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Airbnb, After Coronavirus

While Zillow, Opendoor & Other iBuyers Are On Hold, This Homebuying Business Is Still Going Strong

What Building 1,000 Homes Means to the U.S. Economy

Stunning Airbnbs That Will Inspire You to Redecorate Your Home

Digital Lending Startup Hiring ‘Aggressively’ As More People Refinance

What I Wish I’d Known Before Buying a Foreclosed Home

Baltimore Social Enterprises Turn Abandoned Homes into High-End Furniture and Much More

Why Home Depot and Lowe’s Will Come Back Strong

How to Get Mortgage Relief if Your Income Is Affected by the Coronavirus

‘Drive-up’ Closings Bring Social Distancing to Homebuying Experience

Interior Designers Are Offering to Work Virtually for Fraction of Standard Fee

Will Americans Get Property Tax Breaks Because of the Covid-19 Crisis?

Coronavirus Property Tax Delay? Californians Shouldn’t Count On It

Opinion: This Hard Truth About The Mortgage Markets Isn’t Being Told

U.S. Mortgage Rates Back to Record Lows, Refinancings Surge as Fed Supports Markets

Outrage After HOA Targets Florida Nurse During COVID-19 Pandemic

Banks That Are Suspending Foreclosures During Coronavirus Crisis

How to Tour Houses During Coronavirus and Stay Safe

Teddy Bears in Windows & Porches Give Families Something to Do to Combat Social Distancing

‘There’s No Bailout For Landlords’: What To Expect As Anxious April Begins

40% of N.Y. Tenants May Not Pay Rent This Month. What Happens Then?

10 US Cities Most Vulnerable to a Housing Downturn Due to Coronavirus

Airbnb to Pay Out $250M to Hosts to Help Ease Coronavirus Cancellation Pain

Did the Fed Just Accidentally Trigger a Housing Market Crash?

Virtual and Solo Home Touring Soars as Social Distancing Hits the Housing Market

Did iBuying Fail Its First Big Market Test?

3 Options for Homeowners Struggling to Pay Mortgage During Health Crisis

Coronavirus Sends Luxury Real Estate Rental Market Soaring

Coronavirus Scaring Homebuyers, But Big Rebound Coming In Summer

Here’s How The Coronavirus Stimulus Bill Would Help Homeowners

What The $2 Trillion Stimulus Package Means For Housing

Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac Will Let Borrowers Facing Hardship Defer 2 Months of Payments

Facing Flood of Missed Mortgage Payments, Quicken Loans May Need Emergency Funding

Could The Coronavirus Make The iBuyer Model More Popular?

How to Get Mortgage Relief Due to the Corona Virus

What to Do If You Can’t Make Your Rent Or Mortgage Payments Because of the Coronavirus

Tax Deductions For Homeowners Filing in 2020

11 Ideas for Working Remotely When You Don’t Have a Home Office

Advice for Effectively Working from Home from Someone Who’s Done it for 8 Years Straight

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Design & Decor

Monochrome Magic: 10 Black And White Bathrooms That Nail The Look

9 Outdoor Kitchen Design Ideas To Create Backyard of Your Dreams

Longtime Home Gets British Update in Pacific Northwest

Beautiful Chilean Small House With Ocean View & Specs

10 Modern House Numbers to Boost Curb Appeal

6 Ways to Redecorate Your Home While You’re Stuck Inside

8 Leading Modern Interior Designers

Textile Designer Rebecca Atwood On The Right Way To Mix Patterns In A Room

Artistic Insights to Home Décor

High Desert Retreat by SF Architect Aidlin Darling

Botanical Prints to Metallic Accents: 2020’s Hottest Material Trends

50 Elegant Home Design Ideas From Interior Design Experts

Home & Design Trade Tips

Big Barn – A Modern Family Retreat Inspired By Rustic Surroundings

Modernist Villa Offers Impressive Architectural Details in Pacific Palisades

Beautiful Rustic Ranch Home With Modern Industrial Interior Design

11 Minimalist Entryway Designs That Welcome Guests in Style

5 Easy Upgrades For Your Porch And Patio

6 Reasons Hiring an Interior Designer Makes Your Life Easier

1922 Berkeley Arts and Crafts Home Hits the Market for First Time in 60 Years

Designer Madeleine Stuart Spent 15 Years Decorating This L.A. Home

How Colors Change the Perception of Interior Spaces

How to Get the Bedroom of Your Dreams [read comments]

