The 2024 National Hardware Show (NHS 2024) showcased a number of inspirational products that can transform even the most basic yard into a garden oasis, by adding extra special elements to provide just the right appeal.

According to a recent nationwide survey conducted by NaturaLawn of America, a leading organic lawn care provider, “Yard Shameprevents 66% of homeowners from hosting social gatherings at home, as much as they would like.

These same respondents admitted that investment in their outdoor spaces since 2020 is likely to continue, as 85% reported making some improvements to their yards over the past five years.

Yard Shame isn’t just about lacking healthy plants and ample green spaces. It’s also about dealing with a range of nagging issues — such as unsightly HVAC hardware, obtrusive downspouts, persistent puddles, and insect infestations, to name a few — that can all make one hesitant to entertain outdoors. This is especially true if you are unaware of emerging new products that can help you address these challenges with minimal cost and effort.

Here are several innovative outdoor and garden products that we discovered at NHS 2024 that will help you transform your outdoor spaces to be the envy of your neighbors and friends! Yard Shame Be Gone!

Our Favorite Outdoor & Garden Products from NHS 2024

Here are additional outdoor products that we also included in our list of favorite Home Wellness Products from NHS 2024:

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Espegard Campfire Pan

Proudly hailing from Norway, Espegard is a new entrant in the US outdoor home products market, but is well-known in Europe since the introduction of their popular Campfire Pan in 2000. Although typically seen as part of an off-grid trek, the Campfire Pan is a welcome addition to any residential backyard, as it imparts a romantic campfire feeling without having a fire on the ground.

Couple enjoying their Espegard Campfire Pan on their deck with views

The Espegard Campfire Pan being used on a deck

A special benefit of the Campfire Pan is that it’s safer and less-intrusive since the fire is encapsulated in the lower pan, reducing the risk of a fire spreading, while not leaving burn or scorch marks on the ground. The three support legs can be easily adjusted to fit the underlying terrain, to be secure and well-balanced. A diverse suite of accessories make the grill highly functional, safe and enjoyable.

In efforts to expand into the United States, Espegard forged a strategic partnership with Cedar Creek Rustic Furnitures based on their strong mutual affinity towards outdoor lifestyles and use of sustainable materials and manufacturing methods. The partnership will also enable Espegard to incorporate complimentary products made by Cedar Creek into Espegard’s US-based website.

For example, the outdoor furniture displayed at Espegard’s marvelous outside experiential “booth” at NHS 2024 was provided by Cedar Creek ,which masterfully meshed with Espegard’s brand and array of products.

Espegard at NHS 2024 Backyard Booth rustic outdoor adirondack chair and footrest

Cedar Creek outdoor furniture at Espegard’s NHS 2024 Outdoor Booth

Consumers in the US who enjoy camping, grilling and spending time outdoors should definitely keep an eye on Espegard, as they introduce their collection of captivating experiential outdoor lifestyle products to this new market. If you’re not yet ready for a Campfire Pan, we recommend starting with Espegard’s Campfire Gloves, a comfortable and practical way to familiarize yourself with their enticing lifestyle brand and quality.

Woman heating tea kettle on an Espegard Campfire Pan

The Espegard Campfire Pan in action


Toolway TurnSpout 360 Degree Downspout Connector

If you have problems with storm downpours that create drainage issues or have a current downspout that is a tripping hazard or nuisance during yard maintenance, then TurnSpout might just be the solution.

Toolways TurnSpout 360 degree downspout connector

Toolsways Turnspot

An adjustable, lockable elbow joint, TurnSpout rotates 360° and lifts/lowers 25° to get out of your way conveniently whenever necessary. The TurnSpout allows you to redirect water flow, move the downspout to avoid damage, as well as to remove drain spouts away from passage ways.

Constructed of UV-resistant, high-density, rugged ABS plastic, TurnSpout measures 7″ long with 2 1/2″ × 2 1/2″ and 2 3/4″ × 2 3/4″ ends.

TurnSpout Overview

TurnSpout Product - Brand 21

How to Install TurnSpout

TurnSpout Easy Installation 50Mbps


RTS Home Accents Decorative Screens

HVAC condensers, water softener equipment and other bulky outdoor items are necessary equipment that detract from the aesthetics of any outdoor space. Although these items often need to be in highly visible spots, you no longer have to concede defeat to these eyesores.

RTS Home Accents Decorative Screen to hide heat pump condensers

RTS Home Accents Decorative Planter Screen

RTS Home Accents has an array of Decorative Planter Screens to fit almost every piece of equipment that sits alongside your property. Constructed of solid aluminum and powder-coated for corrosion resistance, these stylish decorative screens double as planters that are able to withstand the elements.

The best part is that they are as beautiful as they are functional and require zero maintenance! Not only do they visually hide unsightly equipment, they enable homeowners to add attractive green elements to their outdoor spaces.

