Residential swimming pools are undergoing a remarkable transformation, becoming more creative, opulent and convenient than ever before.

The latest offerings in residential pools go beyond mere swimming and stand as a testament to contemporary technological and design brilliance.

In this article, we explore several examples of innovation within the residential pool sector and how these new capabilities are changing the way we relax and rejuvenate in our own homes.

9 Areas of Innovation in Residential Swimming Pools

  1. Natural Pools
  2. Smart Pool Technology
  3. Vanishing Edge Pools (AKA Infinity Pools)
  4. Saltwater Pools
  5. Energy-Efficient Pool Technology
  6. UV Technologies for Sanitizing & Heating
  7. In-Pool Features
  8. Prefab Plunge Pools
  9. Glass-Bottom Pools

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1. Natural Pools

If you are looking for a chemical-free swimming experience, you’ll want to consider a natural pool.

Biotop natural pool in Lincolnshire UK

A natural pool in Lincolnshire UK designed & built by Biotop

Natural pools are an environmentally friendly and visually appealing replacement for traditional chemically-treated pools that are growing in popularity. Natural pools integrate seamlessly into the natural environment of your property while using eco-friendly filtration systems to transform your backyard into a distinctive and harmonious place.

Natural pools consist of two important features:

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Ecological Filtration

A key characteristic of this unique type of pool lies in the adoption of eco-based filtration systems that replicate the natural processes found in ponds and lakes.

Here are two examples of ecological filtration methods:



Natural swimming pools incorporate specially constructed planting zones, where aquatic flora like water lilies and cattails play a crucial role in the filtration and purification process, effectively eliminating contaminants and surplus nutrients.

Regeneration Zones

In the vicinity of the natural pool, a system is placed where water flows through a bed of stones and gravel, enhancing its purification and oxygenation process before reintroducing it to the primary swimming zone.


Seamless Integration with the Local Environment

Natural pools are known for their seamless integration with the surrounding landscape.

Here are two innovative ways to enhance this natural harmony:

Native Plants

Plant native plants around the pool to attract local wildlife and emphasize the natural aesthetic. Consider using planters and flower beds to create a transition zone between the pool and the surrounding landscape.

Custom Design

Work with a pool professional to create a custom design that complements the natural features of your site, such as existing vegetation, rocks and terrain.


2. Smart Pool Technology

Similar to other home systems, the integration of intelligent features are transforming the way we interact with and manage our pools. From controlling various aspects of maintenance to real-time monitoring, a modern lap pool offers convenience, efficiency, and peace of mind like never before.

Smart pool technology gives homeowners the ability to control their pool remotely, directly from their smartphone or other connected device.

The following smart pool features are changing the way homeowners interact and maintain their pools:


Temperature Control

Similar to smart thermostats, smart pool apps allow you to adjust the temperature of the water to your preference with a few taps on your phone, even before you leave the pool.


Filtration and Cleaning

Filtration cycles, cleaning procedures, and even robotic cleaners can be conveniently activated and scheduled from your smartphone. This ensures that your pool is always ready for any impromptu dips.


Lighting and Ambiance

Change colors, adjust intensity, and even set dynamic lighting effects to create a mood for your swimming pool oasis.


Real-Time Monitoring

Pool management includes real-time monitoring and data analysis to ensure the health and safety of your pool. Recent advancements in intelligent pool technology encompass water quality assessment and chemical dispensing.

Young woman accessing mobile swimming pool monitoring app

Cutting-edge sensors can continuously track essential metrics like pH levels, chlorine concentration, and alkalinity. Instant notifications are then sent when any of these parameters stray from the ideal range or when maintenance is required for the equipment.


3. Vanishing Edge Pools (AKA Infinity Pools)

Commonly known as infinity pools, vanishing edge pools have established themselves as the ultimate symbol of opulence and aesthetic sophistication in contemporary pool design. These marvels of architecture are renowned for their capacity to craft a mesmerizing optical illusion, wherein the water appears to extend infinitely beyond the pool’s boundary.


The Illusion of Vanishing Edge Pools

A vanishing edge pool boasts one or more edges that magically merge with their surroundings, whether it’s a captivating natural vista, an urban skyline, or a vibrant garden. This innovative design conjures a mesmerizing illusion of water extending boundlessly to the distant horizon.

Luxury home with vanishing edge infinity pool with view of rural mountains

The exquisite architectural beauty of vanishing edge pools is the result of meticulous design. The cascading water overflowing the edge is skillfully gathered and then pumped back into the primary pool, creating a seamless and uninterrupted flow over the edge.

