If you want to sell your home this winter, but buyers seem to show little interest, the season may not be the reason.

While it may be challenging to sell your home during the cold season in most places across the country, this may not be the reason your home isn’t selling. In fact, if you need to sell your house fast during the cold months, your solution may be much easier than you think.

Making a few changes here and there to your home can entice buyers to purchase, despite the cold weather. Here are five in-person and virtual staging tips to help you sell your home quickly this winter.

5 Effective Ways to Stage Your Home for Winter

  1. Start at the Curb
  2. Display the Best Photos of Your Home
  3. Make Sure Buyers Feel Warm
  4. Focus on the Fireplace
  5. Choose Neutral Holiday Décor

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1. Start at the Curb

If you want to sell your home this winter, start at the curb.

While this is important during any season, it is imperative during the winter, as the climate of colder months can easily detract from the appeal of your home. A buyer will be attracted to an inviting exterior no matter the time of the year, so be sure that the outside of your home isn’t covered in leaves, twigs, or pine cones.

Snow Shoveled sidewalk in front of Winter Home

Additionally, make sure that snow and ice aren’t covering your walkways by shoveling it away and placing salt to make buyers safe while visiting your property.


2. Display the Best Photos of Your Home

Whether you plan to stage your home virtually or allow buyers to visit it in person, it’s always important to leverage attractive photos of your home.

While many “latest-generation” smartphones on the market can indeed take high-quality images, hiring a professional photographer who specializes in real estate listings is a highly effective tactic to take.

Professional photos will make your property stand out because a professional will know how to capture the lighting and proper angles to make images alluring. Besides getting noticed, professionally taken and edited real estate photos will more likely create an emotional bond with prospective buyers.

Contemporary Living Room with Long Winter Shadow

Be sure to shop around locally to find not only a seasoned real estate photographer, but one who is also up-to-date on the latest technologies necessary to make your home standout from the competition. Refrain from treating your real estate photos as a weekend DIY project!


3. Make Sure Buyers Feel Warm

Of course, you’ll want prospective buyers to feel emotionally warm and fuzzy when they see your beautiful home for the first time, but this is not the only type of warmth they should feel.

Warm sitting room, pouring hot winter drinks

You should make sure that interested parties literally feel warm while they are visiting your home by turning up the temperature. No one wants to come indoors from cold outdoor temperatures, only to encounter an equally inhospitable interior that is as cold as outside.

Instead of setting your thermostat in the 60s to save on energy bills, generously turn it up several degrees to the lower 70s. Consider installing a smart thermostat to control the temperature from your phone. With smart thermostats, when potential buyers are finished touring your home for the day, you can lower the temperature until it is time for your next tour.


4. Focus on the Fireplace

In line with keeping it warm in your place, it is also a good idea to spruce up your fireplace.

You can decorate the mantel of your fireplace with traditional candles, battery-operated candles, or other tasteful décor items. It is also a good idea to allow a fire to burn in the fireplace, as long as your agent is present during the showing.

Lit contemporary fireplace in living room


5. Choose Neutral Holiday Décor

You may love Christmas and the winter holidays, which may show in your choice of holiday décor, but too much holiday “personality” could turn off prospective buyers. While some buyers may not be big holiday fans, even those that avidly celebrate the holidays may not care for your particular “flavor” of decoration.

While you don’t have to put aside your love of Christmas or Hanukkah to please potential buyers, staying moderate with these holiday-specific decorations is a sound approach, as you do not want to create any unnecessary distractions.

Christmas Tree with Hurricane Lamp and Lighting

Instead, try to choose neutral decor, which gives buyers a hint of winter. Choose scents that are ideal for the season, such as apple or cinnamon. Also, select plush, colorful pillows for your couch or bed.

Winter décor with mug of hot chocolate

Remember to also toss some comfy throws on your sofa or bed to create a cozy atmosphere. It may also be a good idea to hang a wreath on the front door or hang decorative snowflakes in certain areas of your home.

Selling your home during winter may be challenging, but the proper staging can get the right buyers lined up at your door. While these tactics will likely help, also consider hiring a professional stager, if you need help with staging your home. No matter what season it is, these professionals can help showcase your home in the best possible light to ensure it sells as quickly as possible.


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