Years of continual innovation has enabled Phantom Screens to offer the perfect set of benefits in high demand in today’s residential market.

We enjoy showcasing market-leading companies that have persistently innovated over many years and are able to serve homeowners with benefits perfectly suited even for today’s unpredictable times. In this article we profile Phantom Screens, a Canadian manufacturer of retractable screens that exemplifies this standard of innovation.

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Phantom Screens’ History of Innovation

Phantom Screens is the pioneer of retractable screens for both residential and commercial use for windows, doors and large openings. Founded in 1992, their constant evolution of retractable screens has allowed them to maintain their leadership position in an industry that has seen little innovation from competitors.

Founded by Dr. Ernest Rooke and Dutch immigrant Syb Rypma, who introduced retractable screens to North America, the company humbly began in a single-car garage in Canada more than 28 years ago. Having worked for and having been mentored by Dr. Rooke for many years, Esther De Wolde, Phantom’s current CEO, was well-suited and well-prepared to lead the company to its present prosperous state.

Ms. De Wolde has successfully navigated the small company into an international brand, now available in several markets across the globe including: the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Taiwan, Ecuador, Panama, Guatemala, the Dominican Republic and the United Kingdom.

To get a taste of De Wolde’s passionate approach to service, we strongly recommend watching her YouTube series aptly titled “Delivering Fresh Air”, where she excitedly visits the homes of Phantom Screens’ customers.

In 2000, the company astutely purchased Executive Rollscreens, which amped up their offerings by not just motorizing their products, but also enabling them to motorize larger openings (now up to 25 feet wide and 16 feet high). Additional product and feature launches included: Custom Coatings for unlimited color matching; Serene Screens for more elegant and discreet retractable motorized screens; easy-to-use remote controls; automated blockage sensors; timers with sun and wind sensor controls; and more screen mesh options for emerging needs, such as solar blocking, privacy and more effective insect protection.

The latest, and perhaps the most impressive testament of Phantom Screens is their recent history participating in the annual The New American Home® (TNAH) and The New American Remodel® (TNAR) industry projects which showcase industry best practices, innovative design concepts, state-of-the-art products and the latest construction techniques. These events involve innovative builders and designers pushing innovative suppliers to meet ever demanding performance and design criteria.


The Many Benefits of Phantom Screens

All these years of continual innovation has enabled Phantom Screens to offer, almost clairvoyantly, the perfect set of benefits in high demand in today’s residential market:

  • Convenience
  • Comfort
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Expanded Living Functionality (Indoor-Outdoor, Multi-seasonal)
  • Design Elegance
  • Flexibility (Doors, Windows, Patios, Porches, etc.)
  • Quality & Reliability
  • Ease of Ordering & Installation
  • Protection from the Elements and Insects

Design Elegance

Unlike traditional screens, retractable screens can easily be out-of-sight when desired to restore full views and curb appeal. The discreet housings and integration methods will not detract from your home décor. Custom color options will enable the screens to mesh elegantly with your home’s cohesive design style. These screens can also integrate not only with modern homes, but can be converted to mesh aesthetically with older, traditional homes. Unobstructed views are just moment away, as the screens retract out of sight when not in use.

Expanded Living Functionality

As more homeowners are desiring seamless Indoor Outdoor living, multi-seasonal retractable screens are opening a wide-range of new possibilities to either let the “fresh air in” or keep the “cold or hot air out”. With the ability to use either or both mesh and vinyl screens, homeowners can have the ability to extend their year-round usage of exterior spaces by: keeping heat in or out when desired; and keeping cold out or in when desired. Bugs can be kept out, direct sun can be blocked and even chilly breezes can be mitigated.


Retractable screens can work with a wide-range of applications, including: uniquely sized windows; double French doors; telescoping walls; showcase doors; patios; lanais; balconies; porches, garage doors; and oversized windows. The retractable nature of the screens allow homeowners to: maximize daylight when needed; and minimize sunlight when needed (e.g. watching TV or using computer screens).

Energy Efficiency

Phantom’s solar blocking screens decrease solar heating by as much as 65% to 90% and are over seven times more effective at reducing solar heat gain than interior blinds.

Quality & Reliability

All screens Phantom Screens are manufactured by hand in their 45,000 square foot production facility. To ensure that installations are as high-quality as the products installed, all Authorized Phantom Distributors are factory-trained professionals.


Phantom’s ability to reduce UV exposure will extend the life of your furniture and décor. The option to increase the density of the screen mesh can provide more attention against smaller insects.


Phantom Screens Current Product Lines

Though Phantom Screen’s sole focus continues to be on retractable screens, their dedication continues to open up new applications and benefits. Their market penetration will continue to grow as more homeowners become aware of these possibilities.


Phantom Screens Video Case Studies

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between a traditional and retractable screen?

Unlike traditional fixed screens, retractable screens remain out of view when not in use. By design retractable screens retreat into a low-profile, discreet housing which keep your most cherished views unobstructed, while not detracting from your home’s décor.

Do Phantom Screens have reduced visibility?

Though the mesh used in Phantom Screens provide different levels of visibility, depending on your preferences (e.g. color, density and usage: type of insect protection, solar heat reduction, natural ventilation, improved daylight, or increased privacy), the screens disappear when not in use. Phantom offers 30 types of mesh available in different colors, weaves and materials, plus all-weather vinyl screens.

Design Aesthetics

Phantom screens are designed to be discreet and mesh with your home’s décor, as they come in a wide variety of colors and finishes, including wood grain. Specific colors can be matched, as well being able to choose from a variety of installation options, to maintain the architectural integrity of your home.

Are Phantom Screens difficult to maintain?

Since the screens are retracted when not in use, the amount of maintenance is minimal given that they stay in their housings during wet and cold months. Cleaning with mild detergent and water is recommended once or twice a season to eliminate any small dust particles in the mesh.

Do Phantom Screens come with a product warranty?

All Phantom screens come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty on parts (except mesh) and components, including a 24-month warranty for labor and shipping.

Can Phantom Screens be repaired?

The mesh can be replaced and most of the parts can be repaired or replaced. Although the screens are very durable, accidents can happen. A local Authorized Phantom Representative will be your point of contact to make any repairs.

Where can Phantom Screens be purchased?

Authorized Resellers of Phantom Screens can be found on their website.

How can Phantom Screens be installed?

Phantom door and window screens, as well as screens for large openings must be professionally installed by Phantom-trained installers.

How long does a project take?

Most installations are completed within one day, but many factors will affect the total time needed to complete an entire project (e.g. number of screens, size of openings, types of installation, product availability, manufacturing lead times, etc.). A single door screen, for example, can be usually installed in under an hour. Your local Authorized Phantom representative will be able to provide a more accurate estimate on how long a specific installation will take.

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