RTS Home Accents Decorative Screens exhibited at NHS 2024

RTS Home Accents Decorative Screen exhibited at NHS 2024


Snow-Fruit-Nut Shakers by Screwups

Inventor and serial entrepreneur, Timmy Crawford, has built a company, Screwups, around creating practical products that tackle everyday challenges.

Screwups Shaker products: Christmas Lights, Snow, Fruit and Nuts

Screwup Shaker Products & Christmas Lights Hanger exhibited at NHS 2024

Their latest line of “shaker” products do just that:

Our best definition of these products is that they are multifunctional tools that anyone can use for yard maintenance and beyond. They are also another example of helpful assistive technology for the home, as they can help you do more around the yard safely and intuitively.

Though the high-grade plastic tool is packaged and marketed as three distinct products geared towards tackling three different “shaking” tasks — snow, fruit, and nuts — each type of shaker is virtually identical in design, excepting the color.

Before assuming that this product strategy might just be another marketing gimmick, hear us out. Positioning this new tool for the right task in the right geographic areas at the right time of year is imperative to conveying the benefits quickly to prospective shoppers.

Stated another way, homeowners with many bountiful fruit trees likely won’t have a need to shake snow from their trees. Conversely, homeowners that need safe ways to shake snow from their trees, will not have a pressing need for gathering fruit during the summer. However, both customer types can benefit from their primary need, as well as extended uses, as they get acclimated with the tool, such as:

  • Shaking Leaves: After trimming hedges and trees, we use our Screwup to give the branches a good shake to release any cuttings and leaves that have become trapped in between the branches. The meticulous look of your trimming will be for naught without proper shaking, as trapped trimmings will soon turn brown.
  • Hanging Lights & Passing Extension Cords: Attached to a telescopic pole, a Screwup can help you pass extension cords, Christmas lights, and other stringed objects to higher vantage points and upper levels, such as balconies and second story windows.
  • Personal Safety: We bring our Screwup Shaker, attached to a telescopic pole, on our evening walks, as protection against encroaching wildlife, such as coyotes, or chance encounters with attacking dogs.
  • Snake Removal: Lifting garden snakes has become more manageable, as reptiles easily wrap themselves around the Screwup for their safe transport down to the neighborhood creek. For the squeamish, yes, a generous telescopic reach is perfect for this type of usage.

And yes, we do use our Shaker to score fresh fruit from our neighborhood orchards as well, especially fruit in hard-to-reach places.

You never know the tool you always needed until you own a Screwup Shaker for around the home chores or whenever you need just the right tool.


Permasteel Kenmore Retro Portable Tabletop Grill

As fans of the Coleman Stove, the ubiquitous camping stove that almost every family had, we were pleasantly surprised to see Permasteel’s latest grilling product. With an exclusive licensing agreement with Sears for Kenmore grills and accessories, Permasteel is making its mark as a premium quality outdoor brand.

Permasteel Kenmore portable propane grill exhibited at NHS 2024

The Permasteel Kenmore Portable Tabletop Grill exhibited at NHS 2024

Award-winning Permasteel has developed a retro-looking Kenmore 2-Burner Cast Aluminum Portable Tabletop Grill that is perfect for intimate barbeques at home, beach side picnics, tailgating, and other forms of impromptu mobile grilling.

Permasteel Kenmore Retro Portable Tabletop Gas Grill in Black

Permasteel Kenmore Retro Portable Tabletop Gas Grill

Made from cast aluminum, the portable, two-burner gas grill fires 14,400BTU across an 18”x15″ surface, with an included warming rack. The stylish grill is also designed for easy transporting and storing, as it can quickly transform into a “luggage” piece:

  • The 4 support legs all easily fold underneath
  • The grill cover is secured with two side snap latches
  • Two sturdy side handles can be used to carry the 26.2 lb appliance for easy placement elsewhere

This affordable, easy-to-store and easy-to-use grill is also a great way to get acclimated to a grilling lifestyle prior to committing to a larger grill that will require more space, a higher investment, and a steeper learning curve.

Available in six vibrant colors that will add an appealing design element to any space, this versatile, compact grill will be the focal point of your outdoor culinary station.

Permasteel Kenmore Retro Portable Tabletop Grill in 6 Colors

The 6 Colors of the Permasteel Kenmore Retro Portable Tabletop Grill

Where to Purchase Permasteel Products


AeroBroom 2-in-1 Sweeper & Leaf Blower

It’s important to keep your sidewalks and driveways clear of debris and other detritus, as they can detract from the overall curb appeal of your property. Blowing and sweeping are the most common ways to achieve pristine walkways and driveways, but switching between these two methods can be maddening, especially when encountering hard-to-reach edges and corners. and surfaces with many irregular crevices.

