Since the summer is the slow season for chimney professionals and specialty retailers, now is the perfect time to update your fireplace into something more attractive and safe.

Summertime offers a low-stress opportunity to have ample time to revamp the design and performance of your fireplace. The “fireplace off-season” will also grant you extra buying power and access to a larger pool of well-qualified professionals available to hire.

When planning ways to enhance how you enjoy the beauty and comfort of a fireplace, it is crucial to prioritize safety and take measures to prevent potential hazards.

In this article, we will explore a range of innovative fireplace products that can enhance the beauty of your fireplace and ensure the safety of your home and loved ones.

15 Innovative Products for Your Fireplace

  1. Brick & Stone Fireplace Paint Kits
  2. Tempered Glass Fireplace Doors & Spark Guard Screens
  3. Heat-Resistant Fireplace Grates & Inserts
  4. Fireplace Candelabras for Ambience without the Heat
  5. Fireplace Mantels with Modern Materials
  6. Eco-Friendly Fire Starters
  7. Hassle-Free Gas Logs
  8. Childproofing Products to Add a Safety Barrier
  9. Integrated Smart Fire Alarms and Monitors
  10. Heat-Activated Fireplace Fans
  11. Smoke Guards that Redirect Smoke Spillage
  12. Heat-Resistant Ash Vacuums for Picking Up Fine Particles
  13. Fireplace Remote Control Systems
  14. Modern Wood Storage Solutions
  15. Sound Systems to Enhance the Fireplace Experience

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1. Brick & Stone Fireplace Paint Kits

One of easiest and most-effective methods of refreshing the look of a well-built brick or stone fireplace is to lighten the color of the masonry material with paint. Brick fireplace paint kits provide all of the tools, materials and instructions necessary to brighten your fireplace room while keeping a realistic look of brick or stone.

This solution is especially popular with homeowners that have dark fireplaces built during eras when this style was popular. If you’re hesitant to paint brick or stone, keep in mind that most alternatives to revitalizing the look of your fireplace are significantly more costly, inconvenient and time consuming.

Large loft living room with white painted fireplace brick and hardwood flooring

We recommend giving a new coat of paint a try before deciding on another course of action. This is an especially efficient and cost-effective option to take when your fireplace is well-built with quality materials and is in good working condition.

How to Choose the Right Fireplace Paint Color

How to choose your fireplace color [choose the right paint for you]


2. Tempered Glass Fireplace Doors & Spark Guard Screens

One of the primary concerns with traditional wood-burning fireplaces is the risk of sparks and embers escaping and causing accidents.

Spark guard screens and fireplace glass doors and are essential fireplace accessories that serve as a protective barrier, preventing stray sparks from reaching flammable surfaces. This category of fireplace products is also referred to as interior spark arrestors.

While classic screens work effectively, newer features are increasing the level of safety against the risk of sparks and reducing the overall mess of wood-burning fireplaces.

Wood-burning fireplace with tempered glass doors and curtain screen

Imagine fireplace screens and doors that safeguard your home while adding a touch of elegance. Tempered glass doors, available in various decorative accents and custom designs, offer style and additional protection. Working in tandem, screens and glass doors can offer unobstructed views of mesmerizing flames, while keeping you and your home safe from potential fire hazards.

The best time to use fireplace glass doors is when you are ready to put your wood-burning fire out. Closing the glass doors of a fireplace will prevent any big flames and embers from shooting out into the room when the fire is burning out. Closed glass doors also ensure that the fire dies down quickly and efficiently with minimum risk of damage.

Though most grades of fireplace glass doors should not be closed when having an active wood-burning fire – ceramic glass is the exceptiontempered glass doors provide the following benefits when a wood-burning fire is active or is going out:

  • Opened glass doors provide an additional layer of peripheral protection against sparks
  • Opened glass doors enable wood-burning fireplaces to produce more heat efficiently
  • Glass doors can be closed when the fire is going out to ensure that smoke goes out the chimney and to reduce any lingering smokey smells
  • Closed doors help to snuff out the fire more quickly
  • Closed doors drastically reduce the amount of warm air lost through the chimney overnight

Fireplace glass doors also provide these additional benefits when a wood-burning fireplace is not in use:

  • Closed glass doors prevent chimney downdrafts from blowing dirt, soot, and debris into your room
  • Tinted tempered glass doors visually obstruct unsightly views of dirt, soot, ash, and debris
  • In the winter, closed glass doors prevent heat from escaping through the chimney
  • In the summer, closed glass doors prevent cool air from escaping through the chimney

wood-burning fireplace not in use with tempered glass doors closed


3. Heat-Resistant Fireplace Grates & Fireplace Inserts

Fireplace grates and fireplace inserts are vital in improving the efficiency and safety of wood-burning fireplaces.

