Two Mortgage Options For A New Home That Needs Renovations

203k FHA Loans are a great way to purchase or re-finance your home. Unlike conventional mortgage loans, the 203k Loan includes the renovation funds combined with the mortgage loan, so you only payback one loan. Once the sale or refinance is closed, renovation funds are held in escrow and paid out at approved intervals based on improvement completions.

203k FHA Loan vs. Conventional Loan Comparison

Attribute FHA 203k Conventional
Down Payment Minimum 3.5% Minimum 5%
Credit Score rRequirements 620-640 580-620
Debt-To-Income Ratio 41-45% 43-50%
Closing Costs 2-5% of purchase price 3-6% of purchase price
Mortgage Insurance Yes, along with small ongoing monthly fee Required if less than 20% down
Seller Contributes to Closing Costs 6% 9% – if 20% down
Uses Must be your primary residence. Minimum $5,000 Maximum $35,000 of Construction costs No limits


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