The main photo, courtesy of Jeffrey A. Davis Photography, showcases the dining area of this year’s mid-century modern remodel. More photos of the project can be viewed in the TNAR photo gallery.

Each year the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) together with the International Builders’ Show (IBS) present The New American Remodel (TNAR)The purpose of TNAR is to create opportunities for the remodeling industry to exhibit new and innovative products, materials and construction methods for the home.

TNAR typically reflects the latest in housing and lifestyle trends (e.g. home offices, aging in place, indoor-outdoor living, home fitness, etc.), with cutting edge products and an emphasis on green building and energy efficiencies.

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This Year’s TNAR Property

This year’s featured property for The New American Remodel 2022 (TNAR 2022) is located on Lake Sue, which is five miles northeast of downtown Orlando, Florida.

The original Mid-Century Modern (MCM) home was built in 1963 as a 2 bedroom 2 bath, plus den, within a 2,543 square foot residence that sits on a .43 acre lot, with a fabulous view of Lake Sue. The design is a similar style as Frank Lloyd Wright’s Usonian homes.

TNAR 2022: Before Photo of Lakeshore Drive Mid-Century Modern Home

Photo of TNAR 2022 Property Before Remodel

The remodeled final product is now a one-story, 6,993 square-foot structure with 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms, expanded and updated to provide both original mid-century modern architectural charm, with all of the modern conveniences and technologies of a 21st century home. The project also included the addition of a detached ADU guest house.

TNAR 2022: Lakeshore Drive Front of House Photo

Photo of TNAR 2022 After Remodel
Photo courtesy of Jeffrey A. Davis Photography


The Remodelers

The owner of the home, Eric Gray – a remodeler who owns Designer Trade Services – teamed up with architect Phil Kean and Two Trails Inc., a leading energy efficiency consulting firm, to bring their vision of TNAR 2022 to fruition. Both Kean and Two Trails have impressive track records working with TNAR.

Being consistently adept at satisfying clients with big budget remodeling projects is impressive enough. However, to be able to raise the bar each year, with an entire industry watching, creates a totally different level of pressure. These elite pros make these projects look easy.


The Primary Goals of the TNAR 2022 Remodel

The overarching goals of the project were:

  • Modernization
  • State of the Art Energy Efficiency
  • Doubling the Size of Living Space
  • Staying True to the Layout and Aesthetic Charm of the Original Home

The energy efficiency charter was certainly ambitious, though not surprising given the expertise of the parties involved:

To create a testament in modern home efficiency and certifications, while doubling the amount of living space

Unlike many dramatic remodels completed for TNARs in the past, this year’s home was focused primarily on improving overall energy and water efficiencies, with an emphasis on gaining certifications for various green building programs. Although the home was “gutted to the studs”, there was no radical removal of the majority of the original structure, as has been the case in several TNARs past.

This radically distinct approach was due to Gray’s request upfront that most of the existing home be preserved. Although the home gained almost 5,000 square feet more than its original footprint during the upgrade, the overall mid-century modern look-and-feel did, in fact, remain intact post-renovation.

In our view, the 2022 TNAR project could be classified as a “Modernized Preservation”, a hybrid project which incorporates modern amenities and performance improvements, while preserving the architectural character and spirit of the original design.

Always on trend, the improvements of the TNAR 2022 home underscored several pressing needs for a growing population of homeowners:

  • Adding living space to provide more functionality for the increased time spent at home
  • A detached ADU to serve as a guest house, home office, gym, studio or family apartment to facilitate multigenerational living and aging-in-place
  • Flexible spaces to enable seamless indoor-outdoor living, including more options for entertaining
  • Upgraded systems and performance to reduce maintenance costs and risks, while increasing living comfort
  • Improved air quality and comfort

TNAR 2022 Lakeshore Drive Plans

Summary of Challenges:

  • Dealing with an old home (58 years old, built in 1963)
  • Bringing past remodeling work up to modern standards
  • Doubling the size while dramatically improving performance efficiencies
  • Doubling the size while maintaining the charm and style of the original design
  • Managing labor shortages and product delays

TNAR 2022 Lakeshore Drive Drone Overhead View


An Emerging Trend: Performance Remodeling

In our opinion, the laser focus on performance and energy efficiency on this project, is a signal that a growing percentage of homeowners and homebuyers are setting energy efficiency, ease-of-maintenance and longevity, as top needs for renovation projects and new home purchases.

If homeowner preferences could be grouped into just two distinct categories – e.g. Good Bones vs. Good Aesthetics – we are betting that a growing majority of homeowners would be in the “Good Bones” camp.

TNAR 2022’s approach to preservation was performed with purpose using modern techniques and products to improve the older, underlying structure’s overall efficiency. Elements of modern technology are subtle without being obtrusive, as are the lifestyle improvement enhancements that may be missed by the casual observer.