Grates elevate the logs, allowing better airflow for more efficient combustion, while also keeping the most intense heat away from the hearth flooring and walls of the firebox. Traditional cast iron grates have been popular for their durability, but they might not always be the most efficient or aesthetic option.

Contemporary fireplace grates and fireplace inserts made from improved heat-resistant materials, such as heavy-duty stainless steel, are gaining popularity. Grates made of heavy-duty stainless steel also come in a wider variety of contemporary designs than that of cast iron grates.

Additionally, advances in fireplace inserts not only improve the overall performance of your fireplace insert, but wood-burning inserts also make maintenance easier by reducing the amount of ash and debris accumulated on the fireplace floor.


4. Fireplace Candelabras for Ambience without the Heat

Why not maintain the enchanting ambience of your fireplace with candelabras when your fireplace is not in use, such as during warmer months?

Plow & Hearth Pine cone cast aluminum fireplace candelabra

A Pine Cone Candelabra from Plow & Hearth

These decorative fireplace accessories hold candles in the fireplace area, creating a mesmerizing effect that complements any room decor. They are a perfect choice for those who want the cozy ambience of a fire without the heat or hassle.

Fireplace candelabras are available in various designs and materials, ranging from vintage wrought iron to sleek and modern stainless steel.

However, it’s essential to prioritize safety when using candles, ensuring they are placed securely and not left unattended.


5. Fireplace Mantels with Modern Materials

The fireplace mantel can significantly influence your fireplace’s overall look and feel. In traditional homes, mantels have long held significant cultural and symbolic importance.

While a classic mantel design style still evokes a sense of nostalgia and an elegant look, modern homes offer innovative options to customize mantels according to your interior style homes.

Modern gas fireplace with contemporary mantel

Today, fireplace mantels are crafted from various materials, including reclaimed wood, marble, granite, and glass. Some manufacturers offer customizable mantels, allowing you to add unique touches that resonate with your personal style and design preferences.


6. Eco-Friendly Fire Starters

In a quest for more eco-friendly solutions, household materials and products need to be reevaluated, such as how fires are started in wood-burning fireplaces. Traditional fire starters, such as newspapers and lighter fluid, contribute to waste and harmful emissions.

Embracing eco-friendly fire starters made from recycled materials or natural ingredients can make a difference.

These inventive products ensure safer, more efficient, and healthier ways to ignite your fireplace surrounds.


7. Hassle-Free Gas Logs

While traditional wood-burning fires evoke a sense of nostalgia, modern living spaces and lifestyles often demand convenience and cleanliness.

Gas logs offer a hassle-free alternative to wood-burning fires, providing instant warmth and ambience with just the flip of a switch. Contemporary gas fireplace insert log alternatives resemble real wood, offering an authentic appearance.

Realistic logs in a modern gas fireplace

Gas logs come in various sizes and styles, allowing homeowners to select the perfect set to complement their fireplace design ideas. Gas insert logs also burn more cleanly, emitting fewer pollutants into the air.

Modern gas fireplace in white brick wall


8. Childproofing Products to Add a Safety Barrier

Ensuring fireplace safety becomes even more critical if you have young children at home. Childproofing the new fireplace area can prevent accidents and keep your little ones safe.

Safety gates, edge protectors, and hearth cushions are products well-designed to create a protective barrier around your fireplace.

These childproofing solutions offer peace of mind, allowing your children to explore the home safely.


9. Integrated Smart Fire Alarms and Monitors

In this age of advanced technology, integrating smart fire alarms and monitors into your fireplace area can provide an additional layer of safety.

These smart devices detect smoke and carbon monoxide, alerting you to potential hazards in real time.

The compatibility of these products with home automation systems makes them even more impressive. You can receive alerts on your smartphone and take appropriate actions, even if you’re away from home, ensuring the safety of your property and loved ones.


10. Heat-Activated Fireplace Fans

A common concern with traditional fireplaces is the uneven distribution of heat, leading to hot spots near the fire and colder areas in the living room. Ingenious heat-activated fans offer a simple and effective solution to this problem.

These fans are designed to turn on and circulate warm air automatically throughout the room when the fireplace surrounds reaches a specific temperature.

