We’ve curated a collection of design ideas, inspiration and resources to add to your seasonal repertoire to celebrate National Holidays and Patriotic Observance Days.

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The Difference Between Americana Décor and Patriotic Décor

Our take is that Americana décor can be used as a more subtle, rustic year-round style, closely related to the Farmhouse design style. Patriotic décor, on the other hand, tends to use more vibrant red, white and blue design accents, especially for traditional National Holidays and observances, such as Memorial Day, Flag Day, July 4th, Labor Day and Veterans Day.


10 Patriotic & Americana Décor Ideas


Patriotic Farmhouse Porch with Table Setting & Draped Flags

One Thousand Oaks Pinterest Farmhouse with Patriotic Porch with Draped Flags

Image courtesy of One Thousand Oaks.

Image Source Page: One Thousand Oaks on Pinterest


Elegant Patriotic Porch with Hanging American Flags

Our Southern Home Elegant Patriotic Porch with Hanging American Flags

Image courtesy of Our Southern Home.

Image Source Page: Our Southern Home


Patriotic Table Setting

Edith & Evelyn Vintage Elegant Patriotic Table Setting with Small Flags

Image courtesy of Edith & Evelyn.

Image Source Page: Edith & Evelyn


Patriotic Table Setting and Centerpiece Blending with Existing Décor

Dimples and Tangles Patriotic Table Setting and Centerpiece

Image courtesy of Dimples and Tangles.

Image Source Page: Dimples and Tangles


Patriotic Porch Sofa Seating Area

Source: My Soulful Home with Kelly Wilkness


Outdoor Patriotic Table Runner

SUN-Shine Independence Day Table Runner Picnic Table Setting

Image courtesy of SUN-Shine.

Image Source Page: Amazon


Vintage Patriotic Reupholstered Chair

Edith & Evelyn Vintage Patriotic Vintage Reupholstered Chair on Porch

Image courtesy of Edith & Evelyn.

Image Source Page: Edith & Evelyn


Patriotic Kitchen Décor 

Home with Holly J Patriotic Kitchen Décor

Image courtesy of Home with Holly J.

Image Source Page: Home with Holly J


Vintage Americana Pillar Bunting

Plow & Hearth Vintage Americana Pillar Bunting Front Porch

Image courtesy of Plow & Hearth.

Image Source Page: Plow & Hearth


Outdoor Rustic Americana Design

Pallets and Paint Etsy Rustic Wooden American Flag over outdoor bench

Image courtesy of Pallets and Paint.

Image Source Page: Pallets and Paint on Etsy


Patriotic & Americana Décor Collections, Websites & Stores

Patriotic & Americana Ornaments

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Best American Flag Stores

American Flags

Flag Poles


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Patriotic Holidays & Observances

  • Presidents Day: the third Monday of February each year
  • Patriots’ Day: the third Monday of April each year
  • Memorial Day: the last Monday of May each year
  • Flag Day: June 14 each year
  • Independence Day: July 4 each year
  • Patriot Day: September 11 each year
  • Constitution Day: September 17 each year
  • POW/MIA Recognition Day: third Friday of September each year
  • Gold Star Mother’s Day: the last Sunday of September each year
  • Navy Day: October 27 each year
  • Election Day: the Tuesday following the first Monday of November each year
  • Veterans Day: November 11 each year
  • Pearl Harbor Day: December 7 each year
  • Bill of Rights Day: December 15 each year

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Additional Patriotic & Americana Décor Ideas & Resources


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