Being homebound for what seems like an eternity can make you hypercritical of your interior surroundings as you reassess dysfunctional layouts and uninspired ensembles:

  • Does your home reflect your needs now that you have put it through the ultimate stay at home test?
  • Are the dining and accent chairs comfortable and functional for your daily routine, as well as occasional events?
  • Is your home office equipped with the right furniture, ample storage and proper lighting for all tasks including those endless Zoom calls?
  • Do some rooms appear dated, and are no longer reflective of your current sense of style and sophistication?

In short, you may find that your interior spaces no longer feel like the home that is illustrative of your personal style.

When your home is no longer serving the key needs of you and your guests, it may be time for a Scout & Nimble Refresh!

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Scout & Nimble: The Best Kept Interior Design Secret You Need to Know

Though many members of the interior design profession have long been loyal customers of Scout & Nimble (S&N), we can’t help but feel that their site and brand are still somewhat of a “secret” to the public.

Having spent considerable time on their blog and Instagram account, we can attest that Scout & Nimble is very true to their mission:

Making design accessible is what we do.

There are countless websites that sell furniture and home décor, but few that provide interior design solutions, while selling the very elements used in showcased renovations and makeovers. In an era where homeowners are becoming more empowered to take on design projects, interior design can still be an intimidating discipline.

No matter the specific trade of professionals that serve the broad space of home improvement, we find it to be always true that the best are terrific at educating and inspiring their customers. Scout & Nimble is a perfect example of educating through sharing.


The History of Scout & Nimble

Scout & Nimble has been catering to both interior designers and décor enthusiasts looking for designer-curated furnishings with an eye toward a polished look to reflect their personal lifestyle for more than 10 years.

Based in Columbia, Missouri, the company became the obvious next step for duo Jesse and Sam Bodine in 2010, as Jesse grew her interior design firm into a full-service interior design studio for connoisseurs of sophisticated furnishings, now separately run as Bodine White.

Having met with difficulty in sourcing products for her design projects, Jesse recognized the need for an all-access marketplace where consumers and designers alike could curate their furniture and décor at competitive prices.

In addition to being a designer’s “one-stop shop” for their projects, Scout & Nimble is open to the public and offers design solutions and consultation to its website customers.


How to Refresh Your Home Using Scout & Nimble


Design Inspiration

Searching for inspiration is an important first step in reassessing your current décor in preparation for a refresh of your home. However, having too many sources of ideas can quickly feel overwhelming. We strongly recommend following how the S&N team connects their own sources of inspiration directly to design choices and specific products.

Take note of items that are just not working, either functionally or aesthetically, in your daily usage:

  • Is paint fading or chipping on walls?
  • Are chairs looking a bit dated or worn?
  • Does the rug make the room look darker or oppressive?
  • How can you make design and function work for an odd-shaped room?
  • Is the functional flow awkward or uninviting?

Scout and Nimble has an enthusiastically active Instagram account with over 440,000 followers, including many designers and home décor enthusiasts displaying their most recent project reveals using the hashtag #myscoutandnimble.

Scout & Nimble Instagram Posts for Design Inspiration

This is an excellent source of inspiration and information, as you are afforded numerous examples of style, design, color palettes, furniture choices and lighting design all from the comfort of your own home. Scout & Nimble knows their community members well, as they anticipate specific questions that will naturally follow when presenting well-designed spaces.

Scout & Nimble Example Interior Design Question & Answer

Need ideas for resurrecting a modern look for a long hallway or updating a carpeted stairwell? Perusing S&N’s Instagram community will give you the compositional foundation you crave to begin your own project with items just a click away on the S&N website.


Design Case Studies

We also strongly recommend studying their stellar Home Tour and Home Reveal posts that provide helpful design examples, as well as details on the design decisions for several S&N remodeling projects. Here are links to just a few examples:


Design Consultation Support

Scout & Nimble not only sells solutions but also offers design advice and support from a team of style experts via its website. Customers can email customer support for guidance to help solve their home design issues or to answer product questions.

Looking for the perfect rug to accentuate an heirloom piece, while enhancing the mood of the room? The design professionals at S&N can suggest pieces that can help connect existing furniture with new elements, such as rugs, accent chairs, wall décor or lighting to achieve the right function and atmosphere. Website customers need only submit an image of the room with their design queries to access hands-on, experienced specialists for assistance.


