Home Improvement & Interior Design Channels Worth Watching on YouTube

Though this curated list of YouTube channels does not fit neatly under the Home Improvement category, we think it will be of interest to curious, “always-learning” homeowners, like our readers.

The selected channels consist of topics that range from instructional to inspirational to imaginative:

  • DIY How-To’s
  • Residential Construction Best Practices
  • Interior Design Tips
  • Architecture & Culture
  • Ghost Town Restorations
  • Whimsical Upcycling

The embedded videos give a taste of what each channel offers. Enjoy!


15 Amazing Woodworking Project Ideas

Alley Picked

This channel is by Tom Szontagh, a passionate woodworker from Elmwood Park, Illinois. His videos illustrate how he is repurposing, reusing, restoring, and refinishing the “broken and old” into the “useful and amazing”. His passion is building cool stuff from junk. Many of the materials he uses come from the alleys in his neighborhood – hence the apropos name of “Alley Picked”. This is a great channel for those looking for some innovative, upcycling ideas.

Alley Picked YouTube Channel


How Architects Can Tell Where Famous Movie Settings Are Really Located | Architectural Digest

Architectural Digest

Self described as the YouTube channel of the well-known “international authority on design and architecture”. Provides exclusive access to the world’s most beautiful homes and the people who live in them, while bringing a wealth of information on architecture, interior design, art and antiques. Given the large volume of video content that they produce, we recommend browsing their playlists to find  specific content to your liking.

Architectural Digest YouTube Channel


How To Protect a House During Remodel Construction

Build Show Network

Launched in May 2020 as a new venture from Matt Risinger. Whereas, Matt’s original YouTube channel was launched to showcase the work of his construction company, the Build Show Network broadens that successful formula to showcase the craft, products and materials used by other high quality builders and vendors from across the country. The channel’s focus is exploring the evolving art behind Building Science and Quality Craftsmanship, with product reviews, and advice on which technology to consider for various residential projects. The channel caters to industry professionals seeking knowledge, homeowners seeking guidance, and DIYers seeking instruction.

Build Show Network YouTube Channel


I Spent My Life Savings On An Abandoned Ghost Town

Ghost Town Living

This channel, produced and hosted by Brent Underwood, chronicles his pursuit to restore the silver mining town of Cerro Gordo, California, that has sat mostly abandoned for over 100 years. The town and land were purchased by Underwood, with a group of friends, in July 2018. Underwood’s lofty goal is to turn this dilapidated ghost town into a thriving, hospitality destination, which is located approximately 3 hours from both Los Angeles and Las Vegas. This channel is dedicated to tracking that progress. Though it is easy to ponder his long odds of success, you cannot help but admire Underwood’s tenacity and ability to continually adapt to his circumstances. If nothing else, Underwood’s experiences will help you take on a more optimistic attitude towards any challenging home improvement projects you may be facing. Hint: be thankful for running water.

Ghost Town Living YouTube Channel


Interior Design — Colorful Small Home Makeover

House & Home

A popular design and decorating resource that provides a unique look at home interiors by showcasing Before and After renovations. The channel reviews all aspects of interior design including furniture, fabrics, accessories, as well as expert tips on organizing and entertaining with warmth and style.

House & Home YouTube Channel



Julie Khuu – Interior Design Tips

Julie Khuu is a certified interior designer, business owner, and style blogger, with a degree in Psychology and Sociology. Her focus is to enable her clients and viewers to use interior design to tell one’s individual story: who you are; where you’ve been; and where you hope to go. She passionately believes that aligning your interior design with your interior style can change your life.

Julie Khuu YouTube Channel



The Kinwoven Home – Live Your Style

A channel devoted to colorful interior design inspiration for both large and small budget renovations. The channel’s host, Sharrah Stevens, walks viewers through the main design styles to help viewers identify their own personal style based on their current surroundings and furnishings. Her goal is to help viewers see that they, too, can create beautiful spaces no matter the size of one’s home or budget!

The Kinwoven Home YouTube Channel


How to Repair Drywall


A huge selection of very helpful how-to videos that launched over 11 years ago. Many of the newer generation of videos have tremendous production value and focus on easy-to-understand visual steps. We suspect that Lowe’s video production team has been tasked to have a how-to video for virtually everything that they sell. The next time you may be lacking confidence in tackling a DIY project, give the appropriate Lowe’s video a chance – it may change your mind!

Lowe’s YouTube Channel


Youtube Channel Trailer - Matt Risinger

Matt Risinger

Risinger is a residential builder based in Austin, TX, who has had a thriving YouTube channel for many years, having launched way back in 2008. In short, you can classify him as a well-spoken, residential building expert, who really enjoys sharing his projects and all that they entail (e.g. best practices, products, materials and vendors). He focuses his content on the best way to build homes that are not only beautiful, but durable, sustainable and efficient. He’s a natural at what he does, truly making residential construction a captivating subject. A testament to his dedication, passion and sense of humor is this video where he reads mean comments posted on his channel.

Matt Risinger YouTube Channel

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