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The main photo is courtesy of James Martin: Home Comforts, which showcases Martin’s Artichoke with Smoked Bacon Mayonnaise recipe. 

Looking for unique Cooking & Food Shows to help you deepen your kitchen & hosting skills, expand your menu, or discover new cuisines? Here is a curated list of shows and documentaries currently streaming on Amazon Prime, grouped by various themes: Best Cooking Shows; Cooking Competition Shows; Classic Cooking Shows; International Travel & Culture; Wine; Baking; and more, updated monthly.

All of the shows contained in this list are free cooking shows on Amazon Prime currently available to Prime subscribers for no extra fees. Programs that are free with advertising on Freevee (previously known as IMDB TV) are noted as such.

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New Cooking & Food Shows on Amazon Prime


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Best Cooking, Food & Baking Shows on Amazon Prime

Grow Cook Eat Cooking Show

Grow, Cook, Eat

Hosts Michael Kelly and Karen O’Donohoe provide guidance to new gardeners on the art of growing their own produce, with each episode focused and devoted to a single vegetable. Learn the art of sowing seeds, tilling and watering, while gaining tips about quirks and pests of certain vegetables, such as broad beans and tomatoes. With special guests added to each episode, the show demonstrates cooking techniques and recipes of dishes created from the harvest.

Note: Season 1 is currently available for free with ads on Prime via Freevee (previously known as IMDb TV).

See Grow, Cook, Eat on Amazon Prime for episode details.


James Martin Home Comforts Cooking Show

James Martin: Home Comforts

British chef James Martin prepares his favorite comfort foods, which he often reserves for special guests in his home or a quiet night in on his own. Filmed in the Yorkshire countryside, the series explores cuisines using local produce and meat supplied from this Northern England enclave. Whether its Chipotle sauced barbecue ribs with baked jacket potatoes smothered in fresh, homemade sour cream with chives, or a rich and creamy Omelette Arnold Bennett, this is proper grub!

Note: Seasons 1-3 are currently available for free with ads on Prime via Freevee (previously known as IMDb TV).

See James Martin: Home Comforts on Amazon Prime for episode details.


My Greatest Dishes Cooking Show

My Greatest Dishes

Twenty of the United Kingdom’s top chefs share their secrets and histories of their lives through four extraordinary dishes that defined them into their present day culinary world. Each episode delves into the life of one chef and explores the foods and moments throughout their careers that shaped their culinary skills and fame. The stories behind some of the most revered chefs will inspire and entertain, while providing some very tasty recipes.

Note: Season 1 is currently available for free with ads on Prime via Freevee (previously known as IMDb TV).

See My Greatest Dishes on Amazon Prime for episode details.


Paula's Home Cooking Show

Paula’s Home Cooking

One of America’s favorite Southern Chef’s, Paula Deen has been cooking up down home comfort food from her Savannah, Georgia kitchen for decades. From her southern favorites such as Chicken and Dumplings, Carolina Gold Rice Pudding and a Southern style tapas bar, Paula’s wit and charm has entertained viewers and readers alike with her television shows and cookbooks respectively. Not for the diet conscious, her recipes load on the butter, sugar and all the good gooey things in life – as Paula says: “all things in moderation”!

See Paula’s Home Cooking on Amazon Prime for episode details.


Rick Stein's Mediterranean Escapes Cooking Show

Rick Stein’s Mediterranean Escapes

From Barcelona to Morocco to the Greek islands, our favorite travelling chef, Rick Stein, is eating, cooking and visiting along the Mediterranean Sea. Whether he is in Sardinia eating spaghetti with cuttlefish ink and a rich tomato sauce, or in Turkey feasting on kebabs, Rick knows good food and interesting people. His at home recreations are our favorite part. Is there any cuisine this chef can’t master?

See Rick Stein’s Mediterranean Escapes on Amazon Prime for episode details.


Truly Texas Mexican Cooking Show

Truly Texas Mexican

Comida Casera or “home cooking” gives the same pleasure in any country, but even more so in Mexico and for those who now reside in Texas. Truly Texas Mexican is not a series, but a documentary based on the book by of the same name by author Adán Medrano, and is a soulful telling of the roots of Texas Mexican cuisine. Part Mexican history, part food, part cooking, and part culture, this film pays homage to all who have left their influence on the cuisine. From the Chili Queens of San Antonio, to the Native Americans to the mothers and grandmothers who have passed on their traditions and recipes from generation to generation, this is their story.

See Truly Texas Mexican on Amazon Prime for details on this documentary.

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Food Network Shows on Amazon Prime


Classic Cooking & Food Shows

Many of us have grown up on classic cooking shows that have remained with us throughout our lives. From Julia Child to Mary Ann Esposito to Emeril Lagasse to Anthony Bourdain, each generation has a chef that they watched religiously and from whom they learned technique, cuisine and culture.


Restaurants, Taste Tests, Culture, History & Travel

This delightful mélange of shows and documentaries will transport you to the far corners of the earth, as well as back in time.  Many are in the country’s native tongue, so treat them like immersion classes, as you traipse around the globe eating, drinking, touring and learning.

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Wine Documentaries

Learning all there is to know about wine is a lifelong lesson. You never stop learning as new vineyards, new vintages, and new methods make oenology one of our favorite pastimes. Here are a few grape documentaries to get you started.


Cooking Competition Shows on Amazon Prime

More competition shows from the US, the UK, Australia and New Zealand.


Baking Shows on Amazon Prime

Looking to improve your baking skills? See how the experts from Britain and America are creating some traditional and local desserts.

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Rick Stein Shows on Amazon Prime

We first discovered Rick Stein as he traipsed around India sampling and cooking all around the country. We were mesmerized that this seemingly avuncular fellow was so adept at following some of the most complex recipes, yet he made them look so easy. Travel with Rick around the globe as he visits Asia, Europe, and North America and enjoy his culinary magic!


Outdoor & Grilling


Healthy Cooking Shows on Amazon Prime


Other Food Shows & Documentaries


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