How a Hot $100 Million Home Design Startup Collapsed Overnight

How Window Placement Can Make or Break Your Home Design

14 Curb Appeal Ideas to Make Your Home More Welcoming

Which Tiles Are Best for the Kitchen Backsplash

Drool-Worthy Home with a Rustic Farmhouse Vibe in Southern California

How To Design A Room: 8 Steps To Create Your Dream Space

10 Decorating Rules We Should Finally Put to Bed

10 Things Your Bedroom Needs Right Now: Do You Have Them All?

Interior Designers Share Their Favorite Bathroom Design Trends For 2020

5 Things To Consider for Designing a Happy Home

6 Kitchen Rules You Can Totally Ignore

How to Decide Between Hiring an Architect or a Designer

10 Things Interior Decorators Don’t Want You To Know

Interior Designers Reveal 6 Home-Makeover Shows to Watch and 3 to Skip

How Reputable Interior Designers Help Homeowners Save Money on Renovations and Increase Value

7 Rules That Made Me a Better Interior Designer

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Renovation of Midcentury Modern Cottage Overlooking the Hudson River

Modern Renovation of Seattle Home That Maximizes Indoor-Outdoor Living

Rehabbed 19th-Century Richmond Mansion Re-emerges as Apartments

Charming Chapel Conversion For Sale in Gloucestershire, England

9 Things Pros Would Never Pay for in Their Own Kitchen Remodel

How Carly Waters Transformed a Neglected Fixer-Upper Into a California Dream Home

6 Tips for Surviving a Home Renovation with Kids

Instead of Tearing It Down, They Rescued It

How to Survive a Home Renovation and Stay Married

Bathroom Building Codes Homeowners Should Know

NKBA Guidelines for Bathrooms

ADUs – A Great Solution For Homeowners In Fire Torn Malibu And LA Counties

How to Renovate Your Kitchen for Less Than $3K

7 Things to Know Before Adding a Home Extension

Young Couple Shop for Manhattan 1-Bedroom to Renovate – Which Would You Choose?

Creative Addition to Malaysian House Looks Like A Concrete Vault

Whole Austin House Is DIY, But Kitchen And Sharpie Wall Are Extra Inspiring

Beach Bungalow’s Small Spaces Get a Modern Makeover

Valuable Lessons Learned from a Painful Kitchen Renovation

A Mobile Sauna You Can Put Anywhere

Historic Dayton Home Given Away for Free Is On Track for Fall Open House

Hottest Trend in Philadelphia is Upgrading an Old House with Good Bones, Here Are 6 Examples

Oregon Couple Buy Last Fixer-Upper on Their Dream Street, Turn It Into Light-Filled Home With Great Views

Details of a Fifth Avenue Apartment Renovation

“Hidden” Vaulted Ceiling Found in Kitchen of 100 Year-Old Bungalow

188 Year-Old Brooklyn Home with Trophy-Townhouse Renovation Lists at $9.5M

Tips for Making Your Home Greener and More Energy-Efficient During a Major Renovation

Non-Permitted Work in Newly Purchased Home Cost This Seasoned Agent $700K — Here’s How to Avoid His Mistake

The Pros’ Guide to Renovating Your Bathroom

7 Architectural Elements You Should Never Touch During a Renovation

Here’s How to Know Which Pro to Hire for a Kitchen Renovation

Q&A with Kevin O’Connor of ‘This Old House’

20 Things to Know Before You Start Renovating

Couple Turns 80 Year-Old General Store Into Their Dream Home

5 Things I Learned From Renovating My Home

What I Wish I’d Known Before My First Kitchen Renovation

10 Elder-Friendly Home Renovations to Make Before You Retire

Before & Afters of the Palm Springs Wave House

Commercial Space Transformed Into Elegant Residential Loft in Mérida, Mexico

Nicknamed the Rusty House, Residence Radically Transforms Neglected Street Corner

