Most popular YouTube hosts (AKA YouTubers) that we follow can be classified as naturally gifted teachers or great storytellers or in many cases, both!

YouTube has created a vibrant marketplace that has attracted innately talented personalities to pursue their life’s calling, driven by four critical traits:

  • Knowledge in unique and genuine areas of interest
  • The desire to share their knowledge and experiences with others
  • Terrific communication skills that help others enjoy learning about their area of expertise and passion
  • Keen intuition with their audience, being able to anticipate what their viewers want and need

When it comes to the best cooking channels on YouTube, especially International Cooking Channels, the platform excels in showcasing passionate artisans who enjoy sharing their craft and related culture to ever “hungry” and grateful audiences. Cooking YouTubers also understand that most viewers are seeking quality recipes that are “simplified” for busy daily lives.

Here is our curated list of English-speaking YouTube Cooking Channels that meet these criteria that we know you will enjoy, grouped by popular international cuisinesbon appétite, buen provecho, afiyet olsun, guten appetite, kalí óreksi…

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Chinese Cooking

Best YouTube Channel: Souped Up Recipes

Equivalent of Bon Appétit in Chinese: Chī chī chī!

Born in China, Mandy knows good, tasty Chinese food. She carefully walks viewers through each step of her traditional Chinese recipes with her bubbly personality. Part Chinese historian, part chef, Mandy shares her best tips and tricks for creating Chinese food that is “Better than Takeout!”

Example Video: Better Than Takeout – Sesame Chicken Recipe

BETTER THAN TAKEOUT – Sesame Chicken Recipe

Our Favorite “Souped Up Recipes” Video Playlists:

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Eastern European/Polish Cooking

Best YouTube Channel: Polish Your Kitchen

Equivalent of Bon Appétit in Polish: Smacznego!

Born and raised in Poland, Anna Hurning came to America as an exchange student at the age of 17. She remained in the United States for 17 years, raising her family, then later returning to Poland in 2018 with her Polish-American, Iraq War Veteran husband, who served 23 years in the military. Living amongst their people gave them a greater sense of appreciation of their Polish roots and heritage, which is evident in her cuisine.

Anna’s interest in cooking was heavily influenced by her grandmother (Babcia) Stasia, who sadly passed away in 2016, the same year that Anna started her online culinary adventure. From Polish Pancakes, to Hungarian Goulash to Ukrainian and Russian specialties, Anna aims to emulate the intuitive perfection of her Babcia’s cooking from her sunny kitchen in Szczecin, Poland.

Example Video: Goulash with Potato Pancakes | Gulasz po węgiersku | Polish cooking

Goulash with Potato Pancakes | Gulasz po węgiersku | Polish cooking

Our Favorite “Polish Your Kitchen” Video Playlists:

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English Cooking

Best YouTube Channel: Jamie Oliver

Equivalent of Bon Appétit in English: bon appétit or enjoy your meal

Perhaps one of the more popular international chefs on YouTube, Jamie Oliver is branching out into other cuisines, but he is best known for his hearty and plentiful English Cuisine. With his casual, yet enthusiastic approach to cooking, coupled with his fresh-from-the-garden recipes, Chef Oliver has been a favorite amongst those looking for the best British pies, tasty sconesYorkshire pudding, or roasted potatoes. If you are looking for good wholesome food that goes beyond comfort, with easy-to-follow recipes – this is your channel!

Example Video: Ultimate Mac & Cheese Recipe | Jamie Oliver


Our Favorite Jaimie Oliver Video Playlists:


French Cooking

Best YouTube Channel: French Cooking Academy

An alternate of Bon Appétit in French: Bon ap’!

Real French home cooking (“la cuisine de ménage”) from a French cooking instructor, who also gives instruction on various cooking techniques, is the premise behind French Cooking Academy.

Paris-born Stephane Nguyen is now living in Port Fairy, Australia, but his 12-unit online cooking course is an international success. Watch for free on YouTube, as you learn the fundamentals of sauces, the importance of plating “mise en place” or the art of creating various meat and poultry stocks – all from scratch! We can’t think of a better channel tagline than Stephane’s “French Food Made Easy” – but be sure to bring plenty of butter! Bon appétit!

Example Video: The True Side of French Home Cooking: Mustard Sauce

The true side of French home cooking: Mustard sauce


German Cooking

Best YouTube Channel: All Tastes German

Equivalent of Bon Appétit in German: Guten appetite!

For both savory and baked traditional and modern German delicacies, All Tastes German has you covered. German Sauerbraten, Christmas Pfeffernuesse, Senfgurken, and, of course, Schnitzel, Chef Angela Schofield’s motherly voice will guide you step by step through each of her culinary delights. Whether you want to get in touch with your German heritage, plan your Oktoberfest celebration, or just want to cook German signature meals from a particular region of Germany, All Tastes German will certainly inspire you! Guten appetite!

