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Looking for interesting Cooking & Food Shows to help you sharpen your kitchen & hosting skills, expand your menu, or discover new cuisines? Here is a curated list of shows, grouped by theme: How-To Cooking Shows; Cooking Competitions; Baking; Shows with Online Recipes; Travel and more, updated monthly.

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New Cooking, Food & Baking Shows & Films on Hulu

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Cooking, Food & Baking Shows Expiring Soon on Hulu

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Best Cooking, Food & Baking Shows on Hulu


Baker’s Dozen

Hulu Baker's Dozen Series with Hosts Tamera Mowry-Housley and Bill Yosses

This new and unique baking competition show has home bakers competing against seasoned baking professionals. Each episode entails three rounds of competitive challenges, with only a subset of the best scored results getting to compete in the subsequent round. Early reviews like that the show is light & good natured, not too competitive, and that the expert judge provides helpful feedback without attitude.

Host: Tamera Mowry-Housley and Bill Yosses

Themes: Baking, Competition, Hulu Original

See Baker’s Dozen on Hulu for episode details.

Bakers Dozen | Official Trailer | A Hulu Original



BBQuest Texas Barbecue Travel Show on Hulu

BBQuest, as its name implies, is a barbecue travel show that explores the best barbecue joints across Texas. This is no easy feat, given the enormous size of the state and large number of terrific barbecue venues located in virtually every region. The show is hosted by barbecue enthusiast and native Texan Kelsey Pribilski, who seeks out secret off-menu items, while sharing the interesting characters and places that make up this rich and proud culinary tradition.

Season 1 visits the “Big BBQ” meccas of Austin, Houston, San Antonio and Dallas-Fort Worth. Season 2 goes off the beaten highways to visit smaller, yet equally proud towns with great barbecue, including: Alamo, Amarillo, Brownsville, Dalhart, Dripping Springs, Fredericksburg, Hye, Kerrville, Lubbock, Marathon, Marfa, McAllen, New Braunsfel, Olton, Pharr, Sisterdale, South Padre, and Terlingua.

Season 3, titled “Beyond the Pit”, delves deeper into Texas barbecue life by spending time with pitmasters and cattle ranchers, and other locations not previously visited on the show.

Host: Kelsey Pribilski and Jess Pryles

Themes: BBQ, Travel, Culture, Texas

See BBQuest on Hulu for episode details.

BBQuest S3 Trailer: Overview

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The Bear

The Bear FX Hulu Series

Season 2 Premieres June 22, 2023 (see official teaser below)

The Bear is a new FX scripted “dramedy” that centers on the struggles of a celebrity chef who returns from his successful New York-based culinary career to take over an inherited Italian sandwich shop in his hometown of Chicago. Season 1 consists of eight 30-minute frantic episodes which give viewers an earnest peak into the turbulent life of a talented chef pursuing excellence against an onslaught of professional, financial and personal obstacles.

The backstory on the creation of the series is equally intriguing, as several actors acquired culinary training, as well as professional working experience, in preparation for their roles. The restaurant scenes were shot on location at Chicago’s famed Mr. Beef on Orleans. The show’s creator, Christopher Storer, was a close childhood friend of Christopher Zucchero, whose father and uncle opened Mr. Beef in 1978, and is now an owner.

Storer also received expert consulting from friend Matty Matheson, a Toronto-based chef, as well as from his sister, Courtney. Storer’s sister not only worked at restaurants in Chicago throughout high school, she also attended culinary school, which led her to professional experiences at well-known LA-based restaurants, such as Trois Mec and Animal.

Persons who have enjoyed passion-centric culinary movies and series, such as Chef, Burnt, Pig and Chef’s Table, will likely enjoy this series, as well.

Starring: Jeremy Allen White

Creator: Christopher Storer

Themes: Celebrity Chefs, Restaurants, Entrepreneurship, Regional Cuisine, Chicago, Scripted

Note: Season 2 premieres June 22, 2023.

See The Bear on Hulu for episode details.

Season 2 Official Teaser from FX

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Behind The Dish

Behind the Dish Hulu Food Show

This series brings you into the professional kitchens of several of the world’s top chefs to learn about their unique signature dishes – both their inspiration and craft.

Themes: How-To, Recipes, Celebrity Chefs, Restaurants

See Behind The Dish on Hulu for episode details.

Visit Tastemade for recipes used on Behind The Dish.


Cheese: A Love Story

Cheese: A Love Story Hulu Food Series with Afrim Pristine

As the title of this show implies, Cheese: A Love Story explores the world of cheese through the eyes of an avid cheese lover and world’s youngest Maitre Fromager (cheese master), Afrim Pristine. Each hour-long episode has Afrim visiting a noteworthy cheese region across the globe to share its unique history, characters and recipes that have collectively made an everlasting impact on the culinary world.