Vanishing edge infinity pool with deck, chaise lounge chairs and ocean and mountain views


Tips for Creating a Vanishing Edge Pool

If you’re contemplating the installation of an infinity pool on your property, adhere to these guidelines to maximize the potential of this architectural marvel:

  • Location: choose a location that optimizes the views and complements your natural surroundings.
  • Materials and Finishes: use high-quality materials, such as glass tiles or natural stone to emphasize the elegance of the pool.
  • Safety: install safety features, such as barriers and alarms, as they are vital to prevent accidents, especially for raised pools or pools with a visible cliff edge.

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4. Saltwater Pools

Saltwater pools are another viable option for homeowners seeking a less chemically-harsh swimming experience.

Woman soaking feet in a saltwater pool with plumeria flowers

Saltwater pools are redefining luxury with two key benefits. First, they offer gentle, skin-friendly water experiences, leaving behind the irritation associated with traditional chlorine pools. Second, they offer simplified maintenance with salt chlorinators that provide a constant level of chlorine with minimal adjustment.

Saltwater pools are especially known for:


Wide-ranging Innovation

Innovation reigns supreme in the world of saltwater pools. Customizable salinity levels, dynamic LED lighting, seamless spa integration, and convenient remote control via smartphone apps are taking swimming experience to new heights.


Salt Chlorination

Salt chlorination is a process that uses salt to generate natural chlorine, a powerful disinfectant. Through an electrical reaction in a salt cell, chlorine gas is produced and dissolves in water, forming a sanitizing agent.

Woman swimming in a small saltwater pool in backyard

This method offers three key benefits:

  • Milder Water
  • Consistent Sanitization
  • Reduced Chemical Handling

This process has truly revolutionized water treatment, with its emphasis on efficiency and improved water quality.


5. Energy-Efficient Pool Technology

When it comes to transforming your backyard with a natural swimming pool, sustainability and cost savings go hand in hand. Embracing energy-efficient pool equipment is a pivotal step in reducing usage of natural resources and minimizing operational expenses.

Most energy-efficient solutions for residential pools can be categorized into two groups:


Energy-Efficient Pumps

Traditional pool pumps can be energy hogs, consuming substantial electricity to circulate water and maintain cleanliness.

Here are three ways to improve the efficiency of your pool’s water pump:

Variable-Speed Pumps

Consider investing in variable-speed pumps that allow you to adjust the pump’s speed according to your pool’s needs. This not only reduces energy consumption but also prolongs the lifespan of the pump

High-Efficiency Motors

Look for pool pumps equipped with high-efficiency motors, which are designed to consume significantly less electricity while delivering useful water circulation.

Smart Pump Controllers

Some modern pool pumps come with smart controllers that optimize pump speed and operation based on real-time conditions.


LED Pool Lighting

LED pool lights are energy-efficient, long-lasting, and versatile. They consume a fraction of the energy compared to traditional incandescent lighting, and many models offer color-changing options to create captivating lighting effects.

Opt for smart lighting control systems that allow you to program schedules, adjust colors, and control brightness remotely. This provides flexibility while conserving energy.

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6. UV Technologies for Sanitizing & Heating

Ultraviolet (UV) technologies have welcomed a plethora of new products for consumers, as the Sun’s UV rays can play a beneficial role in sanitation and purification of water in a number of ways.

The pool industry has harnessed the sun’s power to accomplish both efficient sanitization and heating using the sun’s energy and specific wavelengths to improve upon older, more traditional methods.

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Pool Sanitizing

With the advent of UV water purification for consumption taking consumers by storm, pool owners are leveraging the same technology for UV water purification and ozone oxidation.

Although typically used separately, water purification and oxidation used in combination can be highly effective. The ultraviolet purification system rids the pool of bacteria and other pathogens, while the ozone system kills micro-organisms and inorganic materials.

UV water purification systems, such as the Remington Solar Ionizer, allow you to use less or no chlorine, thereby providing a healthier swimming experience. Hair, skin and clothing are no longer bleached or affected by the damaging effects of traditional pool chemicals.

Ionizers use a germicidal frequency of the UV spectrum to disrupt the DNA of microorganisms.  When pool water passes through the Ionizer, it is ionized by a UV beam that kills bacteria and other pathogens while simultaneously inhibiting their reproduction.

Similarly, ozone oxidation disinfects and sanitizes swimming pools more effectively than chemicals, such as chlorine, by a safe chemical process that increases oxygen content.