Powered solely by the heat generated from the fireplace, these fans require no electricity or batteries, making them an eco-friendly and cost-effective addition to your electric fireplace setup.

By improving heat distribution, these fans help you maximize the warmth from your fireplace and reduce energy consumption by other heating sources.


11. Smoke Guards that Redirect Smoke Spillage

For some homeowners, dealing with smoke spillage into the room can be a persistent issue with wood-burning fireplaces.

Smoke guards are innovative products designed to address this problem by creating a barrier that redirects smoke back into the flue, ensuring it is properly vented outside.

Smoke guards can be retrofitted in various sizes and materials to fit your existing fireplace. Installing a smoke guard allows you to enjoy a safe, smoke-free fireplace experience.


12. Heat-Resistant Ash Vacuums for Picking Up Fine Particles

Cleaning up after a cozy evening by the fireplace can be messy, especially when dealing with ash and soot. Traditional vacuum cleaners are unsuitable for this task, as they can get clogged or spread fine ash particles into the air. More importantly, traditional vacuums are also dangerous to use if the ashes have not sufficiently cooled off.

Best-in-class fireplace ash vacuums are specifically designed to remove ashes safely and efficiently. These vacuums feature specialized filters to trap fine particles and prevent them from being released back into the air.

Ash vacuum in use. Model available from Plow & Hearth

Image courtesy of Plow & Hearth

With the help of an ash vacuum, you can keep your traditional wood-burning fireplace area clean without worrying about messy or dangerous cleanups.


13. Fireplace Remote Control Systems

Imagine controlling your fireplace’s flame height and heat output and turning it on and off with a simple click of a button.

Fireplace remote control systems allow you to do just that. These smart systems are designed with ease-of-use in mind, making it more convenient to operate your brick fireplace.

Depending on the model, these remote control systems can be programmed to adjust the flame intensity, set timers, and even regulate the thermostat.

They are perfect for those who want complete control over their fireplace experience without leaving the comfort of their seat!


14. Modern Wood Storage Solutions

For homeowners with wood-burning fireplaces, having a convenient, aesthetically pleasing, and easy way to store firewood is essential.

Modern fireplace wood storage solutions offer unique designs and materials to enhance the look of your unused logs, while keeping the wood fireplace organized and easily accessible.

Crate & Barrel frame log holder

Image courtesy of Crate&Barrel

From stylish log racks to wall-mounted wood holders, these storage solutions come in various sizes and design styles to complement any interior design decor.

These well-designed products also add a touch of sophistication to your fireplace and ensure that you have an ample supply of firewood at your fingertips.


15. Sound Systems to Enhance the Fireplace Experience

State-of-the-art fireplace sound systems offer a unique and immersive experience by combining the visual interest warmth of a fireplace with the soothing sounds of crackling logs or calming firewood ambience.

These systems use advanced audio technology to replicate the sounds of a crackling fire, creating a cozy atmosphere even when you’re not burning actual wood.

With adjustable volume controls and various sound options for visual impact, you can tailor the fireplace sound accessories to your unique preferences and set the perfect mood for relaxation or entertainment.

Whether you want to enjoy a quiet evening with the soft crackling of burning logs or host a gathering with a cheerful fire, fireplace sound systems add an extra dimension of charm to your fireplace experience.


Fireplace Door Safety & Energy Efficiency

Fireplace doors play a crucial role in both safety and energy efficiency. Fireplace doors serve as a vital protective barrier, preventing sparks and heat from escaping the fireplace and entering your indoor living space.

Keeping the fireplace doors closed when the fireplace is not in use can also prevent drafts and heat loss, improving overall energy efficiency.

Opting for fireplace doors made from tempered glass doors enhances safety and ensures durability. You need to make sure you have a perfect fitting door, so you need to understand if you need a door for a prefabricated fireplace, or for masonry.

Regardless, it’s essential to have these doors adequately installed and maintained regularly to maximize their safety effectiveness, while contributing to a captivating focal point.



There’s something undeniably captivating about the warm and inviting fireplace glow in your home. Not only does it add a touch of charm to your indoor living space year-round, but it also provides a cozy ambience during cold winter evenings.

Enhancing the beauty and safety of your fireplace is not just a matter of aesthetics but an important responsibility of any homeowner to take seriously.

Incorporating these innovative products into your fireplace area can create a captivating focal point while protecting your family and home from potential hazards, all well within your reach.


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