Purgula’s most popular articles in 2021 and what their topics indicate about current homeownership trends.

The popularity of our most-read articles in 2021 reveals the following emerging trends of what homeowners care about most:

  • Learning About Home Care
  • ADUs
  • Buying Land
  • Easier & Better Lawn Care
  • More Productive Work-at-Home Spaces
  • Safer & More Durable Homes
  • Energy Savings
  • Indoor-Outdoor Living
  • Financing Non-Traditional Homes

Here are links to dive further into these related topics:


The Modal 01 Modular 1BR 1BA Home Listed on Dwellito

10. Want a Nontraditional House? Here’s How to Finance It!


Phantom Screens Retractable Screen

9. The 411 on Phantom Screens: A Profile in Innovation


home office desk with speaker lo-fi music for focus

8. How Lo-Fi Music Can Improve Your Focus When Working From Home


Bridge House Los Angeles by Dan Brunn Architecture DBA and BONE Structure

7. Building Technologies for Disaster Resistant Homes


Acoustimac Acoustic Art Panels

6. How Acoustic Panels Can Help Mute “Loud” Interior Designs


ProGreen Dallas Private Gardens Artificial Grass Installation

5. Tempted to Install Artificial Grass? Not So Fast!


Husqvarna AWD Automower Robotic Lawn Mower

4. The Current State of Landscaping Technology for Your Home


Abodu Studio ADU in Redwood City Showroom

3. Choosing Between a Prefab & a Traditional Stick-Built ADU


Wisconsin Farm Land

2. Never Thought You’d Own Land? Think Again!


YouTube Channels that help Homeowners Learn

1. Best YouTube Channels that Help Homeowners Learn



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