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Whether you are seasoned or inexperienced in matters of gardening or landscaping, Prime Video has a quality collection of gardening and landscaping TV shows and documentary films that will both educate and inspire you to reinvent your outdoor spaces. Though most of the programming is British, you will quickly appreciate their expert, reverent and passionate approach to all things pertaining to gardening and outdoor landscapes.

Well-known British Horticulturist and TV-Host Monty Don matter-of-factly and amusingly reflects in one episode of Gardeners’ World that “gardening is adults going out to play”.

“Gardening is adults going out to play”

Monty Don, Co-Host of Gardeners’ World

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Best Gardening Shows on Amazon Prime


Beatrix Farrand's American Landscapes

Beatrix Farrand’s American Landscapes

An illuminating documentary on the life of Beatrix Farrand, one of America’s first landscape architects, hosted by award-winning public garden design Lynden B. Miller. There is lots to learn about this ground-breaking garden designer and much from which to be inspired. If you are an avid gardener and have never heard of Ms. Farrand, sadly, you are not alone, but more gardeners are becoming grateful for discovering this tribute.

See Beatrix Farrand’s American Landscapes film details on Amazon.

Beatrix Farrand's American Landscapes, Official Trailer


Big Dreams Small Spaces Gardening TV Series

Big Dreams, Small Spaces

Amiable host Monty Don works with amateur gardeners throughout Britain to help bring their dream gardens to fruition. Viewers love this show for the wide variety of spaces and impressive transformations, while easily picking up helpful tips and creative ideas for their own gardens.

See Big Dreams, Small Spaces episode details on Amazon.


The Gardener Documentary Film

The Gardener

Another inspiring documentary that explores one of the world’s greatest gardens, Les Quatre Vents, which was created over a span of 75 years and three generations by Frank Cabot. The film is largely about the gardener behind the garden – what inspired his vision, ideas and dedication.

See The Gardener film details on Amazon.

The Gardener I Documentary Trailer


Gardeners' World TV Series

Gardeners’ World

This long-running, wildly popular BBC garden show is loaded with wide-ranging gardening tips, ideas, and guidance from seasoned experts. One loyal devotee characterized the show as “wonderful and a delight for the eyes, as well as the spirit”! More than a few reviewers have categorically enshrined the show as “The Best Gardening Show on TV”. We love Monty Don’s personal tenet that “gardening is adults going out to play”!

See Gardeners’ World episode details on Amazon.


The Great Gardens of England TV Series

The Great Gardens of England

This show takes 58 intimate tours of Britain’s most beautiful gardens, from the Gardens of the National Trust to the tiniest of courtyards. Viewers love this show for its beauty and inspiration conveyed as each garden is showcased. One reviewer succinctly described the show as “gorgeous, relaxing, inspiring”.

Note: Only Season 1 is currently available for free with ads on Prime via Freevee (previously known as IMDb TV).

See The Great Gardens of England episode details on Amazon.


Ground Force TV Series

Ground Force

Ground Force is yet another popular British garden show in which a group of professional landscapers and hardscapers creates or transforms a garden in just two days, as a surprise for one of the owners. A driving mission of the show is to demonstrate that gardens should be places of beauty, but are all-too-often neglected. The biggest complaint of Prime viewers is that there are simply not enough episodes currently available!

Note: Only Season 12 is currently available for free with ads on Prime via Freevee (previously known as IMDb TV).

See Ground Force episode details on Amazon.


Ground Force Revisited TV Series

Ground Force Revisited

Similar to the format of the original Ground Force series, the Revisited version differs by how the owners are chosen, as they are nominated by a family member or friend.

See Ground Force Revisited episode details on Amazon.


Grow Cook Eat TV Series

Grow, Cook, Eat

Grow, Cook, Eat is a new series about how to grow your own vegetables and fruit in small gardens and spaces. Each episode explores a particular vegetable or fruit and takes the viewer through the entire process of seeding, growing, harvesting and cooking.

Note: Season 1 is currently available for free with ads on Prime via Freevee (previously known as IMDb TV).

See Grow, Cook, Eat episode details on Amazon.



My Dream Farm TV Series

My Dream Farm

My Dream Farm follows first-time farmers as they give up their ordinary, urban lives to live off of the land. Host Monty Don provides advice and mentorship to the new farmers as they face challenging learning curves.

See My Dream Farm episode details on Amazon.


Secret Gardens of England Documentary

Secret Gardens of England

In this documentary, Alan Titchmarsh visits eight of England’s lesser-known gardens. Viewers loved that the film focuses on smaller gardens and that they can return to it over and over for ideas and inspiration to apply to their own gardens.

Note: Currently available for free with ads on Prime via Freevee (previously known as IMDb TV).

See Secret Gardens of England film details on Amazon.


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