If you’re interested in adding a driveway, patio, or other concrete installation to your home, you may feel tempted to take on the project yourself. DIY projects can often save homeowners money, while expanding their home improvement skills for future projects. Smaller DIY concrete projects such as filling in cracks or making concrete planters or stepping stones are often doable for the average homeowner.

However, large concrete installation projects are typically involve a major undertaking that can be difficult for even the most tenacious DIY homeowners.

Learn the benefits of hiring a professional concrete contractor to complete your installation for you so that you can decide for yourself what the better option is.

3 Key Benefits of Hiring a Professional Concrete Contractor

  1. Quality Results the First Time
  2. Better Return on Investment
  3. Less Downtime and More Inconvenience

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1. Quality Results the First Time

One of the biggest issues with DIY projects is not knowing upfront how they’ll turn out the first time. Practice makes perfect, but if you’re attempting something like a concrete pour for the first time, you likely won’t have the luxury of having adequate materials, resources, space, and time to hone this skill.

Home driveway being prepped with rebar for concrete pour

Instead of taking a DIY approach and leaving the results up to chance, we strongly recommending entrusting a reputable local concrete company to perform the job for you. When you hire a great concrete contractor with the proper experience and credentials, the chances of your concrete project turning out the way you want it the first time will be vastly more likely.

Concrete professional smoothing new home driveway

Not only will trustworthy professionals know the best approach to take, they will have the resources to carry out plans with concrete tools, such as mixers, screeds, and vapor retarders. These specialty tools make a huge difference in making concrete installation simple, efficient, and appealing.


2. Better Return on Investment

In addition to looking better, professional concrete installations are also more likely to be more durable and last longer than DIY installations. Any home project involving a vital aspect of your home, such as roofing repair, flooring, wiring, and concrete installation, is always worth considering a professional investment.

Long concrete residential driveway in desirable neighborhood

Besides increased likelihood of quality results, you will have the added assurance that the work was done correctly to code, which is critical for both home valuation and protection against future liability after selling your property.

Concrete isn’t a cheap investment, no matter how you apply it, so wouldn’t you prefer a concrete surface that will last for as long as possible? Keep in mind that a high-quality concrete installation can also raise your home’s property value, while a shoddy implementation can negatively impact its value quickly.

Home with new concrete planter and redone driveway

Trusting a professional concrete service with the job is the best way to ensure a high-quality installation that will last years and provide a better return on investment.


3. Less Downtime and More Inconvenience

Finally, completing a DIY concrete project by yourself or with a small team can take much longer than a professional service. One of the biggest benefits of hiring a professional contractor for your concrete project is that they know what they’re doing and can often complete a project in a matter of days, even larger projects.

Concrete professional working on new home driveway

DIY concrete projects require precious time that you could spend on other, more manageable projects around your home or place of business. Contractors often have tight schedules, especially around busy times of the year, such as summer. This means they’ll be more likely to stay on schedule and complete your concrete project faster than you would be able to with your own efforts and materials.

Concrete projects are some of the biggest and most intimidating undertakings you can do as a homeowner. While it’s certainly possible to make it work by yourself, the consequences can be dire if you make a mistake, and they can set you back for a while trying to fix them. Before you begin a new concrete project, be sure to consider whether the cost of hiring a professional will save you from a lot of headaches in the long run.


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