Purgula was back in Las Vegas last week for the National Hardware Show 2024 (AKA NHS), perusing exhibits for interesting, unusual and innovative home products that caught our eye.

We were surprised at the number of Home Wellness products that were available, either as main products, auxiliary products or future products looking to launch later this year.

Here are highlights of various innovative Home Wellness products we discovered at NHS 2024 that we think you will enjoying learning about!

Our Favorite Home Wellness Products from NHS 2024

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Voesh Vitamin C Shower Filter

From Voesh, the brand that brought you the popular Mani-Pedi in a Box, comes an impressive product that can transform any bathroom into a soothing aromatic spa via an easy-to-install shower filter.

Voesh Vitamin C Shower Filter Rainforest Mist

Voesh Vitamin C Shower Filter Rainforest Mist

Voesh, a lifestyle brand that caters to self-care enthusiasts, has created a wellness shower filter that attaches to any standard shower head, shower arm or hand-held sprayer. As water passes through the filter your body is bathed in vegan probiotics, vitamin C, botanical oils hyaluronic acid and oatmeal powder. All of these ingredients combine to moisturize, strengthen and regenerate the skin barrier and help to soften and soothe your skin and hair.

The filter also removes chlorine and other water impurities that can cause dry, itchy or irritated skin.

Voesh’s shower filters come in five blissful soothing aromas:

  • Clean Ocean
  • Lavender Land
  • Citrus Crush (our favorite)
  • Blossom Bliss
  • Rainforest Mist

Where to Purchase Voesh Vitamin C Shower Filters

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Rescue FlyPad

Just prior to leaving for this year’s National Hardware Show, we had propagated a series of Kumquat branches and left them inside of our kitchen window to root. Unfortunately, some of the leaves were infested with fungus gnat larvae which rampantly hatched while we were away.

Rescue's new FlyPad pest control product

Rescue’s new FlyPad product

Discovering this annoyance upon our return, we immediately thought of testing a free pest control sample we received at NHS to see what it could do. Enter Rescue FlyPad — an easy-to-use, patented disposable flytrap with a signature VisiLure pattern that attracts flies without chemicals.

Rescue Smarter Pest Control literally saved the day!

Rescue FlyPad closeup view of fungus gnats

Fungus gnats captured on a Rescue FlyPad

Within one hour, our first trap was teeming with fungus gnats that had stuck themselves to the pad. The product’s TouchSafe technology encompasses ridges in the trap, so you never touch the sticky glue that traps the critters.

We can gratefully attest that THIS PRODUCT WORKS!

Also worthy of praise is Rescue FlyPad’s generous and pervasive approach to offering free samples to NHS attendees, such that there was virtually no excuse for anyone not trying their innovative product.

Where to Purchase Rescue FlyPads

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ExtremeMist Personal Cooling System

Developed by a modern-day Adventurer Renaissance Man, Ron LaikindExtremeMist is the result of Laikind’s adventurous (and perilous) trek across the Saharan Dessert, chronicled in his book Drifting Through the Sands of Time.

ExtremeMist Portable Mister System attached to an outdoor patio umbrella

ExtremeMist Portable Mister System attached to a patio umbrella

It was during this Saharan experience that he conceived of the idea for the ExtremeMist Personal Cooling System (PCS). As a lover of challenging outdoor explorations, Laikind is seldom deterred by harsh weather conditions, such as sweltering, dry desert heat. However, his inquisitive mind always looks for resourceful solutions at every turn that can make inhospitable circumstances more tolerable.

Hence, Laikind developed a number of products that utilize a misting system that provide the perfect cloud of ultra-fine mist to refresh and revive runners, hikers, and casual outdoor recreationalists when experiencing hot, oppressive climates.

ExtremeMist products displayed at National Hardware Show 2024

ExtremeMist products displayed at NHS 2024

With several products from which to choose, ExtremeMist offers a Misting & Drinking Bottle, a 2 Liter Misting & Drinking Hydration Pack and our favorite a 4 Nozzle Portable Misting System Kit. The misting kit can be conveniently clipped to a pergola, patio umbrella, golf cart, or anywhere that needs instant cooling.

Where to Purchase ExtremeMist Personal Cooling Systems


RMR Cleaning Solutions

Any experienced homeowner has had to deal with mold and mildew and is always looking for effective remediation methods that do not require hiring a professional.

RMR Cleaning Solutions for Homeowners are made for US-based consumers who need better, faster and stronger cleaning, disinfectant, and mold removal products. In short, many of their products are what the pros use.

RMR-86 Mold and Mildew Stain Remover Before and After photo

RMR-86 Mold & Mildew Stain Remover

Their top selling product is the RMR-86® Instant Mold & Mildew Stain Remover, also available on Amazon, which removes stains quickly without requiring any scrubbing.

RMR’s products originated from years of experience within the mold remediation industry by disaster restoration professionals, so they thoroughly understand the challenges at hand and have learned what truly works.

Important to keep in mind is that RMR’s biggest strength (powerful effectiveness) can be viewed as its biggest drawback. In other words, their products need to be used with proper precautions (e.g. ventilation), protection (e.g. sufficient PPE: personal protective equipment) and safe follow-up.

