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Updated: August 20, 2022

Disrupting a centuries-old industry would seem a daunting task, but not for the couple behind the success of Boll & Branch, the largest direct-to-consumer, ethical and sustainable home textile manufacturer in the US.

For over seven years, Missy and Scott Tannen have taken the textile industry by storm by creating a business with built-in social responsibility and respect for all involved in the production of Boll & Branch products.

Here’s their story.

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Boll & Branch’s Golden Rule of Ethical Sourcing

From the Fair Trade certified seed cotton, used to make their high quality products, to the recycled and FSC packing and shipping respectively used to transport their finished goods, Boll & Branch’s entire supply chain and manufacturing process is an ode to the Golden Rule:

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

The duo added conscience and ethics to the textile industry and set out to rectify all that was wrong with the standard industry approach. From helping cotton farmers in India maintain organic cotton growing standards to improving working conditions for women in textile factories, Boll & Branch is defying industry conventions, yet still producing high quality, luxurious products that are affordable.

Boll & Branch’s organic seed cotton farmers produce a product – raw organic cotton – that is free of pesticides, chemicals and GMOs. This healthy approach is contributing to a longer life span for their cotton fields than that of their fellow conventional cotton farmers.

Conventional cotton is grown with harsh pesticides and chemicals throughout the growing cycle and thus exposes farmers and eventually consumers of the final product to toxins. Furthermore, harsh contaminants that result from runoff of these crops can pollute soil, air and waterways, which is injurious to those who rely on this water source nearby.

The Fair Trade practices of Boll & Branch also insure that their farmers are paid a fair wage for their labor and output, unlike conventional farmers who too often assume unsurmountable debt from local suppliers that can lead to suicide.

The Golden Rule does not end here. Boll & Branch is fully aware of working conditions in developing countries and the rampant use of child and slave labor in factories. The Tannens were adamant that they wanted no part in any cruel and unsafe conditions and have been fortunate to partner and build several manufacturing facilities that only engage in fair employment practices. The goal is to improve the standards and lives of the various skilled tradespeople who work in their facilities, without taking advantage of their fragile status in life.


About Boll & Branch’s Products

Boll & Branch does not sacrifice quality, luxury, style or selection in its products, as a result of all of its commitment of putting people first. Reviewers rate their Signature Fabric as “fabulous” with “amazing quality stitching” and mention that they are repeat buyers for both themselves and others, as gifts.

Developing both a brand and products with uncompromising standards, while encouraging human empowerment with sustainable incomes should become the norm in the home goods industry. As more consumers become aware of ethical and sustainable sourcing, we expect them to support this movement with a greater share of their wallets, as the quality, selection and pricing make it an easy decision to back innovators like Boll & Branch.


Popular Boll & Branch Products


Solid Hemmed Sheets

These are Boll & Branch’s bestselling, most comfortable bed sheets. The signature Boll & Branch weave is simple, but never ordinary. Long-staple, 100% organic cotton is spun cloud-weight and super soft–literally the stuff dreams are made of. Now in beige and mineral colorways.

Boll & Branch


Percale Sheets

If you love hotel sheets, the crisp feel of Boll & Branch’s new Percale Sheet Set will likely be a great fit. These durable sheets are breathable, sleep cool, feel light, and look polished, especially when ironed.

Boll & Branch Percale Sheets & Bedding


Embroidered Sheets

A clean line of hand-finished, satiny embroidery adorns this signature 100% organic cotton sheeting. Airy and supersoft, this is the fabric beloved by millions of Americans.

Boll & Branch White Embroidered Signature 100% Organic Sheets


Eyelet Sheets

This version of Boll & Branch’s luxury, 100% organic cotton signature fabric brings an added level of detail, with a row of meticulously hand-crafted eyelet banding the flat sheet and pillowcases.

Boll & Branch


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