Dated 600 SQFT NYC Apartment Gets Beautiful Low-Cost Upgrade

New ADU Laws Fueling Tiny Home Revolution in SF Bay Area Backyards

Cute as a Button Los Angeles ADU 

Biggest Home Renovation Regrets from 7 Homeowners

Cozy Cabin Retreat in Pacific Northwest Boasts Net-Zero Energy 

New Tiny Home Made of Fire-Resistant Material, Ideal for Luxury Guest Houses

Elegant East Hampton Modular Shipping Container Home Completed in Just 2 Months

“House Sandwich” Method is the Pro-Approved Way to Renovate an Old Home

Couple Converts Parents’ Garage into an ADU

Insights From Renovating 100 Historic Homes

How to Conquer Burnout and Thrive During a Home Renovation

An Interview with the NYC Renovation Coach

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Options for Using Your House as a Source of Cash

6 Refinancing Mistakes Homeowners Risk Making Right Now

4 Reasons to Track Home Improvement Details & Costs

5 Things to Know About Home Improvement Loans

How Homeowners Can Monetize Unused Space With The “Airbnb Of Storage”

Kukun Releases Next-Generation Home Renovation Cost Estimator

Tax Deductions For Homeowners Filing in 2020

How Homeowners Can Monetize Unused Space With The “Airbnb Of Storage”

Budget Breakdown: Ethereal Glass House in Brazilian Forest Built for $187K

4 Tax Deductions That Are Amazing For Homeowners

If You Own Rental Property, Check If You Qualify For This Extra Tax Break

Reducing Costs of a Major Bathroom Remodel

What Is Included in the Square Footage of a House?

These Startups are Helping Home Buyers Bypass the Bank

Mortgage Refi Applications Spike 79% as Homeowners Rush to Get Lower Rates

The Numbers Behind Kitchen and Bath Renovations

Spending On Home Improvements? How A Credit Card Can Help

Financing Home Improvement Projects Without Using Your Home’s Equity

Some Rental Owners Could Get an Extra Tax Break This Year

The Pros and Cons of Refinancing Now

Here’s How One Woman’s Airbnb Pays Her Mortgage

How You Can Enjoy the Augusta Exemption, Tax Free Rental Income Up to 14-Days

How Much Is Capital Gains Tax on Real Estate and How to Avoid It

Where the Weather is Saving Homeowners Lots of Money

4 Crucial Lessons from ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ to Change the Way You Think About Wealth

Benefits of Switching Homeowners Insurance? Cost Savings!

How to Defer Taxes When Selling an Investment Property

5 Sweet Tax Deductions When Selling a Home: Did You Take Them All?

7 Surprise Costs of Owning a Home

8 Mistakes to Never, Ever Make With Your HELOC

How Much Money You Need to Save Per Paycheck to Buy a Home in 2 Years

9 Bathroom Remodel Costs to Consider

Want to Know If the Housing Market is Healthy? Look at How Often People Move

Real Estate Tax and Rental Property

Home Depot Credit Card vs. Lowe’s Credit Card: Which Card is Best for Home Improvements?

How to Take a Home Office Tax Deduction When You Work From Home

Interesting Q&A on Financing an ADU through Future Son-in-Law

How to Set Up an Estate Plan to Eliminate Paying Taxes on an Inherited Home

7 Tax Benefits of Owning a Home: A Complete Guide for Filing in 2020

Easy Ways to Cut Your Bathroom Renovation Costs

4 Scenarios When It’s More Cost-Effective to Hire a Contractor

Homeowners in Historic Orlando District Would Pay Nearly $30K a Piece to Bury Power Lines, Study Finds

The Cities Where Homeowners Never Leave

Most Realistic Retirement Age for Typical Worker in Each US State

NYC Mayor to Pay Just $9K in Property Taxes on Homes Worth $3.6M

900 Michigan Homeowners Could Face $11K Average Out-of-Pocket Expense for Expanded Sewer System

4 Hidden Costs That Can Add Thousands to the Price of a Home

How Homeowners Can Use Reverse Mortgages for Retirement Income

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Austin Resident Sues City for Property Damage Caused By Restoration Project

Watch Out For The “Corona Clause” Being Added To Real Estate Contracts

Faced With Uncertainty, Homebuyers Seek Coronavirus Clauses in Contracts

Tax Aspects of Selling a Home

Is A Homeowners Association Right For You?