With ozone oxidation, an ozone generator creates energy that breaks apart oxygen molecules into single oxygen atoms.

These single oxygen atoms then form a weak bond with free oxygen molecules, creating ozone. Free ozone in swimming pool water immediately starts oxidizing and eliminating contaminants such as viruses, bacteria and metals. Ozone is also able to destroy chlorine resistant pathogens and microorganisms, as well as inorganic materials such as suntan lotion, make up and other matter, commonly found in pool water.

The oxidation process is especially beneficial as the oxygen content of the water is increased as the by-product of ozone oxidation is oxygen. All of this is accomplished without harsh pool chemicals such as chlorine, which is a strong irritant that can prove harmful to eyes, skin, lungs and the overall respiratory system.

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Pool Heating

There are a myriad of solar products available on the market to get the chill out of your outdoor pool. Inflatable solar pool heaters and solar blankets, for example, provide an affordable way to heat and insulate your pool, as well as curb water evaporation.

There’s often no need for expensive gas or electric powered pool heaters when energy from the sun’s rays can provide safe, effective and free heating.

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7. In-Pool Features

If your ideal pool experience is driven primarily by staying cool and being entertained, you will certainly want to consider popular in-pool features. These elements are designed to enable pool users to spend more enjoyable time within the actual water of your pool, not just alongside it.

Popular examples of in-pool features include:

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Tanning Ledges & Baja Shelves

Tanning ledges, also referred to as baja shelves, are shallow, water- and sun-soaked platforms built within the pool, providing a perfect spot for sunbathing or relaxing with a refreshing drink in hand. These ledges are not only practical, but also add a touch of luxury and comfort to your pool experience.

Blue Haven Pools backyard pool with tanning ledge/baja shelf

A backyard pool with a tanning ledge/baja shelf by Blue Haven Pools


Swim-Up Bars

Swim-up bars can transform your pool into a luxurious tropical resort. These innovative additions allow you to enjoy your favorite beverages without ever needing to exit the water. They create a vacation-like atmosphere in your backyard, as well, perfect for entertaining guests or enjoying long, lazy afternoons.

Residential swim up pool bar

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In-Water Exercise Machines

Endless Pools has been a market leader in the modular “swim spa” category (i.e. “swimming treadmills”), and also offers several exercise products that can be used in most types of pools. Examples include:

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8. Prefab Plunge Pools

Prefab plunge pools offer an affordable and space-efficient way to transform one’s backyard into a luxurious oasis. With quicker installation, ample customization options, and easier maintenance, these pools have become a popular option for many homeowners.

Aerial view of a Plungie Max prefab concrete plunge pool in backyard

Aerial view of a Plungie prefab concrete plunge pool

Though typically not long enough for swimming laps, prefab plunge pools can be sufficiently deep to provide an immersive and refreshing experience without taking up much space. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles, making them a versatile choice for homeowners with different preferences and space constraints.

Soake Pools prefab concrete plunge pool in backyard

A serene backyard with prefab concrete plunge pool by Soake Pools

The smaller size of prefab plunge pools is also often a preferred trait, as it makes integration with existing backyards easier, while also being more convenient to maintain.

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9. Glass-Bottom Pools

Homeowners seeking to make a daring statement with an unusual type of pool may want to consider a glass-bottom-pool. A glass-bottom pool can offer stunning panoramic underwater views to both swimmers and outside viewers.

Sunset Strip home with glass bottom pool. Photo by Tri-Blend Media

Image courtesy of Tri-Blend Media

This type of pool features a transparent floor that allow swimmers and waders to view what lies beneath, such as a stunning garden or intriguing views of a lower floor of a home. The technical term for this type of feature is “transparent bottoms for basins” and can be used in tandem with glass-walled pools, as well.

Glass-bottom pools come in various shapes and sizes, using glass especially engineered to withstand immense pressure and ensure safety, and can be installed either indoors or outdoors.


Final Remarks

As we conclude our exploration of these innovative residential pool ideas, it’s clear that the world of home pools has entered a new era of sophistication and sustainability.

Smart pool technology offers convenience and control like never before, while vanishing edge pools provide an unparalleled aesthetic experience. Natural swimming pools harmonize with the environment, saltwater pools redefine comfort, and energy-efficient equipment paves the way for a more eco-conscious approach to pool ownership.


About the Author

Liam Mills is a home products expert and founder of ValueHunta, a contributor to ByRossi, an innovator in the luxury residential hot tub and pool industries.


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