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Choosing the right types and styles of doors for your home can make a dramatic statement. Here are several inspirational image galleries to illustrate how a door can elevate your décor.

Doors are a part of interior and exterior design that can add that final touch to any room or exterior of a home to make  it ultra-special. During this year’s tour of The New American Home, it was the doors that caught our eye, as they were comparable to artwork on a very beautiful canvas.

We studied offerings from top door manufacturers to appreciate the various door types and their designs to gain an appreciation for one of the most underrated design element in the home. We encourage you to visit the various manufacturers, from which we have curated our gallery slideshows, as a way of whetting your appetite to the creativity and range of possibilities for an often overlooked element in the home.

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Standard Swing Doors

Perhaps the most common door type in residential homes, Standard Doors are what most people are accustomed to installing, with their right-handed hardware  opening toward the inside of the room. Standard doors need not be so unassuming, as many door manufacturers have transformed the uninspired looks of the average door and have created numerous design statements.

For our standard door inspiration, we chose several creatively colorful examples from Masonite that illustrate how the color of a door can infuse personality into a room, while uniting the theme of a room.


Standard Door Slideshow

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Bi-Fold/Folding Doors

In our own home, we have chosen Bi-Fold Doors to complete the look in rooms that have awkward corners or unconventional spaces, where a standard clear opening width of 32 inches is just not possible.

Bi-fold doors are also a good choice when you have two doors close to each other, such as the standard room door and a closet door. The bi-fold doors allow the standard door to meet the clearing requirements without hindrance, while the bi-fold doors can swing either inward or outward depending on convenience.

Lastly, we also included the most enjoyable version of folding doors, which is the very popular door type for homes that have been upgraded to facilitate seamless indoor-outdoor living. Glass folding doors are an ideal solution to open up the back of a home easily for entertainment and relaxation.


Bi-Fold Door Slideshow


Barn Doors

We started noticing the return of Barn Doors at corporate offices that had been newly renovated. We could appreciate how barn doors added a design element to a room when either opened or closed.  The sliding rails allow a pair of doors to give added depth or coziness depending  if the doors were opened for a larger venue or closed to create a room for a private engagement. Carved barn doors make for unusually interesting conversation pieces, as  old Indian palace doors with intricate carvings are becoming very popular.


Barn Door Slideshow


Pivot Doors

When we first entered a newly built home that had a 15-foot Pivot door, it appeared daunting and intimidating from the exterior. The homeowner demonstrated how very little force was necessary to “pivot” the door open, as he used his index finger to push the door illustrating the concept of “torque”. Pivot doors are becoming a growing trend with homeowners, as they provide a luxurious and commanding presence to the entrance of any home. 

Pivot Door Slideshow


Pocket Doors

Pocket Doors were very popular during the Victorian era as a means to close off or increase a room’s size, much like the Barn door. This popular door type enjoyed a resurgence during the 1950’s, but improperly mounted raised-floor tracks became a tripping hazard. Today, ceiling or recessed floor innovations in pocket door hardware are solving the small space privacy issue for lovers of these “disappearing doors”.

Pocket Door Slideshow


Hidden Doors

Also be sure to see the highly imaginative examples we curated that illustrate the many uses of Hidden Doors (AKA Secret Doors). Homeowners are using them for extra security, secluded wellness stations, or a design refresh with extra function:


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