What to Know About the Holdover Clause in Your Listing Agreement 

Why Zombie Titles Are a Problem for Homeowners

Coronavirus Outbreak Pushes Local Governments to Freeze Home Evictions

Louisiana Flood Victims Owed Over $300 Million Sue State

ANGI Homeservices Asks Congress to Provide Relief & Protection to Local Home Services Professionals

California Announces 90-day Mortgage Payment Grace Period

New York Gives Homeowners 90-Day Break From Paying Mortgages

Historic Homes in Philly Can Now Add Garage or Basement Apartments (ADUs)

LA Cracked Down on McMansions But Developers Are Still Building Them

14 Things Homeowners Are Getting Wrong About Single-Family Zoning Changes

Homeless Moms and Families Trying to Take Over Vacant House in L.A.

ADUs: An Affordable Solution In Overheated Housing Markets

Homeowner Who Fatally Shot Intruder Won’t Be Charged Under Colorado’s ‘Make My Day’ Law

What’s Being Done to Reduce High Property Taxes in Illinois?

Dispute Between Construction Firm and Roofing Subcontractor Leaves 13 Homeowners with Liens

75 Year-Old California Land Owner Jailed for Failing to Clean Up Property

Johnson County Missouri Residents Say Rising Property Taxes Could Force Them Out

Lake Michigan Town Files Federal Lawsuit Over Shoreline Erosion

Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Against City of Green Bay for Water Main Break as Homeowners Could Not Afford Legal Battle

Ontario Community Experiences Surge in Pinhole Leaks, Sodium Hydroxide is Suspected

Home Remodeling & Repairs Tops Illinois Attorney General’s Consumer Complaints List 2nd Year in a Row

DC Home Addition Pits Neighbors Against Neighbors

2020’s Property Taxes by State: Hawaii Has Lowest; New Jersey Has Highest

Veteran’s Battle Against HOA Over Flag Rights Lands in Court 9 Years After Disagreement Began

What Happens When You Overpay Upfront Without a Contract

Latest Updates on California Incentives for Building ADUs

What to Do If the House Next to Yours Is a Wreck

Can You Sue the Seller When the Home You Bought Turns Into a Money Pit?

New State Laws that Affect Homeowners in 2020

New California Laws That Affect Homeowners in 2020

New Texas Laws that Affect Homeowners in 2020

What Your Condo Board Can & Can’t Do Without Homeowner Approval

Pros & Cons of In-Law Apartments and Always Check Local Zoning Laws

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Home Improvement Tips

10 Tips for Surviving a Renovation Mess

10 Tips for Waterproofing Your Bathroom

What Homeowners and Investors Need to Know About Roof Replacements

8 Ways You Can Help Your Contractor Hit the Project Deadline

20 Types of Contractors And Which One Is Best For Your Project

Choose The Right Tile For Your Home

Slate Tile: A Homeowner’s Tile Flooring Guide

The Best Produce to Grow in a Greenhouse

7 Best Trees for a Small Garden

8 Clever Ways to Use Up Leftover Tiles

11 Simple Home Projects to Bang Out During Quarantine

Easy Virtual Tools for Homebuyers

The Best Free Interior Design Apps

15 Woodworking Projects For Outdoor Areas To Start Off The Spring

How To Assess Earthquake Damage In Your Home

How to Get the Most From a Home Inspection

Before and After: Paint and Elbow Grease Totally Transform These Sad Stairs

Checklist for Flipping a House: 24 Steps Plus 7 Mistakes to Avoid

The 6 Best Home Improvement Projects To Do This Spring

Paint 101: What’s the Difference Between Satin, Semi-Gloss, Matte, Latex, Etc.?