Season 1 explores the following regions: Switzerland; France; Quebec; Toronto; Greece; and British Columbia. The three Canadian stops can be explained by the fact that the host is based in Toronto and that the show first premiered on Food Network Canada.

Host: Afrim Pristine, co-owner of Cheese Boutique

Themes: Cheese, Travel, Culture, History

See Cheese: A Love Story on Hulu for episode details.

First Look at Cheese: A Love Story

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Chefs vs. Wild

Chefs vs Wild Hulu Original Cooking Competition Series

Chefs vs Wild is a new Hulu Original cooking competition series that places professional chefs into the middle of wild and beautiful British Columbia to forage, hunt, fish, and do whatever is necessary to prepare a world class meal in an outdoor kitchen. Each episode has two chefs competing against other, with each paired with an expert outdoor survivalist. Their meals are then judged by the series host, award-winning chef and restaurateur Kiran Jethwa, and wild foods expert Valerie Segrest.

On the surface, one may think that this concept is a bit extreme and far-fetched. However, when looking into the backgrounds of the participating chefs, you will quickly realize that they are all truly well-suited and experienced for this most challenging of culinary competitions.

Starring: Kiran Jethwa (host), Valerie Segrest (judge)

Themes: Celebrity Chefs, Competition, British Columbia, Outdoor Cooking, Outdoor Adventure, Survival

See Chefs vs. Wild on Hulu for episode details.

Chefs vs Wild Series Trailer | Hulu

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Bios of competing chefs:
Nico Albert, Luca BallardJade Berg, Alan Bergo, Laura Comer, Katie Coss, Cam Dobranski, Robin Kort, Tracy Little, Sammy Monsour, Kevin O’Connor,Viet Pham, Evan Robertson, Andrew Rochon, Hanif Sadr, Mason Synder, Tushar Tondvalkar, Robert Wagner


Eater’s Guide to the World

Hulu Original Eaters Guide to the World with Host Maya Rudolph

Narrator Maya Rudolph takes the viewer to surprising places around the world to experience truly special meals, drinks, and ambience, “should-to-shoulder” with locals. Food destinations include: the Pacific Northwest; Casablanca; New York City; Costa Rica; Los Angeles; and Tijuana, Mexico.

Host: Maya Rudolph

Themes: Road Trip, Travel, Restaurants, Regional Cuisine, Hulu Original

See Eater’s Guide to the World on Hulu for episode details.

Eater's Guide To The World - Trailer (Official) • A Hulu Original

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The Food That Built America

The Food that Built American Hulu History of Food Series

This three episode mini-series explores the unique and lesser-known origins of iconic food brands of America and their back stories, including: Henry Heinz; Milton Hershey; John and Will Kellogg; C.W. Post and the McDonald brothers.

The opener of the first of three episodes states the following attention grabbing stats about the US Food Industry:

  • Drives more than one fifth of the US Economy
  • It provides 1 in 4 jobs
  • Generates over $5 Billion… a day!
  • 250 million Hershey bars a year
  • 650 million bottles of Heinz ketchup a year
  • 9 billion servings of Coca-Cola… a day!

Hosts: Campbell Scott, Adam Richman

Themes: History, Food Brands, Food Manufacturing, Entrepreneurship

See The Food That Built America on Hulu for episode details.

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Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Home Cooking

Gordon Ramsay's Ultimate Home Cooking Hulu Food Series

The goal of this How-To show is to prove that it is still possible for even the busiest people to be able to cook stunning food at home. The show goes over recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner that all meet Ramsay’s rules for home cooking, which are:

  • Home cooking has to be easy
  • Home cooking has to be fast
  • Home cooking has to be delicious

Host: Gordon Ramsay

Themes: How-To, Recipes, Celebrity Chefs, Home Cooking

See Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Home Cooking on Hulu for episode details.


Jamie: Keep Cooking and Carry On

In this show Jamie Oliver focuses on how to make the most of kitchen staples and how to be creative with whatever ingredients you’ve got on hand, with whatever budget. From leveraging frozen food to relying entirely on what you have in the cupboard, Jamie shows home cooks how to make nutritious and delicious food using simple ingredients.

Host: Jamie Oliver

Themes: How-To, Recipes, Home Cooking

See Jamie: Keep Cooking and Carry On on Hulu for episode details.

Jamie Oliver: Keep Cooking and Carry On - Trailer (Official) • The British Binge-cation on Hulu

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Make This Tonight

Make This Tonight Hulu Cooking Show

This popular long-running show by Tastemade showcases established professional chefs who demonstrate their go-to dinner recipes, while sharing the stories behind them. Tastemade has a browseable and searchable recipe database for this series that can be used before, during or after the corresponding episode. Each episode offers several opportunities to try something new, by averaging between 2 and 5 recipes a show.