Color Palettes as Design Inspiration

One important aspect of interior design style is developing a color palette for a room. S&N’s designers and consultants can help customers draw out their feature colors and combinations by helping them choose furniture, décor and other accent pieces that work well in combination.

Unsure of how to draw out subtle colors in natural stone or patterned carpeting? S&N’s design consultants can give you confidence in your purchases by suggesting the right tones, warm or cool, that are best enhanced by both the natural and LED lighting of the room.


Unparalleled Customer Support

Trustpilot scores of S&N reveal that the company’s customer support is the key to repeat business and overall success. Verified customers use superlatives such as “awesome“, “stellar” ,”exceptional“, “professional” and “extremely communicative” to describe their experience with support representatives.

An important signal of “stand-up” customer service is to read how S&N’s customer support team has handled issues with dissatisfied customers. Any prosperous business, dealing in large volumes of orders, will inevitably encounter customer disappointments. We commend how S&N transparently and courteously handles these types of challenging situations.

Conversely, we are always suspicious when not seeing any complaints for an established business. The key is how the company responds to the inevitable challenges that arise from doing business over a long period of time.

Unlike most purveyors of oversized items, S&N does not consider the relationship completed after the online sale. Support by their team continues through the delivery and set up process, as they also offer white glove delivery and support.

S&N will assist customers in coordinating shipments and resolving delivery issues. With the use of local fulfillment centers to complete residential deliveries for freight or heavy, oversized shipments, S&N is committed to offering the best possible customer experience.

When considering all of the logistical challenges that can involve the safe passage of valuable, heavy and bulky items, the seamless coordination of trusted partners is critical to customer satisfaction. Less experienced and less established vendors may have to settle for curbside delivery, which can be a nightmare situation for foul weather and multi-tiered homes.


Scout & Nimble’s Tri Delta Traditional Design House Refresh

A perfect example of applying the critical-eye technique is S&N’s total refresh of the Delta Delta Delta or Tri Delta House at the University of Missouri. Transforming a traditional sorority house while preserving the history and character of a 100 year-old home is no easy task – unless you are Scout and Nimble, of course!

Recognizing the need to update for both function and aesthetics, the team at Scout & Nimble gave every consideration to the traditional character of the home, while paying attention to the use cases for each aspect of the remodel.


The Foyer

The foyer is the gateway to a home and leads to the more semi-private areas of the residence. A good place to begin any renovation, this area will set the tone for how a home is perceived, as it welcomes your guests and introduces your style to all who enter.

From an older, traditional parquet floor with a darker, less inviting color palette, the foyer was given new light and new life with a transformative remodel.

Scout & Nimble Tri Delta Foyer Makeover Before and After

Click image to view enlarged version.

With modern black and white porcelain checkered tiles, the foyer has not lost its traditional character, while it has gained increased durability for this highly trafficked area. The use of Benjamin Moore White Dove interior for the stairwell, french door millwork and wainscoting, gives the foyer a lighter, more reflective appeal. The design is enhanced by the aged brass Hudson Valley Dillion Chandelier and the Jaipur Living Stag Oriental Teal/Gold area rug.

Scout & Nimble Tri Delta Foyer Before and After

Click image to view enlarged version.

We especially like the aesthetic details that can be enjoyed up close (showcased in the main article image) when using the space as an elegant waiting room or for impromptu one-on-one conversations.


The Informal Living Room

The informal living room, also known as a “family” room, is an area meant to entertain members of the house. It is a social, comfortable zone, usually designed for multifunctional use.

The original informal living room followed the color palette of the foyer with dark tones and traditional striped wallpaper, dated furniture, and older fixtures, carpeting and lighting.

The remodeled engineered flooring, in combination with light colored walls, is an improvement for welcoming natural light into the space. Functional improvements include better furniture placement for improved traffic flow, made possible by less heavy pieces that give way to smaller, more intimate, gathering areas within the room.

Scout & Nimble Tri Delta Informal Living Room Before and After

Click image to view enlarged version.


Scout & Nimble Image Gallery of the Tri Delta Design Refresh


Additional Details on the Tri Delta Traditional Design Sorority House

To learn more about the design details for this entire project, be sure to visit these highly informative blog posts that explain all of the behind-the-scenes planning and design choices made for this spectacular makeover. Also provided are convenient shopping links to find the exact pieces used in all spaces of the remodeling project.

If you enjoy this information and find it helpful, please let Scout & Nimble know to encourage them to continue producing such invaluable content!


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