ADU designs can come in a wide range of styles often determined by several factors: primary and future uses; construction method; permitting restrictions; characteristics of the main house and neighborhood; and climate & geography.

Being strong proponents of ADUs for the many benefits that they can provide property owners, we find it encouraging to discover the range of designs being built. Here are just a few favorite examples for your viewing pleasure!

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Home Office Retreat for Writer

Built By: Harrison Design
Square Footage: 400
Construction Type: Traditional on site
What We Like:

  • Angled roofline gives a sense of space
  • Folding glass doors provide seamless connection to the serene outdoors
  • Use of organic materials throughout: cedar ceiling and floor made from reclaimed whiskey barrels
  • Hidden shelf door that leads to private bathroom and storage space
  • Personalized design ideally suited for the art of writing


Harrison Design’s Writer’s Studio ADU Slideshow


Instant Classic Elegant Prefab Model

Built By: Connect Homes
Square Footage: 640
Construction Type: Prefabricated, with steel frame
What We Like:

  • Open concept with built in deck
  • Generously sized bedroom
  • Terrific use of glass to allow for ample, ambient natural light
  • Timeless design derived from years of best-of-class prefab construction capabilities and universal design principles


Connect Homes C2 Prefab ADU Slideshow


Built-to-Last Traditional Brick ADU

Built By: Smallworks
Square Footage: 935
Construction Type: Traditional Brick Construction
What We Like: 

  • Traditional red brick matches the character of the main residence perfectly
  • Kitchen features top of the line millwork and wine fridge
  • ADA compliant bathroom with shower
  • Built to last with future plans of being an Aging-In-Place retirement apartment, with adult children residing nearby in the main residence
  • Design meets the clear, forward-looking plans of the homeowner


Smallworks Traditional Brick ADU Slideshow


Minimalist Retirement Home with Warmth

Built By: Webster Wilson
Square Footage: 600
Construction Type: Traditional Build
What We Like:  

  • Built for Aging-in-Place
  • Pitched roof design for inclement climates
  • Cathedral ceilings, yet cozy and inviting Scandinavian interior
  • Many space-saving built-ins
  • Connection to garden area


Webster Wilson Retirement Home ADU Slideshow


Wellness & Tech Encapsulated Design

Designed By: Roombus
Square Footage: 480
Construction Type: Prefabricated, rigid steel frame
What We Like:   

  • Thoughtful human-centered design focused on comfort and wellness
  • External glassfaçade is made of burglarproof composite layer
  • Elegant integrated design that meshes form with function throughout
  • Embedded sensor technology to monitor quality of indoor environment