AeroBroom 2-in-1 Sweeper and Leaf Blower NHS 2024

The AeroBroom 2-in-1 Sweeper & Leaf Blower in use

Aerobroom gives you the versatility and efficiency of both methods with a 2-in-1 Sweeper & Leaf Blower that is light-weight, rechargeable and just the perfect tool for everyday cleanup jobs. The cordless blower can run attached to the broom handle or by itself as a standalone, with a 30-minute single charge life.

Aerobroom Discount Promo Code

For any purchases on, be sure to use the PURGULA15 discount promo code, to receive a 15% discount on your order.

The AeroBroom 2-in-1 Sweeper & Leaf Blower and logo

The AeroBroom 2-in-1 Sweeper & Leaf Blower

Don’t be surprised if the Aerobroom becomes your next favorite cleaning tool!

Introducing Aerobroom

Introducing Aerobroom


Rhino Cart All Terrain Mover 

Perhaps your yard is filled with items that have overstayed their usefulness and have become difficult to move. Better yet, perhaps you would like to move a heavy object, such as a backyard grill, into a different location that is more conducive to your backyard’s design.

Woman using Rhino Cart All Terrain Mover to move outdoor grill on her deck

Rhino Cart being used to move an outdoor grill

Rhino Cart All Terrain Mover is the answer to move oversized objects over hard surfaces! Better than an old school dolly, the RhinoCart is the most rugged all terrain moving cart on the market and is specifically designed to conquer door thresholds, uneven surfaces, and even hard pack dirt and gravel, while carrying up to 2,000 lbs.

Rhino Cart Product Video

Rhino Cart Product Video

Don’t wait for help to move that heavy, oversized object, just get a Rhino Cart and get the job done without having to hire a handyman!


East Oak Outdoor Pizza Oven

Expanding their reach to all aspects of outdoor entertainment, the team at East Oak did a tremendous job showcasing their wide breadth of outdoor products during their first appearance at NHS 2024. They have you covered for all your backyard comforts: chic, durable yet comfortable outdoor furniture; an assortment of heating accessories (fire pits and heat lamps); premium pizza ovens; electric smokers; stylish storage boxes; and fun, yet sturdy outdoor screen houses with UV protection that can even float on water!

Offering outdoor appliances and decor that fit your budget, East Oak offers a range of products that are also especially well-designed for smaller outdoor spaces, such as condo patios, balconies, and master suite decks, such as the Brasa Mini Tabletop Smokeless Firepit. With triple combustion technology, this small but mighty fire pit allows 135% oxygen intake, with a smokeless more robust burn.

East Oak is another innovative and passionate brand within the outdoor lifestyle space that deserves the attention of outdoor enthusiasts.

Chef Robbie Rensel cooking breakfast pizza with the East Oak Pizza Oven at NHS 2024

Chef Robbie Rensel cooking breakfast pizza with the East Oak Pizza Oven at NHS 2024

East Oak had many products that caught our attention but we chose to focus on their 12 Inch Wood Pellet Outdoor Pizza Oven largely due to the delicious breakfast pizza prepared by Chef Robbie Rensel. Rensel did a fabulous job explaining, demonstrating and answering questions about East Oak’s pizza oven. Most importantly he removed the mystery around how to use a cooking appliance of this kind, while showing how much fun it would be to incorporate this tool into one’s culinary repetiore.

East Oak outdoor pizza oven in use at NHS 2024

East Oak Outdoor Pizza Oven in use at NHS 2024

Here are a few highlights of this impressive and highly affordable pizza oven:

  • Oven heats up fast, reaching 950 degrees within 12 minutes
  • Pizza cooks within just 60 to 90 seconds
  • Stone can be easily rotated by manually turning the front knob (strangely satisfying in a world of overly “smart” appliances)
  • Equipped with a front door with a handle for internal temperature control
  • Operates at temperatures ranging from 250°F (120°C) to 1000°F (550°C)
  • Can cook at high temperature for one hour on one fuel batch
  • Can be used to cook meat
  • Sturdy and solidly built and safe to operate at 47.2 lbs
  • Significantly less expensive than other pizza ovens of this size

Where to Purchase East Oak Products


ChefsTemp ProTemp Plus Wireless Meat Thermometer

Being able to engage in the festivities has always been difficult for the person in charge of the grill. However, in a “set it and forget it” world, ChefsTemp ProTemp Plus Wireless Meat Thermometer allows you to set up your grilled foods while joining your guest indoors or outdoors, with its unlimited range monitor.

ChefsTemp ProTemp Plus Wireless Meat Thermometer at NHS 2024

ChefsTemp ProTemp Plus Wireless Meat Thermometer on display at NHS 2024

Compared to similar products, ProTemp is the only product that allows up to three probes for one device, uses rechargeable batteries, is rain resistant, and works with both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technologies.

