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Legal & Regulation

How To Get California To Give You Money To Retrofit Your Home For Earthquakes

Massachusetts Estimates $350M Needed to Fix 2,000 Homes with Crumbling Foundations

How Homestead Exemption Rules Can Vary From State to State in the US

Illinios Bill Would Require Gun-Owners To Carry at Least $1 Million in Liability Insurance Coverage

California Bill Would Force Companies to Keep Insuring Homeowners in Wildfire Zones

Neighborhood Sues Fleet Management Firm Over Terrible Traffic Due to Highway Bridge Closure

Another Town Considers Licensing Airbnb Hosts

Dallas to Start Enforcing Code Violations for Homes Damaged by October Tornado

Growing NC Community Grapples with Nearby Landfill

Florida Homeowners Pay Nation’s Highest Insurance Rates – How Lawmakers Could Cut Them in Half

SF Bay Area Town Files Lawsuit to Force Action on Eyesore Property

Why Colorado Should Increase Statutory Limitation Period for Construction Defects from 6 Years to 10

Maryland Offers 9 Types of First-Time Homebuyer Programs for Residents

Class Action Lawsuit Accuses Officials of Overtaxing Detroit Residents

What to Do If the House Next to Yours Is a Wreck

Are Your HOA, Condo or Co-Op Fees Too High?

Can Condos Create Different Rules for Smokers?

Can You Sue the Seller When the Home You Bought Turns Into a Money Pit?

SF Ballot Measure Would Eliminate Bureaucrats’ Ability to Shoot Down Code-Compliant Housing Developments

Liens Filed Against Homeowners Caught in Middle of Fibre-Optic Internet Line Contractor Dispute

NYC Zoning Amendment Gives Homeowners Flexibility for ADUs and Tiny Houses on Their Property

Canada’s First-Time Buyer Incentive Program a Flop Says Economist

UK Homeowners Could Be Forced to Replace Gas Boilers to Meet Carbon Neutral Target by 2050

Homeowner Escapes $12K Firefighting Bill After City Amends Bylaw

Car Collector Wanting to Build Home with Garage Larger than Home Gets Push Back

Neighbors Question Ongoing Nightmare Home Renovation Project, 18 Months and Counting

Pennsylvania Senate Approves Legislation to Create Special Savings Accounts for First-Time Homebuyers

UPDATE: Widow Can Add 2nd Bedroom Without Having to Pay $60K to Widen City Street as Lawsuit is Settled Out of Court

Georgia Cities Seek Class-Action Lawsuit Over Airbnb Taxes

Toronto Latest City to Address Short-Term Rentals with New Bylaw & Go-Slow Approach

Property Tax Overhaul: NYC Winners and Losers

City Loans Thermal Imaging Cameras to Residents to See Heat Loss

Neighborhood Volunteers Sue City of San Diego to Stop Affordable Housing Complex

Ring Caught Giving User Data to Facebook & Other Companies Without Customer Consent

Florida Homeowner Association Sues Man After He Turned His House into a Multicolored Mess

Tech Billionaire Sues California to Keep Beach to Himself

UPDATE: SF Bay Area Homeowners Not Happy About $20K Bill to Clean Up Homeless Encampment

UPDATE: Citations for Decades-Old Garage Conversions in Austin Could be Dismissed

What Is a Homestead Exemption and How Does It Work?

Criminal Background Checks on Rental Applicants Now Illegal in Oakland

Single-Family Zoning is Now on the Defensive in the US

What You Should Know About Tenant Rights

New State Laws that Affect Homeowners in 2020

New California Laws That Affect Homeowners in 2020

New Texas Laws that Affect Homeowners in 2020

What Your Condo Board Can & Can’t Do Without Homeowner Approval

NJ Landlords Cannot Force Tenants to Pay Rent Electronically Under New Law

From Squatter to Legal Homeowner? In California, It’s Possible

Ring & Amazon Face Federal Lawsuit Claiming They Failed to Secure Cameras Against Hackers

NYC Townhouse Owners Are Being Fined Thousands For Illegal Airbnbs

Pros & Cons of In-Law Apartments and Always Check Local Zoning Laws

Products & Services

Tangi is New Google Video App That Teaches You How to DIY Just About Everything

Airbnb Posted Net Loss of $322M in First 9 Months of Last Year, Costs Climbed Sharply

Pier 1 Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy as Talks with Potential Buyers Continue

What Led to the Wayfair Layoffs?