Example Video: Pfeffernuesse – Authentic German Christmas Cookies aka pepper nuts

Pfeffernuesse - Authentic German Christmas Cookies aka pepper nuts

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Greek/Mediterranean Cooking

Best YouTube Channel: Akis Petretzikis

Equivalent of Bon Appétit in Greek: Kalí óreksi!

Full of energy and excitement, Chef Akis Petretzikis, the first winner of the Greek version of MasterChef, creates both savory and sweet Authentic Greek and Mediterranean cuisine from Athens. Author of several cookbooks including, My Greek Cuisine, Akis demonstrates the usual favorites, such as Gyros, Mousakka, Shashuka and Tzatziki, as well as some modern flair on Greek cuisine, with a focus on nutrition and healthy living.

Example Video: Greek Tomato Fritters – Tomatokeftedes | Akis Petretzikis

Greek Tomato Fritters - Tomatokeftedes | Akis Petretzikis


Indian Cooking

Best YouTube Channel: Get Curried

We love easy-to-prepare Indian food and are especially fond of “street food” that we remember from our many journeys all over India. Chef Varun Inamdar and friends create classic recipes, such as Pav Bhaji, homemade Bhajia’s and Tandoori Chicken, with The Bombay Chef’s wit and charm. From Hyderabad, to Peshawar to Bengal and Kerala, Get Curried covers the Indian subcontinent and parts of Asia like no other food cooking channel or show.

Example Video: Reshmi Chicken Masala by Chef Varun Inamdar

Reshmi Chicken Masala | Malai Chicken Recipe | Chicken Gravy | Chicken Recipe By Chef Varun Inamdar


Italian Cooking

Best YouTube Channel: Tutto Lidia

Equivalent of Bon Appétit in Italian: Buon appetito!

When we think “Italian Cooking”, hands down, the chef that immediately comes to mind is Lidia Bastianich, long-serving chef from PBS cooking shows of our childhood. Chef Lidia is what we envision when someone says “Nonna”, referring to the perfect Italian grandmother teaching her recipes to family and friends, who will honor her legacy as the quintessential Italian chef. Limoncello Tiramisu, Risotto con Funghi, Grilled Calamari, and Anisette Biscotti are all part of Chef Lidia’s repertoire of easy-to-follow instruction.

Chilled Tomato Soup Recipe – Lidia’s Kitchen Series

Chilled Tomato Soup Recipe - Lidia’s Kitchen Series

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Korean Cooking

Best YouTube Channel: Maangchi

Often described as the “Korean Julia Child“, Korean-born American Emily Kim is commonly known as Maangchi, her gaming moniker, which means “Hammer”.  Since 2007 Maangchi has been working her social media to provide an interactive experience with subscribers requesting recipes and participating in online discussions to make her site a 360-degree experience. With almost 6 million subscribers, Maagnchi has greatly helped to increase the world’s interest in Korean cuisine.

Example Video: Pepper Fried Chicken (Yuringi: 유린기)

Pepper Fried Chicken (Yuringi: 유린기)


Spanish Cooking

Best YouTube Channel: Spain on a Fork

Equivalent of Bon Appétit in Spanish: ¡Buen provecho!

Born in Valencia, Spain, Albert Bevia is a self-taught home cook who truly enjoys the cuisine of his motherland. His YouTube channel is filmed in Castellon, Spain, where he now currently resides after having lived in Southern California, and where he creates authentic dishes, such as Paella, Calabacin a la Andaluza, and Tortilla de Patatas. With an emphasis on fresh ingredients and high quality olive oils and spices, Bevia is easy to follow, as he not only explains the “how”, but also the “why” of his techniques.

Example Video: Spanish Garlic Potato Omelette | The One Omelette that Tops them All

Spanish Garlic Potato Omelette | The ONE Omelette that TOPS them ALL


Turkish Cooking

Best YouTube Channel: Refika’s Kitchen

Equivalent of Bon Appétit in Turkish: Afiyet olsun!

Perhaps the standard for international cooking chefs and entertainment is the ebullient Refika Birgul and her kitchen sidekicks, Bahar and Burak, as they laugh, “ooooh” and “ahhh” their way through authentic Turkish and Mediterranean recipes. Refika is fun, engaging, and deeply knowledgeable about her craft and country. The channel is part culinary creation, part travel blog, and 100% fun, as you feel like you have dropped in to watch a friend cook.

Your mouth will water as Refika, Bahar and Burak eat Kebabs, Lahmacun, Hummus with Pastrami, Turkish Kofte, and more – all with world-class audio and video, as they bite into the delicacies! This channel always makes us hungry!

Favorite Turkish Sandwiches: Refika’s Ayvalık Toast, Bahar’s Spring Sandwich, Burak’s Döner Wrap!

FAVORITE TURKISH SANDWICHES 🥪 Refika’s Ayvalık Toast, Bahar’s Spring Sandwich, Burak’s Döner Wrap!


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