Themes: How-To, Recipes, Celebrity Chefs, Home Cooking, Tastemade

See Make This Tonight on Hulu for episode details.

Visit Tastemade for recipes used on Make This Tonight.


The Next Thing You Eat

Hulu Original The Next Thing You Eat with David Chang

This docuseries, hosted by chef and Academy Award–winning documentary filmmaker David Chang, explores “what’s next for the world of food” and what the future of food science may be. Topics covered range from burger-flipping robots, to lab-grown fish, to insect farms, to artificial intelligence calling all the shots. Though most early reviewers find the topics to be quite interesting, more than a few have been quickly put off by the foul languange used by host.

Host: David Chang

Themes: Food Science, Technology, Futurism, Health, Nutrition, Sustainability, Restaurants, Celebrity Chefs, Hulu Original

See The Next Thing You Eat on Hulu for episode details.

The Next Thing You Eat | Official Trailer


Project Bakeover

Hulu Project Bakeover Hosts Steve Hodge and Tiffany Pratt

In Project Bakeover, expert pastry chef and entrepreneur Steve Hodge helps struggling bakery businesses that are on the brink of closing shop. While Steve reinvigorates and inspires the overworked and distressed bakery owners, design pro Tiffany Pratt addresses interior design issues with the goal of turning the bakeries into warm and welcoming spaces. Together the pair aim to get these businesses quickly turned around and on the road to success. Entrepreneurial types that have been using YouTube to improve and expand their baking capabilities will definitely want to watch this series.

Hosts: Steve Hodge, Tiffany Pratt

Themes: Baking, Small Business, Entrepreneurship, Design

See Project Bakeover on Hulu for episode details.


Searching for Soul Food

Searching for Soul Food, Chef Alisa Reynolds, host of Hulu Travel Food show

Season 1 Premieres June 2, 2023

Searching for Soul Food, a new travel food show, follows celebrity chef Alisa Reynolds as she explores unique versions of soul food from across the globe. The premier season will visit the following locations: Mississippi; Oklahoma; Appalachia; South Africa; Italy, Jamaica; Peru; and Los Angeles.

On each stop, Reynolds will share stories, traditions, and recipes passed through generations of locals from “hand to hand” and “kitchen to kitchen”. Reynolds, the founder and executive chef of My 2 Cents LA, a soul food eatery, succinctly describes the show as “history on a plate”.

Host: Alisa Reynolds

Themes: Soul Food, Culture, Travel, International, History

See Searching for Soul Food on Hulu for episode details.

Searching for Soul Food | Teaser | Hulu


Taste the Nation

Season 2 Premiered May 5, 2023

In Season 2, Taste the Nation takes viewers to several new communities to explore their unique culinary traditions and influences. Food traditions showcased include: borscht; cornbread; pasteles; and more. Locations visited include: Puerto Rico; Washington DC; Appalachia; Brighton Beach; Houston; South San Francisco; Tarpon Springs, Florida; Lowell, Massachusetts; Dearborn, Michigan; and New York City.

Taste the Nation with Padma Lakshmi Season 2 | Official Trailer | Hulu

Taste the Nation with Padma Lakshmi Season 2 | Official Trailer | Hulu

Season 1: Holiday Edition

This is a special 4-part Holiday Edition of Taste the Nation with Padma Lakshmi, where each episode explores unique holiday traditions of different immigrant communities throughout the United States. Holidays covered include: Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, New Years, Christmas, Seollal (Korean New Year), and Nochebuena (Christmas Eve). Locations visited include: Cape Cod, Lower East Side New York City, Koreatown (AKA K-Town) in Los Angeles, and Miami.

Host: Padma Lakshmi

Themes: Culture, Travel, Holidays, Hulu Original, Entertaining

See Taste the Nation with Padma Lakshmi on Hulu for episode details.

Taste the Nation: Holiday Edition with Padma Lakshmi | Hulu


Tasty 101

Tasty 101, produced by BuzzFeed, offers short, easy-to-follow cooking tutorials primarily focused on popular classic recipes, all with the goal of helping the viewer become a better cook.

Themes: How-To, Recipes, Buzz Feed Original, Tastemade

See Tasty 101 on Hulu for episode details.


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How-To Cooking Shows on Hulu


Hulu Cooking & Baking Shows with Online Recipes

Here are links to online recipes for Taste Made cooking & baking shows that are currently streaming on Hulu, so you can follow along.


Restaurant, Taste Tests & Travel Shows on Hulu


Cooking Competition Shows on Hulu

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Food Network Shows on Hulu

If you are looking to access Food Network shows on your basic Hulu plan, the choices are currently limited. However, more expansive Food Network programming is available as part of the Hulu + Live TV subscription package. On-demand and live streaming of Food Network programming can be also accessed by Hulu + Live TV subscribers using the Food Channel app on iPhone & iPad or Android devices.


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