5 Tips to Raise Property Value With Landscape Design

How to Remove Permanent Marker From Skin, Furniture, Walls and More

Top 4 Defects Most Often Encountered in Newly Built Homes

10 Game-Changing Products That Will Help Homeowners DIY Like a Pro

Home Energy Efficiency Checklist

Military Moving Advice: Taking Inventory of Household Items

14 Kit Homes You Can Buy and Build Yourself

23 Cleaning Mistakes That Ruin Your Home

To Spray Paint or Roll Paint Your Walls? An Easy Breakdown

Home Improvement Tips For A Profitable Rental Space

Consumer Reports: The Right Type of Flooring for Every Room in Your Home

6 Items that Attract Pests to Your Home

4 Household Chores That Can Be Automated

20 Ways to Save on Expensive Tool Costs for Your Home Renovation

6 Home Improvement Project Budget Tips

How to Create your Dream Kitchen Online

Interior Design Apps That Will Help You Revamp Your Home

How to Make a Facade with Recycled Materials: 16 Examples

Chalk Paint Furniture Makeover For Beginners

New Way to Reduce Household Clutter: Throw a Downsizing Party

10 Item Checklist for the Bathroom: Do You Have Them All?

11 House Sounds You Should Never Ignore

How to Clean Your Home After a Flood

7 Ikea Hacks Professional Interior Designers Swear By

Things in Your Home You Need to Get Rid of Immediately

10 Important Maintenance Tasks Homeowners Miss

33 Ways to Hide All The Eyesores In Your Home

How to Soundproof a Room

5 Ways to Turn a House into a Multi-Person Multi-Generational Residence

Things That You Can & Can’t Upgrade in a Rental Home

9 Home Improvement Projects That Are Easier & Often Cheaper In The Winter

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Real Estate

How to Buy a House During Quarantine With Online Appraisals, eClosings, and More

3D Tours, Remote Signings: How Coronavirus Is Changing Homebuying

People Are Still Listing Homes With This Tool And It Helps Them Sell Faster

These Features Are the Biggest Deal Breakers for Homebuyers in 2020

Real Estate Added to List of Essential Businesses During Pandemic

Redfin’s Virus Response: CEO Forgoes Salary for 2020; Agent Base Pay Increases

Compass Cuts 15% of Staff, Estimates 50% Revenue Decline Over 6 Months

Zillow’s Coronavirus Playbook: Freeze Hiring; Cut Expenses; Pause Home-Buying

What Negative Interest Rates Would Do For Real Estate Investors

Mortgage Industry Proposes Plan for One-Year Payment Deferrals

Potential Wave of Mortgage Delinquencies Could Bankrupt the Payment System

NAR Survey Shows How Coronavirus Has Started To Impact The Housing Market

Zillow Halts Home Buying Due to Coronavirus

Redfin Temporarily Pauses Instant Offers Due To Growing Uncertainty

Keller Williams Adapts to Workplace Changes, Starts Virtual Home Showings

5 Tips on Finding a Buyer’s Broker

How I Buy Real Estate At Cents On The Dollar

How Does Rent-to-Own Homeownership Work?

9 Modern Prefab Homes That Could Turn Your Homeowner Dreams Into a Reality

Buying a Home in the Gig Economy: How to Beat Lenders’ Skepticism

What You Need To Know If You Inherit Real Estate

Social Media Is Not A Home Seller’s Friend

As Real Estate Industry Evolves, Should Agent Commissions Do The Same?

When a House Has a Disturbing History, What Should Buyers Be Told About Its Past?

Managing an Open House When a Home is ‘Under Surveillance’

Buying A Fixer-Upper: 8 Things To Consider Before Making An Offer

What Is a Closing Statement?

10 Tricks Sellers Use to Pass Home Inspections

Markets & Selling Scenarios Where iBuyers Are Doing Well

5 Things to Consider When Buying a Fixer-Upper

What Your Real Estate Agent Won’t Tell You About Buying a Home Near Water

5 Things I wish Someone Had Told Me Before I Bought a House

17 Beginner House-Flipper Tips

Top 5 Questions First-Time Home Buyers Ask Real Estate Agents

How Much Should You Trust a Zillow, Redfin Estimate When It Comes to Home Values?

The 70% Rule for Flipping Houses

How Confusing Real Estate Agent Disclosures Can Cost You

Three Rehab Loan Options For Real Estate Investors

10 Projects to Do If You Plan to Sell Your Home This Year

A Guide to House Hacking

3 Crazy Ways Real Estate Could Change in the Next Decade

10 Home Improvement Projects That Return The Most At Resale

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Startups & PropTech

The 10 Most Innovative Urban Development and Real Estate Companies of 2020

How Visual AI Will Empower Real Estate Industry

9 Outlooks on the Future of Real Estate Tech

How AI is Quietly Revolutionizing Homebuying

Real Estate Disruptor Homie Raises $23M to Help Fuel Market Expansion

Video & Text of Divvy Homes’ Vision to Provide a Path to Homeownership for Renters

Punch List Raises $4M to Streamline Home Renovation Process

Made Renovation Raises $9M to Address Bathroom Remodels

5 Indian Interior Design Startups Attracting Significant Venture Capital

Furniture and Home Goods Subscription Services are Growing

Subscription Container Garden Services Growing in Residential Markets

Tangi is New Google Video App That Teaches You How to DIY Just About Everything

As Real Estate Industry Evolves, Should Agent Commissions Do The Same?