RMR’s mold stain remover solution is highly effective because it is potent, which means homeowners need to use proper precautions when using the product, especially when used indoors, e.g.:

  • Wear protective gloves (nitrile gloves are recommended)
  • Wear a protective mask (a full face respirator with organic acid gas cartridges is recommended)
  • Wear second-hand clothes preferably underneath a PPE suit (a hooded chemical Tyvek suit is recommended)
  • Open up the area for ventilation
  • Use a fan to blow the fumes outside, if possible
  • Test in small areas and amounts first to get accustomed to its potency
  • Thoroughly rinse treated areas after stains disappear or the stain removal solution has dried
  • Use the RMR-141 RTU Disinfectant afterward to prevent mold from growing back
  • Use RMR’s organic, non-toxic Xtreme Home Odor Eliminator spray as a final step to remove any lingering chlorine-like odors
  • Shower immediately afterward
  • Wash your clothing separately
  • Discard any unused cleaning solution within a certain timeframe
  • Also check for additional helpful tips on RMR’s Amazon reviews page

Persons sensitive to harsh cleaning solutions should consider RMR’s Botanical Disinfectant Cleaner, a plant-based disinfectant that is safe around food, children, and pets, and ideal for household surfaces.

The expert team at RMR also reminds homeowners of the following important tips regarding effective mold remediation:

  • Mold will eventually return if you do not find and mitigate the source of the water and moisture intrusion
  • Be wary of any mold remediation professionals who claim that they can find the source of your moisture intrusion quickly. In other words, thorough investigation and remediation to locate and mitigate the source issue takes time.

Where to Purchase RMR Cleaning Solution Products


Cascade Wild Bird Feeders

As firm believers in the therapeutic benefits of sensory gardens, we are confident in our choice of including an innovative bird feeder into our list of Home Wellness products.

Cascade Wild Bird Feeders are uniquely designed into structures that mimic how birds naturally feed in the wild, specifically how they nosh on tree branches. Said another way, these feeders are designed to facilitate the natural feeding patterns of birds.

Cascade Will Bird Feeder DNA Songbird feeder

Cascade Will Bird Feeder DNA Songbird feeder

Their patented designs (e.g. DNA/double helical and single helical) accommodate more birds to feed concurrently, while enabling them to stay longer as they traverse up and down the numerous feeding ports.

The feeders are also equipped with a convenient flip-top that can be used in conjunction with the Cascade Seed Scoop which makes refilling easy, clean and precise.

Though hummingbirds make for an important element of any garden, we are also intrigued by Cascade’s feeder designed to attract songbirds, which provide additional mental health benefits.

Cascade Feeders are not only ideal for engaging children, seniors, and bird lovers of all ages, but they also add an intriguing visual design element to your outdoor spaces.

Cascade™ DNA Songbird Seed Feeder Overview

Cascade™ DNA Songbird Seed Feeder overview

Cascade™ DNA Hummingbird Feeder Overview

Cascade™ DNA Hummingbird Feeder overview

Where to Purchase Cascade Wild Bird Feeders

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Goodyear Interior Glass Wipes

With a name that is synonymous with tires and rubber, Goodyear also has licensed products that are useful in your home and outdoors.

We discovered Goodyear Interior Glass Wipes — manufactured by SBI — perform extremely well on mirrored and glass surfaces. We attached a wipe to a squeegee and with just two passes our windows were dirt and bug free with no streaks!

Goodyear Interior Glass Wipes

A sneak peak of Goodyear’s new packaging for their Glass Wipes launching on June 1, 2024

One wipe handles both the interior and exterior of our kitchen window with no tear, lint residue or dirt smears. The wipes are ammonia-free and can be used on tinted surfaces without damaging the finish.

Where to Purchase Goodyear Interior Glass Wipes

  • Goodyear Glass Wipes will be available on June 1, 2024


Espegard Campfire Gloves

A new entrant into the US market is Espegard of Norway, a lifestyle brand that is making strong headway in Europe for its outdoor living products. The outdoor Backyard area of this year’s NHS was all-abuzz over Espegard’s novel Campfire Pans that are reminiscent of the cooking fireplaces in western movies.

Espegard outdoor campfire at NHS 2024

Espegard outdoor campfire at NHS 2024

Though we plan to explore the campfire pans in another article, we are excited to share the home wellness features of the Espegard Campfire Gloves (Bålhansker).

Espegard suede campfire gloves

Espegard suede campfire gloves

If you are prone to burns or singing arm hair while using your oven, then you must own these gloves. Constructed of genuine suede and leather, these durable, heat resistant gloves protect the wearer against hot surfaces up to the elbows in most cases. You can see and feel the quality of construction of these gloves, which were made for outdoor campfire use.

Where to Purchase Espegard Campfire Gloves


CasusGrill Ecofriendly Sustainable Grill

With ever increasing concerns about harmful chemicals and toxins entering our foods, consumers are looking for better and safer ways to prepare their meals. CasusGrill, a single-use, biodegradable grill is constructed of 100% natural materials and uses Quick Oxylite bamboo charcoal and Lava stone as a heat source.

CasusGrill barbecuing meat and vegetables

CasusGrill in action

There is no iron, aluminum, or need for lighter fluid, which can often overpower the taste of grilled foods. Invented by Danish, serial entrepreneur, Carsten Nygaard Broegger, CasusGrill inspires consumers to become healthier and environmentally conscious of the products they use.

CasusGrill single-use bamboo grill displayed at NHS 2024

CasusGrill’s single-use bamboo grill displayed at NHS 2024

Video Animation: How to Assemble a CasusGrill

Interesting Note
The prefix of the company’s name, Casus, is a concatenation of the two founders first names:

  • Ca from Carsten
  • Sus from the nickname for Susanne

The grill is ready to use in five minutes and has a grilling time of 60 minutes, while burning cleanly with less CO2 emissions than traditional charcoal grills. Perfect for balcony barbecues, tailgating and quick getaways, or anytime you need a grill without all the fuss, smoke and toxins.

CasusGrill single-use biodegradable bamboo grill in use at the beach

CasusGrill single-use bamboo grill in use at the beach

Where to Purchase CasusGrills


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