Get grillin’ and enjoy the party!


Gardien Adjustable Plant Stand

Perhaps it’s time to start from the ground up with new sod, flowers, trees and all things green and wonderful. If this is the case then Gardien has all the products you need to “Prepare, Grow Protect and Beautify” your property — both indoor and outdoor!

Gardien Madison Style Adjustable Plant Stand with white pot

Gardien Adjustable Plant Stand in Madison Style

The company sells a full line of landscape, protective and geotextile fabrics garden tools and more. We were intrigued by a product that was just introduced — an Adjustable Plant Stand — that can be customized to fit any medium to large planter. Finally, the perfect stand to grow with your favorite plants and trees, as the durable all-metal construction can hold up to 125 lbs.

Gardien Adjustable Plant Stands come in two size formats, Standard and Large:

  • The Standard size comes in 4 design styles and can handle up to 75 lbs with pots having diameters ranging from 12 inches to 16 inches.
  • The Large size comes in 3 design styles and can handle up to 125 lbs with pots having diameters ranging from 16 inches to 22 inches.
Gardien Adjustable Plant Stands Chart with Width Adjustment Measurements in Inches

Gardien Adjustable Plant Stands Chart with Width Adjustment Measurements in Inches

Gardien® Adjustable Plant Stands – How To Install

Gardien® Adjustable Plant Stands – How To Install

Though the plant stands are not designed to be adjusted vertically, the height of the Standard Butterfly version can be changed simply by turning it upside-down.


CTM International Lighted Bird Bath Fountains

CTM International is a Canadian company based in Montreal, Quebec, with several branch locations in Asia, including showrooms in Hong Kong and Shanghai. They specialize in patio furniture and outdoor garden products. Given their extensive access to a wide-range of materials, designs and manufacturing partnerships, their emphasis is on appealing original designs.

Though we are unable to provide further details on the beautiful lighted bird bath fountains they showcased at NHS 2024, we can attest that these fountains really stood out and commanded our attention. CTM’s captivating display made it quite easy to imagine how these fountains could magically transform any outdoor space or garden.

CTM Lighted Water Fountains at NHS 2024

CTM Lighted Bird Bath Fountains exhibited at NHS 2024


Trimyxs Trimmer & Edger

A revolutionary push mower attachment that attaches to all major lawnmower brands is the Trimyxs Trimmer & Edger, to give your lawn that extra special, polished look.

Trimxys Trimmer & Edger presented at NHS 2024

Trimxys Trimmer & Edger presented at NHS 2024

Complete with a battery and a charger, the Trimyxs 3-in-1 garden tool connects easily to the side of your mower, opposite to where grass clippings are expelled. Yardwork is reduced by 80%, as you can now mow, edge and trim AT THE SAME TIME, instead of performing each task separately.

Video: Trimmer & Edger Push Lawn Mower Attachment


Backyard Banger Outdoor Kitchen Wet Bar on Wheels

If portable and affordable are important, then take a look at Backyard Banger’s Outdoor Kitchen and Wet Bar on Wheels.

Backyard Banger at NHS 2024, a portable garden hose kitchen & wet bar on wheels

The Backyard Banger on display at NHS 2024

The beauty of this ready-to-go party is that it’s portable, affordable, adaptable, and storable. An ideal setup for renters — take it with you wherever you go — or for those with smaller outdoor spaces or short outdoor seasons, who only need their outdoor kitchen when entertaining.

Be sure to watch the marketing video below that highlights the contagious enthusiasm the inventive startup has for their product, outdoor entertaining, and, most importantly, their target customer base. Further proof that their “party-centric” marketing efforts are being well-received is that their outdoor “booth” received the most visits during NHS 2024, out of nearly 1,500 exhibitors!

Video: An Introduction to the Backyard Banger

This mobile kitchen wet bar is sold complete with:

  • 16 square feet of outdoor treated/food grade counterspace
  • Collapsible hideaway sink and cup wash with a soap dispenser and stainless-steel plumbing
  • Power tower with 2 20 Amp GFCI outlets, 2 USB ports
  • Wireless charger & Bluetooth Speaker
  • Black powder coated carbon steel frame with industrial caster wheels

Optional Accessories

  • Attachable Banger Bar top
  • 4.4. Cubic Mini refrigerator
  • Umbrella Ballast
  • Banger Starter 5-gallon Bucket with Overflow Sensor

The setup is simple: connect the unit to an extension cord, plugs into a standard 110 volt, place the 5-gallon Backyard Banger bucket in the under-sink cabinet and connect your garden hose to the unit. The party starts immediately! No gas lines, no running water pipes, no electrical installations, no building permits, no HOA approval and no assembly required!


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