1. Know & Defend What You Want

Having a clear vision upfront of your desired outcome is critical in the renovation process. It is not enough to simply have a clear, overriding goal, such as an “Aging in Place” modification for a parent, or needing to quickly and economically sell an investment property. The “knowing” has to extend much further into the details, such that you can effectively control the process to keep your project on schedule and on budget.

Equally important, the homeowner has to remain strong throughout the project to ensure the finished product meets his expectations. This requires being sufficiently wise to know where and when concessions can be made to move the process along, and being appropriately tough to defend key needs that cannot be sacrificed or compromised under any circumstances. Key to being wise and tough is knowing your rights as a homeowner.

2. Begin Costing Items

When planning a project, make sure that you know the market cost of items on your wish list. How much more is the Viking six burner with the Thermador Hood than the Zline brand with similar options? Know what you are getting for your money by comparing and contrasting features against your key needs. To assist in this area, Purgula will periodically provide comparative overviews of different products based on price, reputation, and maintenance costs to help you choose what is right for your budget and needs.

3. Prepare Your Budget

We will help you create and manage your budgets. With content and templates, like the Purgula Master Budgeting Spreadsheet, you can more accurately track your spending throughout your project. We will also provide guidance on various financing programs through creative options such as FHA 203(k) loans and Home Equity lines of credit. Stay tuned as we introduce new financial partnerships and offerings.

4. Define & Prioritize Your Unique Requirements

The Purgula RFP Generator, in wizard format, will help you organize your requirements and specific expectations, which are critical for landing a well-qualified contractor. After completing the step-by-step guided process, an RFP (Request for a Proposal) document will be generated dynamically that can be sent to your choice of prospective bidders. A Purgula generated RFP will allow you to control the contractor bidding process by requiring similar proposals that answer your key needs. The homeowner can then compare information across different bids more easily. The RFP process will also reduce the number of unnecessary visits to your home by prospective contractors, as it is will promptly thwart unqualified bidders from wasting your valuable time.

5. Choose a Qualified Contractor for Your Needs

Using the wisdom of past experiences and the collective voices of consumers, who have had both good and bad experiences with their own home improvement projects, we offer tips in selecting a vendor. Are online lead generation sites good sources of information when considering a contractor? Is it legal to post a bad review if you have had a bad experience? Can you be sued? We address all of these issues. A Purgula RFP will help in this area, as well, as it will specify the core qualifications required of contending contractors.

6. Write a Contract with Protection

Purgula will provide information on the essentials of a strong contract that will protect the homeowner should your project start to go sideways. We want to help you feel confident that you have all the elements of a solid contract before you write your first check. Central to Purgula’s mission is educating and empowering homeowners before they sign a contract. Matters get significantly more challenging after one has unfortunately entered into a contentious or dysfunctional partnership.

7. Own Your Project

The commitment to the process does not end once you have signed the contract. A smart homeowner knows to stay intimately involved throughout the project. Consistent walk-throughs and evaluations of your contractor’s work need to be documented in as many forms as possible: email; text messages; photos; and video. Regular interaction with the contractor to confirm status and next steps is critical to ward off any problems that may result from poor communication, either spoken or written. Purgula will provide tips on how homeowners can stay vigilant through what at times can seem like overwhelming situations. But more importantly we hope to help homeowners prevent these stressful experiences.

8. Know Your Rights

Should something go wrong, know your rights. Keeping good documentation (texts, emails, videos and photos) will keep you well armed and prepared should you be forced to arbitrate or litigate a claim. What are the steps you need to take to get the process started? Should you hire an attorney? We keep abreast of current legal knowledge, rulings and legislation to help homeowners stay aware of specific rights, should you find yourself in a dispute.

Now let’s get started!