Whether you are a consummate host or a novice entertainer, here are eight categories of product ideas that will assuredly expand and elevate your festive repertoire!

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LED Lighting

Ensuring your indoor and outdoor areas have the right ambiance for your home events is easy with LED lighting. LED strips can be applied above or below, indoor and outdoor and are available in an array of hues to create the perfect balance for various times of day or night.

LED and motion sensor lighting are two concepts that create a great marriage for innovative residential use. There are many different types of LED lights from which to choose depending on the look you are attempting to achieve based on brightness, color, or intensity. Here are two ideas for using motion sensor enabled LED lighting for entertaining:

  • Pathway Lighting for Overnight Guests
  • Pathway Lighting for Party Guests

Pathway Lighting for Overnight Guests

Installing motion detected LED lighting in guest rooms (e.g. under the bed) and on pathways to the guest bathrooms for your overnight visitors is a thoughtful gesture, especially for older, more frail visitors. Guests that are unfamiliar with your home’s layout can be safely guided by under-the-bed lighting the moment their feet touch the floor from the bed, helping them to navigate less accustomed territory. A best practice is to continue the lighting from the bedroom to the bathroom such that there will not be a need to search for hallway switches or room lights.

Pathway Lighting for Party Guests

LED pathway lighting can also play a “stylish” safety role at parties (both indoor and outdoor) to direct your guests toward powder rooms, through outdoor areas, or up and down poorly lit staircases. Using different hues and lighting styles can increase the festive feel of your event.

Here a few LED lighting products available on Amazon that could be used for these types of applications:

Govee LED Strip Light WiFi RGB

Govee Smart LED Strip Lights WiFi RGB Color Changing

Additional LED lighting products available on Amazon:


Audio Equipment

Whether indoor or outdoor, good audio is essential to keep the mood and pace of any memorable celebration. From slow jazz to chill beats as the day or night wears on, make sure you have your playlists prepared in advance for assistance-free ambiance for the duration of your festivities.

Bose Soundbar & Soundlink Color Bluetooth Speakers

With technology developed at MIT, Bose products are the audiophile’s “goto” source for small or large event audio equipment. Bose Soundbars can be connected to home theaters and linked throughout the home. Use bluetooth technology to connect Soundlink Color Bluetooth speakers to carry sound to the the pool, park, backyard decks or patios.


Sonos Move Speaker

Sonos promotes their portable, outdoor-capable speaker Move as “The Best-Sounding Bluetooth Speaker in the World”. Move not only sounds good but it is durable, weatherproof, drop-resistant, battery-powered, wireless, smart, good for both indoor and outdoor listening, and can be controlled with your voice or the Sonos app. If you need to upgrade the music system in your home quickly to accommodate various gathering areas, such as an outdoor deck or patio, kitchen or den, this is the product for you. When entertaining guests, you can easily move your speakers to wherever your guests gather organically, indoors or outdoors.


WiFi & Charging Stations

Make sure your guests have all of the comforts of the modern world while enjoying your entertainment hospitality. This would include, plenty of WiFi capability to meet the needs of your guest as they snap photos for Instagram or Twitter posts to let the world know what great parties you throw. No attendee should ever be concerned about battery life or the number of bars they have, so stock up on items to keep the digital party alive.


If budget is not an issue, Orbi is the mega WiFi Mesh System to have in your home. Orbi is the first quad-band mesh WiFi 6E system available on the market, which means that it is ultra-fast and support many devices simultaneously – a must for any home business or SMART home. With combined WiFi speeds of up to 10.8Gbps across up to 9,000 square feet, you and your guests will enjoy an unparalled WiFi experience.


Portable Charger with Built-In Flashlight

The GETIHU portable charger would be a delightful and convenient surprise for your guests, as they could easily keep their devices charged throughout their stay. It also comes equipped with a flashlight to help navigate unfamiliar areas at night and to provide visual assistance in poorly lit situations.

Another related convenience to offer guests, is to have dedicated charging stations that come to the aid of visitors that may be low on battery power. The Lanshion Tower surge protector allows guests to re-charge their media devices throughout the night to keep the party going.


Automated Bartender Machines



An effortless and cost-effective way to have a professional bartender at your next event, is to hire the Bartesian cocktail maker. Simply select and insert the desired drink capsule into the machine, press the button and the machine does the rest. Fill your preferred premium spirits in the external glass bottles, which can hold up to four spirits at one time, or have them prefilled and stocked for easy swap outs when empty. To see a wider range of brands in this category, be sure to read our article that explores on-demand cocktail makers.

Introducing Bartesian



Carbonated drinks have never been easier for teetotalers or mixed drink enthusiasts. Sodastream creates sparking water at the touch of a button with its carbonated cartridge and your cold tap water. Prefer it flavored? Add fruit juice or Sodastream branded flavors, bubly drops, and you have your favorite sparkling soda. With their CO2 exchange program, you can drop off empty cartridges at major retailers or with Amazon’s delivery service, while purchasing new cartridges at a reduced price.