How Visual AI Will Empower Real Estate Industry

The 10 Most Innovative Urban Development and Real Estate Companies of 2020

Markets & Selling Scenarios Where iBuyers Are Doing Well

Video & Text of Divvy Homes’ Vision to Provide a Path to Homeownership for Renters

Real Estate Disruptor Homie Raises $23M to Help Fuel Market Expansion

How Much Should You Trust a Zillow, Redfin Estimate When It Comes to Home Values?

How AI is Quietly Revolutionizing Homebuying

A Guide to House Hacking

9 Outlooks on the Future of Real Estate Tech

3 Crazy Ways Real Estate Could Change in the Next Decade

New Short-Term Rental Platform Golightly Offers Women an Alternative to Airbnb

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The Future Of Homebuying: Three Predictions For 2025

Most of the Country is Searching This Design Term, Except Californians

Top 10 Tile Trends For 2020

Which States Have the Happiest Home Buyers

Zillow Research: Home Features That Sell

Opinion: 5 Reasons Why Renting a Home Will Continue to Beat Out Buying One in 2020

Home Flipping Profits Hit 8-Year Low, While Flipping Activity Simultaneously Hits 8-Year High

What Do the Latest Earnings Say About the Future of Traditional Real Estate Brokerages?

US Pending Home Sales Climbed 5.2% in January

Home Depot Had Most Loyal Customers in Q4 Home Improvement Retail Sector In Terms of Average Number of Store Visits

Home Depot is Up. Lowe’s is Down. What’s Home Improvement Telling Us?

Can the Home Improvement Market Continue to Grow?

Survey Findings: What Home Buyers Really Want Now

2020 U.S. Houzz State of the Industry

Record Number of Renters Believe Renting is More Affordable Than Owning

Where to Live in the US in 2020

2020 Hire-A-Helper American Migration Report

Nearly Half of Homeowners Expect to Move to a New Home in the 2020’s

Single-Family Home Renters Pay More than Owner’s Monthly Mortgage in 43 of 50 States

14.5 Million Mortgaged Homes in US are Considered ‘Equity Rich’

Gap Between Renting and Buying a Home is Narrowing in US

2020 Millennial Home Buyer Report

Co-Living is Increasingly Becoming Mainstream Alternative to Living with Mom and Dad

Five Housing Market Predictions For 2020

Home Seller Profits Climbed to a 13-Year High in 2019

Hausera Reveals Results of Inaugural Kitchen & Bath Design Pro Survey

Latest Airbnb Statistics

Millennials’ Share of US Housing Market: Small and Shrinking

Spending on Owner-Occupied Homes for Improvements & Repairs Expected to Rise Only Modestly this Year

2019 Millennial Home Buyer Report

US Home Remodeling Market to hit $500B by 2026

Savvy Millennials Are “House Hacking” to Homeownership & Rent-Free Living

The Truth About Kitchen & Bathroom Renovations Survey Results

Closets & Home Storage Industry Trends & Opportunities

Trends to Keep An Eye on in 2020

Residential Furniture Industry Trends & Analysis

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Smart Homes/Energy

5 New England Homes For Sale With Binge-Worthy Home Movie Theaters

Best Smart Water-Leak Detectors

Marshall Amps Launches Alexa-Powered Uxbridge Voice Speaker

High-Tech & Touchless: How to Build a Smarter Bathroom

How to Boost Your Wi-Fi While Working From Home

Smart Home Products Disrupt HVAC Contractors

Amazon’s Blink Battery-Powered Security Camera Still Kicking 8 Months Later

LED Technology Fueling Innovation & Creativity within the Lighting Industry

Redefining What Makes A Smart Home ‘Smart’

There’s Only One Smart Plug You Need And Here’s How To Set It Up

This Architect Promotes Self-Sustaining Architecture Around the Globe

Room by Room, Automation is Changing Interior Design and Spaces

Is Alexa Always Listening? New Study Examines Accidental Triggers of Digital Assistants

Turn Your Old Phone into a Home Security Camera for Free

Geodesic Cabins Offer Energy-Efficient Dwellings for Adventure Lovers

CFLs vs. LEDs: The Better Bulbs

Former Amazon Executive Reveals He Switches Off Alexa for Particularly Sensitive Conversations

