With HGTV shows becoming scarce within the on-demand subscription packages of the Big 3 Streaming Platforms (Hulu, Netflix and Prime), many homeowners have been struggling to access quality home improvement shows, without having to pay extra for individual episodes, seasons or premium subscriptions.

To help with this effort, we’ve curated a roundup of free, ad-supported streaming networks that offer a wide range of quality home shows, on-demand or through live streaming. These types of platform are also referred to as AVOD networks, or Advertising-Based Video on Demand.

Though we whole-heartedly prefer on-demand viewing to live broadcasts, live streaming does offer an easy way to discover new shows and to determine if you really like a show. For example, if you are hooked on seeing the unveiling at the end of a live stream, you know the show’s a likely keeper.

Free Streaming Networks With Home Improvement & Design Shows

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Tubi TV

Launched in 2014 and based in San Francisco, Tubi TV is an American ad-supported streaming service owned by Fox Corporation, which purchased it for $440 million in 2020. Given their growing popularity and large selection of Home & Garden content, Tubi should definitely be in your regular rotation when looking for new home shows.

Tubi can be streamed from their website and is accessible from a wide range of devices. Though you can watch Tubi without creating or signing into a Tubi account, signing in allows users to save movies and shows to a watch list for later viewing, as well as to resume progress after pausing a video.

Example Home Shows Currently Available on Tubi TV



IMDB TV, is a free, ad-supported on-demand streaming network, owned by Amazon. Subscribers of Prime Video are likely already familiar with IMDB TV, as Amazon has expanded its ad-supported content within the Prime Video interface. If you already have an Amazon Prime account, IMDB TV programming is accessible within the “Free to Me” option in the main top menu.

IMDB TV programming is also available by creating a free account directly on the IMDB.com website and then choosing a platform from which to stream, e.g.: the IMDb TV page within a web browser; the IMDB app; the IMDB TV app for Amazon Fire TV and Roku.

IMDB TV content is currently only available when streaming from within the United States and US territories.

To find shows available for free streaming look for ”Watch Free on IMDB TV” links on profile and episode pages of a given show. Keep in mind that not all episodes will be available for ad-supported streaming and finding shows that are available for ad-supported streaming is not an easy process.

Example Home Shows Currently Available on IMDB TV


Pluto TV

Pluto TV can be reached by either a downloadable app or directly on their website for free.

With both live offerings and an on-demand catalog of programs, the platform offers a number of Home & Garden, Design and DIY shows.

Example Home Shows Currently Available on Pluto TV

  • Bang on Budgets
  • Dream Room in a Day
  • The Great Interior Design Channel
  • This Old House
  • Tiny House Nation



Launched in 2019, Dabl is a relatively new, free, live streaming network from CBS that has a solid collection of home-related programming. DABL is defined as an over-the-air (OTA) lifestyle network available in over 100 markets, that also has a live feed on its website. Though full episodes are not available for on-demand viewing, they do have a collection of short videos, including many pertaining to home renovations.

Checking in on Dabl’s live stream from time-to-time can be an easy way to discover new shows. Instant Gardener was “instantly” likeable to us, as one example.

Here is the current list of home-related shows:

  • 60 Minute Makeover
  • Design Inc
  • Dable at Home
  • Find & Design
  • Escape to the Country
  • Home Again with Bob Vila
  • Instant Gardener
  • The Living Room
  • Open Homes Australia
  • Real Potential
  • Reno vs. Relocate
  • Room Service
  • Sarah 101
  • Sell This House
  • Selling Houses with Amanda Lamb
  • You Deserve This House


Peacock TV

Peacock TV is an American over-the-top (OTT) video streaming service owned by NBCUniversal, a subsidiary of Comcast. The video platform showcases NBC’s large library of video content, including TV series, live sports, Universal Studios films, and new original content. Launched in mid-2020, the service is named after NBC’s famous peacock logo. Peacock TV can be accessed via a downloadable app or on its website.

Example Home Channels Currently Available on Peacock TV



Launched in 2011, XUMO is an American over-the-top (OTT) internet television service owned by Comcast. XUMO offers free, live TV and on-demand streaming service that has over 190 channels. Home shows can be found listed in their Lifestyle collection of channels.

Example Home Channels Currently Available on XUMO

HGTV’s YouTube Playlists

While HGTV has very few full episodes of their programming available online for free, they do have a large collection of helpful videos in their massive YouTube account. Here are a few of their video playlists that can help you find some valuable tips and inspiration.


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