Breville Barista Express™

Breville is quickly making a name for itself in the US, as it is expanding more and more of its product offerings into the global marketplace. Usually found in European hotels and B&B’s, Breville microwaves and now espresso machines are becoming must-haves for those replacing their old appliances.

The Breville Barista Express is becoming a trending choice for an all-in-one espresso machine that is advertised as delivering “bean to espresso– in less than a minute”.

Breville® The Barista Express™ BES870XL Espresso Machine in Stainless Steel

Instant Mastery | You’re a press away from coffee fit for a barista | Breville USA


Outdoor Cooking Gear

Outdoor cooking means more than just “Barbecue” as there are a number of trending products that have opened up this category to allow you to surprise your guests with your expertise at upping your outdoor cooking game.

Kamado Joe 

Ceramic charcoal grills are becoming the trend for delicacies such as al pastore meats, peach cobbler, pizza and whole turkeys! The secret is the cyclonic airflow technology that controls heat and smoke in the SloRoller Hyperbolic Smoke chamber, while delivering taste and texture to the foods you love, similar to a convection oven. The Kamado Joe allows foods to be cooked at different temperatures at the same time, with the help of the 3-Tier Divide and Conquer Cooking System. There have not been many innovations in charcoal grills in centuries….that is until Kamado Joe arrived!

Kamado Grilling Redesigned | Not Your Average Joe


Ooni Fyra Pizza Oven

The Ooni Fyra Pizza Oven is a must have not just for making pizzas, but also for Naan, Indian flat bread, Lahmajoon, Lavash, and Pita. You can even make pumpkin pie, casseroles and fondu with your Ooni. The versatility of the Ooni appears to be endless, for those with imagination, some great recipes and a love for outdoor cooking. The best part is that the Ooni is portable, so you can really experiment on that next camping trip or bring it to a friend’s home so that they can enjoy the real joys of outdoor cooking.

How To Cook With Ooni Fyra 12 Pizza Oven | Essentials


Air Fryers

Just when we thought Air Fryers had peaked in their trendiness, the number of new offerings and online recipes appear to be exploding. The speed at which foods can now be “fried” as well as the healthy lack of deep fat frying will probably propel the popularity of Air fryers into the next decade. Our favorite is the Cuisinart since it not only functions as an air fryer but also a toaster oven. This two-for-one on counter space is a terrific value.

Cuisinart® | Healthier Cooking Methods with the Digital Air Fryer Toaster Oven


Eco-Friendly Dinnerware & Cutlery

Elegant, yet responsibly disposable, is the idea behind eco-friendly, bamboo palm and birch cutlery and dinnerware. Whether you are hosting a small gathering for appetizers and drinks, or a large event, served buffet style, eco-friendly dinnerware is “eco-logical”, economical and elegant!

Smarty Had A Party Round Palm Leaf Eco-Friendly Disposable Salad Plates


Transformable Dining Tables

Is it a bookshelf or a table? Yes, we know – it’s both! This ingeniously designed transitional bookshelf seamlessly and effortlessly converts into a table – so easy a child can do it! SWING is an innovative product from Smart Living, based in Germany.

It is a versatile space saver for small dining areas that can be quickly moved and converted into the main or auxiliary dining table using embedded rollers. The table locks easily into place that allows for a sturdy top, ideal for a setting of four to six people.

To convert the table back into a bookshelf, you simply stand at the far end of the table and lift upward to return to the bookshelf orientation. Now you have a place to keep all dinnerware or you can choose to set up an after-meal dessert cart!

The smaller, wall-attachable version is perfect for using in a small kitchen, as it provides accessible storage, as well as much needed table and dining space.

SWING - Breakthrough of Cologne's Furniture Fair 2018!

Until Swing is available for purchase in the US, here is an alternate version available from Organizedlife on Amazon.


Transformer Table

Entertain two or twenty-two with an ever expanding Transformer Table that can serve as a stylish console table, an intimate table for two, or a large buffet table for your holiday parties. Creative companies like Transformer Table are delivering unique solutions by meeting critical and challenging needs of their target audiences. In their case they have delivered on the following criteria: style; flexibility; sustainability; and durable quality.

Transformer Table Video Slideshow by Purgula

More Convertible Dining Table Concepts

Expand Furniture has coffee tables and consoles that convert into dining tables.

Compact White Glass Box Coffee Table Demonstration


Adams Drop Leaf Trestle Dining Table

Adams Convertible Dining Table Console Gray and White

Adams Drop Leaf Trestle Dining Table


Washam Trestle Dining Table

Washam Convertible Dining Table Console White

Washam Convertible Dining Table


Rental Furniture

Whether your guests decide to spend the night or you’re in need of extra seating or dining furniture, rental companies are a must for your next home event. In less than a week, you can have an entire bedroom ordered, delivered and set-up, thanks to the many companies offering complete white glove service. When it’s time to return the items, simply call and have the items removed. Furniture rental services have become the modern alternative to entertain when you need to augment or upgrade your current décor in a pinch.


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