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The main photo is courtesy of Artscape which features their Flourish decorative window film.

If you are looking to make a more elegant design statement with decorative window film, don’t limit your choices to the usual suspects. You may be pleasantly surprised, if you try out these curated resources instead!

Though most large hardware stores carry a respectable selection of decorative privacy window film, we recommend searching more broadly before making a purchase decision. You may be pleasantly surprised, if you expand your search beyond the usual suspects of Amazon, Home Depot, Lowe’s, Target and Walmart. This is especially important if you are looking to make a more elegant, unique or personalized design statement with your selection.

The larger retailers do typically carry popular brands and products, however, it is impractical for them to carry the full breadth of product options per brand. When seeking more unique solutions, going to deep specialty websites or directly to the sites of window film manufacturers can really open up your choices.

To help you discover unique creative selections, we curated helpful resources for you to quickly and confidently determine want you want and where you can purchase these items.

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Benefits of Decorative Window Film for the Home

As you shop for decorative window film products be sure to keep in mind the many benefits, features and uses that they can offer:

  • Cost-Effectiveness: Easier and less expensive than Stained Glass Windows
  • Privacy: Stylishly prevents prying eyes from seeing into your home
  • Freshness: Keeps the décor of your home updated without great expense
  • Aesthetics: Blocks unsightly exterior views
  • Protection: Some decorative window film will block harmful UV rays
  • Safety: Prevents accidents involving sliding glass doors

In case you need more encouragement, watch this amusing “Best Friends” video from Artscape:


Features of Decorative Window Film for the Home

  • Window-Style Emulation: Frosted, Etched, Stained Glass and Textured
  • Privacy Level: See-Thru, Semi, One-Way
  • Design Themes: Patterned, Floral, Tropical, Solid, Custom
  • Adhesive Type: Adhesive, Adhesive-Free, Static-Cling
  • Material Type: Polyester or Vinyl
  • Material Thickness
  • UV Protection Level


Uses for Decorative Window Film for the Home

  • Windows
  • Glass Doors
  • Shower Enclosure
  • Glass Tables
  • Cabinet Doors
  • Glass Dividers


Decorative Privacy Window Film Brands & Websites



Artscape Dogwood Decorative Privacy Window Film

Founded in 1995, in Portland, Oregon, Artscape has been driven to provide beautiful and affordable privacy solutions for windows that anyone can install. Their tagline appropriately states “Artwork for Your Windows”. Their popular decorative window film is sold in over 3,000 retail outlets around the globe. All Artscape window films are non-adhesive, can provide up to 90% protection from UV rays, can be applied in high moisture spaces like bathrooms, and are easy to remove.

How to Apply Artscape Window Film


BDF: Buy Decorative Film

BDF Decorative Privacy Window Film Iris Flowers

BuyDecorativeFilm provides a wide-range of high quality residential and commercial window films, including decorative. Though BDF’s professional grade film may not be the easiest for novices to install, they are confident that customers of all skill levels can successfully install their products, without requiring professional help. For those still hesitant, they also provide a selection of easier-to-install static cling decorative window film.

Non-Adhesive Static Cling Window Film Installation Guide by BDF BuyDecorativeFilm

Non-Adhesive Static Cling Window Film Installation Guide by BDF BuyDecorativeFilm



d-c-fix tulia decorative privacy window film

d-c-fix’s mission is help everyone achieve their dream home, no matter how big or small their budget is.  They are ecstatic about making decorating one’s home easy, no matter if your style is modern, classic, or elegant. Their products enable you to customize your walls, doors, furniture, floors, and glass surfaces. Their static cling window film is known for being very easy to install. Their products are available on Amazon and at Home Depot.


Decorative Films

Decorative Films Squid Decorative Privacy Window Film

Located in Frederick, Maryland, Decorative Films has been in business since 1979 and is manufacturer of a wide-range of high-quality, self-adhesive and static cling decorative privacy films. They offer the web’s largest selection of decorative privacy films.

An innovative leader in the space, they hold several trademarks, including: SQUID®, SOLYX®, SimGlas®, UltraCool®, UltraSafe®, UltraAuto® and UltraGlare®. Their sales network consists of over 2,850 dealers in the US, with major distributors in Canada, Europe, the Middle East, Italy, India, Australia and South Africa. Their latest innovation is SQUID®, a self-adhesive, transparent fabric film, which enables you to see out during the day, while largely restricting people outside from seeing in.

SQUID® - Instructional Video for Small and Normal Surfaces


Decorative Films by Mary Anne

Decorative Films by Mary Anne Hanchette 2c

If you are looking for a truly custom window film design, Mary Anne is the person to contact. She has been providing custom window film services since 2002. She touts “real stained glass effect at 1/10 the price!” Pricing is dependent on the options you choose and necessary to get an estimated price quote.

After selecting a dimension and a design, there is a preview option in the checkout cart to see how the pattern looks before ordering your film. Included on her site are ample examples of her custom work, including: Client Web Samples and Installed Window Murals.



Rabbit Goo 3D Rainbow Window Film Living Room

In addition to offering pet friendly dog and cat supplies, Rabbitgoo, has a home decor collection of 3D, Frosted and One-Way Window Film in an array of decorative patterns. Products range from UV and heat control to privacy protection and are available in static cling and removable adhesive films. Rabbitgoo is a popular brand available on Amazon, as well at Walmart.



RoomMates Ornate Privacy Window Film Living Room

Established in 2006, RoomMates is the largest manufacturer of wall decals and decorative peel & stick products in North America. With collections of Wall Decals, Peel and Stick Wallpaper, Sticktiles, Window Film and Wall Art, Roommates’ mission is to make home decor fast, fun and affordable. Created with both homeowners and renters in mind, the high quality non-adhesive films are removable, repositionable, easy to install, and guaranteed to leave surfaces clean after removal. Roommates’ products are also available at Target and Walmart.


Stick Pretty

Stick Pretty Sprouts Privacy Window Film

Based in Tampa, Florida, Stick Pretty is all about colorful, distinctive and fun, peel-and-stick design – the more surfaces, the better! They claim to use only the most innovative materials, including pvc-free products, and print each of them made-to-order. They have an array of flexible, modern designs that can work vertically or horizontally. All of their window films are waterproof, making them well-suited for bathrooms. Their products are also available on Etsy, Wayfair and Amazon.

Fun & Easy DIY: How to Install Window Film


Wallpaper for Windows

Wallpaper for Windows Avalon Decorative Window Film

Wallpaper for Windows (AKA Etch Art) manufactures high quality, adhesive-free, vinyl film that looks like expensive etched, stained or frosted glass when applied to any window. Since the film is thick and adhesive free, it is easy to install, remove and reuse, while increasing privacy, reducing glare and blocking 95% of damaging UV rays. Their etched glass designs contain real glass to create light refraction and sparkle. Wallpaper for Windows is approved for use in a wide-range of venues, from homes to hospitals to restaurants to day care centers.


Window Film World

Window Film World EZ FILM Kitchen Doors

Window Film World is a small, two-person shop, located in Port Orange, Florida that started as a hobby website back in 2004. The company has grown into a purveyor of all types of window film and etched glass decals that are available in a plethora of designs, types, textures and colors. Window film brands carried include: Brewster, Etch Art and EZ Film. They understand that their role is to offer a selection not found at bigger retailers: “If the whole world was comprised of just big box stores, our choices would certainly be more limited”.


Decorative Privacy Window Film Resources


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