Fruitier Varietals (51.8 F)
  • 8 Sparkling (46.4 F)
  • 5 Chardonnay (41 F)

Dometic DrawBar Temperature Settings


Closing Thoughts

We hope that the Dometic team has been reaching out to the many innovative prefab ADU manufacturers, as the tiny house/ADU trend would be a great market to spur early adoption of this compact, yet highly functional and scalable product.

The company’s product literature states that installation is easy as it is designed to integrate with standard 24” wide cabinetry. However, it is unclear to us how difficult typical installations would be for existing spaces, as compared to new construction or remodeling projects.

Helpful instructional videos on how to integrate into existing kitchens, wet bars and other areas of the home would certainly fuel adoption, as well.

The Dometic DrawBar is scheduled to be available for purchase in North America in July 2022.


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