The specific targeted areas for efficiency included:

  • Water Efficiency including Water Heater Performance
  • Indoor Environmental Quality
  • Thermal Shell
  • HVAC
  • Electrical


Performance Improvements & Metrics

Pre-renovation, TNAR 2022 had a HERS Index of 115, which translated means that it was 15% less efficient than the average new built-to-code home (i.e. 115 HERS vs. 100 HERS). This was due primarily to existing older technologies for heating, electrical, water, ventilation and insulation. The home also contained older, less-efficient windows and doors.

After the remodel, TNAR 2022 is projected to achieve a HERS Index of -22, meaning that it is so energy efficient that it can generate more clean energy than it draws from the grid. The negative rating represents the additional clean energy the home is putting back into the grid, as each negative point represents 1% of what a normal newly build home would use

The home will integrate 12.8 KW of high-efficient Solaria 400-watt solar panels to power its electrical systems, which is projected to provide 100% of the annual electrical power needs for the home.

TNAR 2022 Solaria Solar Panels

Photo courtesy of Jeffrey A. Davis Photography.


Products We Especially Liked

Chimney King Shadow Lines 28B Chimney Crown

Since 1992, Chimney King has been the leading manufacturer of custom chimney shrouds that are UL (Underwriters Laboratories) listed and labeled, come with a ten-year warranty, and are designed to last a lifetime. The custom chimney crown (or shroud), fabricated for TNAR 2022, is their #28B Shadow Line, which guards the home against rain, unwanted critters and fires, as embers and sparks are deflected by the protective mesh.

TNAR 2022 Chimney King Chimney


Andover Audio Model-One Turntable Music System

Perhaps the product that best exemplifies the spirit of TNAR 2022 is the Andover Audio Model One Turntable: mid-century design with modern technology and appeal. The turntable offers Bluetooth streaming, with high-grade amplified sound, housed in a cabinet constructed of genuine walnut. The table top record player can be purchased as a single item or bought as a packaged system with the matching record storage and subwoofer accessories.

TNAR 2022 Andover Audio Model One Turntable System


La Cantina Aluminum Thermally Controlled Door Systems

An annual favorite, La Cantina Aluminum Thermally Controlled door systems are a must have for extreme climates, either hot or cold, with their energy efficiency, structural integrity and versatility. The Aluminum Thermally Controlled system offers the sleek and contemporary design of all La Cantina Aluminum system products with improved thermal performance and added features.


Jeld-Wen Siteline® Clad-Wood Windows

The Siteline Clad-Wood windows from Jeld-Wen are built to last even in the extreme humidity and dampness of Orlando, Florida and come with a 20-year warranty.  Constructed with Jeld-Wen’s proprietary AuraLast pine, Clad-Wood windows resist termites, wood rot and water damage while providing energy efficiency.


Roundup of Products & Processes Used

Electrical & Solar Array

  • 100% energy-efficient LED lighting for all interior and exterior lighting
  • Bosch and Thermador ENERGY STAR®-rated appliances
  • ENERGY STAR®-rated variable speed pool pumps
  • 32 Solaria 400-watt solar panels, with a 12 kW Sol-Arc Inverter and battery backup system, to power electrical systems




Indoor Environmental Quality Features

  • Low-VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) paints, finishes, interior adhesives and sealants
  • MERV 13 space conditioning air filters
  • HVAC ducts sealed during construction to prevent pollutants from construction activities from entering the system
  • Santa Fe Whole House Ventilating Dehumidifiers: configured to allow the correct amount of fresh air, plus provide dedicated humidity control throughout the entire home.
  • Eco-Friendly Cabinets: formaldehyde-free material certified by the Forest Stewardship Council
  • Eco-Friendly Flooring: used flooring products certified by the Carpet and Rug Institute’s Green Label program


 Thermal Shell

  • Huntsman Building Solutions open-cell polyurethane spray-foam insulation (R-21) for the unvented and air sealed attic
  • Jeld-Wen windows and sliding glass doors to limit solar heat gain and optimize air tightness
  • Exterior CMU walls insulated using injected core-fill foam insulation and Fi-Foil reflective wall insulation (R-12.1).
  • AeroSeal’s AeroBarrier aerosol thermal envelope sealer used to further reduce envelope leakage
  • Large overhangs to help protect the home from the harsh Florida sun
  • Light exterior color to assist reflecting of the sun


Water Efficiency Features & Products

  • Kohler low-flow, EPA WaterSense certified 1.2 GPM lavatory faucets and 1.28 GPF toilets
  • Bosch ENERGY STAR®-rated tankless water heaters
  • Outdoor water usage needs were reduced by:
    • Planting natural, indigenous plants and foliage, with a minimum of turf grass
    • Installing high-efficient micro-spray driplines and irrigation controllers
TNAR 2022 Mid-Century Modern Master Bath Jeffrey A. Davis Photography

Photo courtesy of Jeffrey A. Davis Photography


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