How to Set Up a Google Home

The Best Smart Locks for Your Home or Rental Property

How to Check and Update Your Philips Hue Firmware

Philips Hue Smart Light Bulbs Have a Major Security Problem

Vermod’s Zero-Energy Affordable Modular Home Wins Best of the Best Award

How Neighborhood Drive-By Hacking Works

Consumer Reports Advice to Ring Customers for Better Privacy & Security

How to Shore Up Your Google Home Privacy Settings

How I Smart-Homed My Tiny Studio Apartment

Amazon Engineer Calls for Ring to be Shut Down Permanently

CES 2020: 10 Best New Smart Home Gadgets

CES 2020: Kitchens Get Smarter Not Yet in Many Homes

CES 2020: Cutting-Edge Gadgets for Your Bathroom

How to Sell Your Smart Home

A Look into the Future of Augmented Reality & Smart Homes

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What Is Umbrella Insurance, and Do I Need It?

UK Police Recruit Households to Create Network of Doorbell Cameras to Help Catch Thieves

Men Posing as Water Department Employees Rip Off Elderly Homeowner

Reasons to Check Your Homeowners Insurance Heading into Spring

Kansas City Contractor Facing Felony Charges for Consumer Fraud Cases

Fake Roofers Scam Portland Homeowner Out of Thousands of Dollars

Rising Real Estate Wire Transfer Fraud: 11,600 Americans Fell Victim in 2019 with Losses Totaling $221M

Demolition Company Accidentally Tears Down Wrong House in Historic Dallas Neighborhood

Man Behind Bogus Mortgage Debt Reduction Scheme Found Guilty

Solar Company that Recently Closed Under Criminal Investigation

3 Guilty of Scamming Florida Homeowners After Hurricane Michael

International Burglary Ring Targeting Homes On Long Island

A Huge Airbnb Scam That’s Taking Over London

Joe Gorga Accused of Faking Before-and-After Photos in House-Flipping Business

Superstorm Sandy Contractor Gets 3 Year Prison Term for Scamming 19 Homeowners

Church Deacon Contractor Accused of Defrauding Fellow Church Members

118 Unlicensed Contractors Arrested In Undercover Sting Operation in Florida

Pair Charged After $18K in Tools Stolen from Boise Home Depot Store

Texas Homeowner Uses Security System to Thwart Home Burglary

Sextortion Scams Targeting Ring & Nest Camera Users on the Rise: $83M Losses in 2018

Canadian Real Estate Agent Suspended for Not Disclosing He was Selling Properties Owned by His Wife

Beware of Smart Devices in Your Home

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Odds & Ends

Creative Advice from 11 Great Architects 

Round-Up of Best Online Courses To Keep You Busy During Quarantine

2 Millennial Farmers Transform School Bus Into Tiny Home for $25K, Now Help Local Farmers, How They Did It

This House Built Just Like The Seen In ‘My Neighbor Totoro’

Using The Sims to Build Your Virtual Dream Home

11 Home Shows to Binge Watch

‘Murder House Flip’ Renovation Show: All The Details You Need to Know

10 Design Ideas to Worthy of Stealing from ‘Mrs. Maisel’

HGTV Shows Ranked And Graded

British Maker of Adventure Play Structures Launches Playground Design Competition

All Households in Ireland Will Receive 2 Free-to-Send Postcards to Counter Social Distancing

Seasonal Homeowners Fleeing to Maine to Escape Coronavirus

Housesitters Scramble For Space As Homeowners Cancel Trips

‘Murder House Flip’ Is A Very Real Home Renovation Show Premiering on Quibi in April

Historic Monterey, California Multi-Use Building With Ghostly Reputation Lists for $3M

10 Homeowner Antics That Annoy Contractors Most

Legendary Site of ‘Godfather II’ Tahoe Shore Home Lists for $5.5M

Famed Musician’s Former Beach Property to Become an SF Bay Area Park

The Best Home Renovation Show Isn’t on HGTV, It’s on YouTube

7 Realtors Confess Their Weirdest Showings

Keeping the House Post-Divorce Has Gotten More Affordable

Why Movie Villains Have the Best Houses

6 HGTV Secrets They Don’t Want You to Know

70% of Couples Argue About This Room in Their Home

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