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Home Improvement & Interior Design Shows Worth Watching on Amazon Prime

Looking for something new to watch to fuel your creativity and expand your design perspective? Try some of these stellar but lesser known home improvement shows currently streaming on Amazon Prime, for ideas, knowledge and sheer entertainment.

For those into gardening or landscaping, be sure to check our updated list of the Best Garden & Landscaping Shows & Films on Prime.

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For even more alternative perspectives in the home improvement video space, be sure to peruse these curated lists:


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Big Dreams Small Spaces Gardening TV Series

Big Dreams, Small Spaces

Amiable host Monty Don works with amateur gardeners throughout Britain to help bring their dream gardens to fruition. Viewers love this show for the wide variety of spaces and impressive transformations, while easily picking up helpful tips and creative ideas for their own gardens.

See Big Dreams, Small Spaces episode details on Amazon.

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Brand New House on a Budget Home Improvement Show

Brand New House on a Budget

A talented interior designer is challenged to do a huge home makeover on the tiniest budget, using clever styling tricks, bargain hunting and upcycling to transform drab houses into beautiful family homes.

See Brand New House on a Budget episode details on Amazon.


Building Dream Homes BBC Series

Building Dream Homes

This series follows the real-world exploits of some of the UK’s most innovative architects, as they manage builders, blueprints and clients in pursuit of building custom dream homes. The show shares the day-to-day drama of what it takes to manage expectations and various trades to complete highly ambitious residential homes.

See Building Dream Homes episode details on Amazon.


Building the Dream Nashville House Beautiful

Building the Dream Nashville

This series covers the room-by-room development and interior design of a 6,201-square-foot Whole Home Concept by House Beautiful, who hired a builder, architect and 14 designers to fulfill this quest. The team of forward-thinking designers were tasked to craft the interior spaces and exterior grounds with a family’s total joy in mind. Hosted by Carisha Swanson of House Beautiful.

See Building the Dream Nashvlle episode details on Amazon.


Changing Rooms Home Improvement Show

Changing Rooms

With two days and 500 pounds, a professional designer and a handyman, two couples are given the opportunity to redo a room in each other’s homes. Neighbors, relatives or friends are chosen, then not allowed back into their own home for the two day makeover period. This is the British version of America’s once popular Trading Spaces.

See Changing Rooms episode details on Amazon.


Design Doctors Interior Design Series

Design Doctors

From Ireland. Two interior designers go on a mission, each episode, to help ordinary homeowners with their unique design challenges, while staying on budget. Properties run the gamut from modest dwellings to high-end homes to luxury hotels. The designers, Denise O’Connor and Catherine Crowe, featured in Season 1, received stellar reviews.

Note: Seasons 1-2 are currently available for free with ads on Prime via IMDb TV.

See Design Doctors episode details on Amazon.


Flip Wars TV Series

Flip Wars

Episodes start out a bit like “Storage Wars” with known flip “frenemies” bidding on an auctioned home, sight unseen. The resultant bid winner is then treated to trash talk from the others, as they attempt to renovate and prepare the property for sale. The remodel part of each episode has the most value, from a viewer’s perspective, as the transformations of some of these Florida-based properties are pretty impressive given the low renovation budgets.

See Flip Wars episode details on Amazon.


Grand Designs British Home Improvement Show

Grand Designs

Presented by Kevin McCloud, this British home design show tells the story of ambitious, new homes and the people who build them. Viewers follow the progress of houses with unforeseen complications and stretch in the budget. Explore the design detail, and chart the changes and compromises that happened along the way.

Note: Seasons 11-12 are currently available for free with ads on Prime via IMDb TV.

See Grand Designs episode details on Amazon.


The Great Interior Design Challenge British Home Improvement Show

The Great Interior Design Challenge

A trio of amateur interior designers compete to design similar rooms in different homes across Britain in the hopes of impressing a team of professional judges. This interior design competition sees 24 wannabe interior designers tasked with transforming entire rooms from top to bottom, showing off their design skills in various architectural housing styles. Season 2 currently included with Prime.

See The Great Interior Design Challenge episode details on Amazon.


HomeMADE Australian Reality Design Competition TV Series


Billed as the “biggest renovation competition ever attempted on television”, this Australian-based series has 10 top designers from around the country competing for a $100,000 prize, as one is voted off each week. Each episode has two teams tasked with remodeling a suburban home each, under the eye of expert designer David Heimann, who expects them to crete a “silk look on a polyester budget”.

See Home MADE episode details on Amazon.


Love It or Lose It Home Makeover Show

Love It or Lose It

Each episode offers homeowners a chance for a free, large budget home makeover. The premise involves the show producers choosing one of three “extreme” interior designers to create a “luxurious” interior space, while the homeowners are taken away for the weekend. If the homeowners do not like the makeover, the design work has to be reverted back. A common criticism of the series is that the designers often do not listen to the preferences of the homeowners. This review headline aptly surmises some of these complaints: “Terrible design show that is fun to watch”. However, watching bad design experiences can still be instructional and infinitely more enjoyable than in real life!

Note: Currently available for free with ads on Prime via IMDb TV.

See Love It or Lose It episode details on Amazon.


Project Restoration TV Series

Project Restoration

Marianne Suhr tours Britain in search of historic building renovations being performed by ordinary homeowners. From a dilapidated 12th century Welsh castle to a 13th Century Parsonage, we witness passionate and enthusiastic homeowners restore significant architectures to their former glory and beyond. If you enjoy thatched roofs, daub and wattle, or goat’s hair in lime plaster, this show is for you!

See Project Restoration episode details on Amazon.


The Restoration Man British Home Improvement Show

Restoration Man

Presented by George Clark, this series travels up and down the United Kingdom to new locations, new restorations and amazing stories of people who have gone to extraordinary lengths to build their dream homes.

Note: Currently available for free with ads on Prime via IMDb TV.

See Restoration Man episode details on Amazon.


Room to Improve Home Improvement Show

Room to Improve

Architect Dermot Bannon returns with a brand new series of Room to Improve, featuring more of his innovative and contemporary design projects. As always, each build is fraught with human and financial drama: over stressed budgets, last minute changes of heart, unexpected disasters, unpredictable weather and the vagaries of an architect desperately trying to convince his clients that he knows best.

Seasons 7-12 are currently available for free with ads on Prime via IMDb TV.

See Room to Improve episode details on Amazon.


This Small Space Home Improvement Show

This Small Space

Close-quartered living doesn’t have to cramp your style! Interior designers Susan Crenshaw and Peter Fallico step inside beautiful but small spaces – from bedroom and bathrooms to kitchens and attics – to offer up practical storage, layout and décor ideas hat turn crowded areas into cozy havens.

Note: Currently available for free with ads on Prime via IMDb TV.

See This Small Space episode details on Amazon.


Tiny House World Series

Tiny House World

Tiny living knows no borders, as this series travels the world to showcase prospective homeowners looking for the perfect tiny house. Each episode chronicles the search, construction and adjustments of tiny home living. The series is founded on the idea that “Our big wide world is getting a whole lot tinier. As homeowners across the globe discover that having less is their passport to doing more!”

Note: Currently available for free with ads on Prime via IMDb TV.

See Tiny House World episode details on Amazon.


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