Home Depot Plans to Hire 80,000 Workers for the Busy Spring Season

Opendoor and Redfin Expand Homebuying Partnership to 9 New Cities

“All-Electric” Movement Picks Up Speed, Catching Builders Off Guard

Ikea’s Web App Brings Interior Design to Soviet-Era Apartments

5 Websites Where You Can Order a Prefab House for Under $150,000

Renoworks & EagleView Partnership to Integrate Aerial Property Measurements with Interactive 3D Models

High-Tech Delivery Boxes to Protect Your Packages

Home Depot Launches New Pro Customer Delivery System in Dallas to Improve Speed and Reliablility

Bed Bath & Beyond Coupons, Returns, Gift Cards: What to Know as 40 U.S. Stores Close

Tracking the Progress of Tesla’s Solar Roof Tile Installations

Vivint Smart Home Makes NYSE Debut

Punch List Raises $4M to Streamline Home Renovation Process

New Short-Term Rental Platform Golightly Offers Women an Alternative to Airbnb

LED Technology Fueling Innovation & Creativity within the Lighting Industry

Furniture and Home Goods Subscription Services are Growing

Slate Tile: A Homeowner’s Tile Flooring Guide

Luxury Furniture Retailer RH is Thriving Despite Retail Apocalypse

6 Life-Changing Products That’ll Modernize Your Garage

Pier 1 Imports to Close up to 450 Stores Amid Bankruptcy Fears

51 Truly Genius Products for the Home Found on Amazon

Smart Home Products Disrupt HVAC Contractors

Lowe’s Looking to Close the Gap With Home Depot

Subscription Container Garden Services Growing in Residential Markets

Home Depot to Leverage Buy-Online-Pickup-In-Store Service (BOPIS) Channel to Grow Sales

Walmart Makes a Big Move Into Home Improvement

Real Estate & Investing

Is Single-Family Homeownership Under Attack?

Marijuana Becomes Growing Issue in Real Estate

Cash Up-Front Real Estate Startup Orchard Enters Denver Market

Video & Text of Divvy Homes’ Vision to Provide a Path to Homeownership for Renters

This Startup’s Mission is to Help Teachers Attain Homeownership

New Book Teaches Kids About Real Estate

Homesnap’s New Platform Calculates Most-Likely-to-List Score for Homes

Real Estate Disruptor Homie Raises $23M to Help Fuel Market Expansion

How Real Estate Agents Are Trying to Stay Relevant to Younger Home Buyers

RE/MAX Launches New Tool to Make Custom Video Commercials

Why Build-To-Rent Single-Family Home Neighborhoods Are Garnering Investors’ Attention

Tax Aspects of Selling a Home

Top 5 Questions First-Time Home Buyers Ask Real Estate Agents

Best Tips For Buyers Who Are Downsizing

Forget Renting — Millennials Will Do Anything to Own a Home

How Much Should You Trust a Zillow, Redfin Estimate When It Comes to Home Values?

The 70% Rule for Flipping Houses

Investing In Real Estate After Rent Control

How to Start With Small Real Estate Investments

Startup Says It Can Get Americans into a Home Without Requiring a Mortgage

Better Walkability Means Higher Home Prices

How You Can Own Property Next Door to a Billionaire for Just $260

How Confusing Real Estate Agent Disclosures Can Cost You

How AI is Quietly Revolutionizing Homebuying

The Best Real Estate Books For First-Time Home Buyers

What’s the Difference Between a Real Estate Agent and a Realtor?

Three Rehab Loan Options For Real Estate Investors

10 Projects to Do If You Plan to Sell Your Home This Year

A Guide to House Hacking

Relocation Tips from Real Estate Agents

9 Outlooks on the Future of Real Estate Tech

3 Crazy Ways Real Estate Could Change in the Next Decade

3 Questions to Ask Before Buying a Second Home

4 Reasons to Sell Your Home in 2020

10 Home Improvement Projects That Return The Most At Resale

8 Common Mistakes to Avoid If Considering a Tiny House

Thinking of Buying a Home in 2020? Read This First!

Selling in the Spring? Here are 5 Things to Consider Now

4 Signs That Your House Flip Will Be a Disaster

Realtors’ 10 Hottest Housing Markets for Next 3-5 Years