The main image is courtesy of Diamond Brands and is a photo of their upcoming LMNL Tent System.

If you are the type of person who is always looking for newer and better ways to manage and enjoy your home, be sure to keep Kickstarter and Indiegogo in mind. Both crowdfunding sites have strong track records of helping creative entrepreneurs create and launch never-before-seen products successfully.

Many of these products are targeted for the home, such as: kitchen appliances; home energy products; smart home devices; home plant care; and water & air purification.

To give you an idea of what can be found on these fundraising sites, here are current and recent projects that are either still open for funding or have recently completed their rounds of funding.

For most crowdfunding projects and campaigns, it is still possible to participate after a funding round has closed, such as: buying perks; purchasing early offers, subscribing to stay abreast of launch updates; or making pre-orders.

Also check out the new Indiegogo product collection on Amazon Launchpad, a recently launched partnership that showcases smaller brands that have run crowdfunding campaigns on Indiegogo.


The LMNL Tent System by Diamond Brand

Designed by Diamond Brand, the LMNL Tent System is an all-weather, snap-together glamping tent that can fit in the trunk of a car. The tent also features a manually retractable moon roof and a natural “air conditioning” venting system, which means that the structure can facilitate air flow with mesh windows.

Though projects on crowdfunding sites are assumed to be for startups, Diamond Brand is quite the opposite as it has been in business since 1881, specializing in 100% handcrafted products from Asheville, NC. Diamond Brand is proof that crowdfunding can also serve as an effective proof-of-concept for new ideas emanating from established companies when attempting new ventures.

This product caught our attention as it looks as if it could make a great addition to the backyard, whether it be for entertaining purposes, informal guest quarters, or the first overnight “camping” experiences for youngsters. If an ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit) is out of your budget, and you want more flexiblity than a traditional shed, this type of adaptable tent system would be an invaluable addition for active families and social entertainers.

This campaign closes September 15, 2021. Also see related rewards for this project.

The LMNL System: an all-weather, snap-together glamping tent


EcoFlow DELTA Pro: The Portable Home Battery

The DELTA Pro, designed by EcoFlow, is a home backup battery ecosystem with expandable capacity to power almost anything in your home. Battery backup systems have become a popular alternative to gas-powered generators, for their safety and convenience.

Unveiling DELTA Pro: The Revolutionary EcoFlow Power Solution


Bloom City’s Home Jungle: A Revolutionary Houseplant Nutrient System

The Home Jungle plant solution, made by Bloom City, is intended to be simple, safe, and organic. Designed to be low-stress, this easy-to-understand system of keeping your houseplants alive, is safe around children and pets, and can even be used on edible herbs. The process is this simple: 1. Shake; 2. Water; and 3. Mist. Though this project has been funded, it is still possible to make pre-orders and receive updates on the upcoming launch.

Home Jungle is Bloom City's newest innovation: stress free, foolproof, organic houseplant care.


The Click & Grow 25: A Farmer’s Market in Your Own Home

The “25”, made by Click & Grow, is their most spacious and energy efficient indoor garden made to date. The product allows novice gardeners to grow copious amounts of nutritious leafy greens and herbs at home. Though the fundraising campaign has ended, you can make pre-orders for the March 2022 expected launch.

Video courtesy of Click & Grow 25 and Caviar Films from Vimeo.


Generark: A Reliable Solar Power Generator for the Modern Home

Generark’s Solar Power Generator is positioned as an affordable backup power with a wide range of applications for all types of households. This portable power source can be used to power the following: power tools; outdoor entertainment systems; remote home offices;  and medical devices.

Features include: high power; ultra-fast recharge; 7 days of essential power for 99% of home appliances; and multiple charging sources: solar, AC, and car. Fundraising has completed and the various models are expected to begin shipping in September 2021.

Are You Prepared? - Reliable Solar Generator Designed for the Modern Home


Alpha Sheets 2.0: Pure Silver Bedding

Alpha Sheets 2.0 are the latest version of pure silver sheets from Ivana Designs, which use micron technology with a self-cleaning system to help fight germs, wrinkles, stains and allergens.

Video courtesy of Ivana Designs from Vimeo.


Aquibear Water Purifier

Compact and stylish, Aquibear is stated to be the world’s smallest countertop Reverse Osmosis water purifier. It purifies water and boils it in just 3 seconds!


Casamera Reimagined Bath Towel

This is the latest Kickstarter campaign from Casamera. The value proposition of their new towel is simple: consistently soft & plush, but still tough; lightweight & absorbent; feels bone-dry by lunchtime; made of all-natural high-grade cotton; and is sustainably produced (OEKO TEX certified). Comes with a resusable, washable travel bag, as well. Funding has ended but pre-orders are being accepted with deliveries expected to start in September 2021.

Casamera: The Bath Towel, Reimagined


Sleepout Portable Blackout Curtain

he patented Sleepout Portable Blackout Curtain effectively blocks light in any room for deeper sleep. Key to its portability and ease-of-use are the suction cup clips that attached to window panes, as well as its non-damaging adhesive strips that can attached to the window frame, for extra darkness if desired. OEKO-TEX certified.

Sleepout | Premium Portable Blackout Curtain | Now Available


Bird Buddy: A Smart Bird Feeder

The Bird Buddy is ideal for bird lovers needing help with their hobby. The smart bird feeder can notify you of bird visitors, capture their photos, uses AI (artificial intelligence) to identify them, and organizes the photos into a beautiful collection.

Bird Buddy (Indiegogo video)


Capsule Personal Dishwasher

The Capsule Personal Dishwasher is a space-saving solution that makes dishwashing more convenient and less time consuming.

Capsule Personal Dishwasher


Additional Products for the Home


Helpful Crowdfunding Links

To stay abreast of future new product launches, here are some helpful links to bookmark and revisit.

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