What to know about Pestie, a new disruptor in the pest control space, and why they are receiving such high approval ratings from homeowners, after just one treatment.

Warmer months bring pests of all types out of their winter bunkers and into and around your home for an all-out ground and air assault. Insects that fly, crawl and slither are worrisome for homeowners, since the diseases they can carry and the destruction they can cause to your home are an annual annoyance.

Year after year, you purchase pesticides from the box stores or pay a professional to come in to control or eradicate critters, but nothing really seems to work as a long-term, proactive and effective solution

There is now a disruptor in the residential pest control industry that is receiving high approval ratings from homeowners, after just one treatment, Pestie.

Customized for your specific geographic zone and delivered directly to your door, Pestie is an innovative and effective way to tackle pest control issues with pro-grade pesticides at a fraction of the cost of professional services.

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What is Pestie?

Pest Control in a Box

Launched in April of 2020 and headquartered in Lehi, Utah, Pestie fills the need for an affordable, effective, safe, and easy-to-use DIY product that is customized to control pests for a customer’s particular geographic zone.

Pestie is a DIY, professional grade, targeted pest control solution that’s delivered to your door. If ever there were an intersection of the best aspects of two drastically different solutions, then Pestie is that convergence.

Just like pest management professionals, Pestle uses professional grade pesticides to control or eradicate insects in and around your property, while being child- and pet-safe. Like other lower cost DIY solutions, you apply the pesticide yourself, eradicating the middle man, and the high cost of pest control.

Pestie DIY Pest Control Product Package

Pestie DIY Pest Control in a Box


How Does Pestie Work?

The process is as easy as clicking “Get Started” on Pestie.com. Choose one of three service options:

  1. One-Time Use Purchase
  2. Quarterly Subscription in 4 payments; or
  3. Yearly Subscription in 1 payment

Each order is custom formulated based on the customer’s specific geographic zone and the insects that are prone to that region for a particular season.

Your order will arrive on your door step in a box with one complete application kit composed of:

  • Customized pesticide concentrate
  • An application mixing bag
  • A spray applicator that hooks directly into the bag
  • A pair of nitrile gloves to protect you while you mix and spray
  • Step-by-step instructions

The easy-to-follow three step instructions are:

  1. Fill the application bag with water until it’s full. Then pour the pesticide concentrate into the bag and shake thoroughly.
  2. Spray around the foundation of your home in a 4-foot band – 2 feet up the side of the home and 2 feet away from the home on the ground. Then apply around your windows, door frames, window wells, and garage door openings.
  3. Finally, spray your front porch railings, under any backyard decks, inside your garage, and any other cracks or crevices that might be around the perimeter of your home.

How to Apply Pest Control with Pestie

How to Apply Pest Control with Pestie


Pestie vs. Store Bought DIY Products vs. PMP Professional Services

Consumers previously had two choices for eradicating and controlling unwanted pests:

  1. Purchase a pre-mixed solution and DIY the application of it, or
  2. Call a professional service and sign an expensive contract for a series of treatments

Neither solution adequately addresses the needs of the modern homeowner.

Premixed solutions, although formulated for insects you may never experience in your area, allow you to DIY the application. However, because they are regulated solutions, they have been diluted to an ineffective concentration and may not always solve your pest problem in either the short or long term.

On the other hand, PMP (Pest Management Professional) services have high overhead, so you end up paying for marketing, sales, salaries, and anything else included in your contract which has nothing to do with solving your pest problem.

At the intersection of the effectiveness of PMP versus the costs of DIY conundrum is the disruptor Pestie.

All of Pestie’s products use the same professional grade solutions as the pros, but since you are mixing and applying the treatments, you save on all other PMP ancillary costs.

Furthermore, unlike the box store pre-mixed solutions, the Pestie customized, concentrated formulas are both strong enough and specific enough for the pests you are trying to control and eradicate in your local area.


How Much Does Pestie Cost?

Pestie offers three basic subscription service at different price points:

  • One-Time Use Purchase $49
  • Quarterly Subscription in four payments of $39, totaling $156 for a full year (includes a 20% off quarterly discount)
  • Yearly Subscription in one payment of $136, which is the best value for an annualized rate (includes a 31% off annual subscription discount, which equates to a per-application cost of $34)

Pestie’s current per-application price is $49 without any discounts.

Annualized subscription services are automated and customers will receive notifications that their quarterly shipments are on their way. The shipments arrive after Pestie has researched your region’s seasonality, weather patterns and the common bugs that are currently in your area.

The formulation sent to you are based on this research and customized to provide a solution, sometimes before you even realize you may have an infestation issue.

If you are hesitant about entering into a long-term commitment, you have two options: choose the One-Time Use Purchase or choose either of the two other options and cancel at any time.

Either way, the Pestie Promise guarantee will assuage any skepticism you may have about trying a new service, as they will even refund whatever you have already paid, if you are not satisfied with your Pestie pest control experience.


Is Pestie Safe?

All of Pestie’s products are plant-based and designed to mimic the known pest suppressing properties of the chrysanthemum flower. The company’s pest control concentrate uses a micro-encapsulated formula meant to eradicate bugs from the inside, while also withstanding both rain and sunshine for a longer-lasting solution than traditional, non-encapsulated pest control formulas. This method of eradication means there are no chemicals to which successive insect can become immune.

The company states that all of its products are both kid- and pet-friendly when used as directed. Product information states that they are also safe to spray on plants, trees, bushes, and grass – but should not be applied to vegetables or fruit. Directions also suggest that you allow the solution to air dry before allowing children to play on grasses or near bushes treated with their products.

Since every state has unique pesticide laws, the company has had to adapt to the safety laws of every state making them an approved solution for sale in all fifty states.

Taking a step further, the company has pledged to help reduce the harm of pollinators and the environment to ensure that their products remain as safe as they are efficacious.

From the Pestie website:

Here’s a couple of the things we do to help the environment:

  • We include instructions with every shipment on how to minimize the impact to beneficial insects like bees/pollinators
  • We only use the latest proven pesticide technology (Older pesticide tech is worse for the environment)
  • We put a lot of effort into making clear instructions and videos that educate our customers on proper application technique
  • We only ship the exact amount that you need so that you can’t over-apply
  • We include safe disposal guidelines to keep pesticides out of water sources


Pestie Overview Video

Spray this on your house (or castle). Never see bugs again.

Spray this on your house (or castle). Never see bugs again.


Pestie Reviews

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